burly slope [deleted] 12:36am, 21 July 2007
I really like this camera for macros and for outdoors, but when I take pics of people inside my house that are moving, they never turn out clear. Some object, or just the whole picture is blury. It seems like I've tried lots of different settings and so far nothing has worked. Trying to take pictures of kids and babies is impossible unless their asleep, because you have to be stone still for it to work!
Any suggestions or comments are really apprieciated!
Sergio.Arturo Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Sergio.Arturo (member) 11 years ago
With plenty of light -but not too much-??? maybe can work. This camera has troubles with the interiors. The flash is problematic and low levels of light makes bad pictures.
burly slope [deleted] 11 years ago
Yes, I've tried good amounts of light several times. The lighting is an issue indoors, but I'm more annoyed at how blury the photos are inside.
Any other advice? =)
kurttakespictures 11 years ago
It took me a while to get used to indoors with the DMC-LZ3
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I take stuff like that now.
You need to have the stabalizer on so it wont be blury. Use either the Normal function or the Portrait. Or to get the kind of picture I just put on here change the shutter option to 1 second
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