Sergio.Arturo 7:49pm, 12 July 2007
Hello to everybody.

This options simply adjust the contrast of the picture taken (this is something that i've noticed recently).

What's yours favorit set up? Natural, standard or vivid?

Have someone noticed -independetly of the intensity of the colors- better or lesser quality in the pictures taken?

I'm actually using vivid, after using natural set up.

So here's my question, i wanna read your opinion about this option.

(Sorry for my bad english.)
Insane Metal 11 years ago
Hi dude. I´m new with this camera, bought it these days. I still have to see what are the differences with the 3 modes, but for now I´m using natural.
Sergio.Arturo 11 years ago
Me too. But sometimes the vivid make very cool colors.
Mario 5 9 years ago
I am using Natural. I like to keep the photos like things were in
real life.
jpr_me 7 years ago
Natural. If I want anything brighter, or with more contrast, I use Photoshop.
Mario 5 5 years ago
I use natural. iso 80 . Um abraço , Mario.
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