Icky Pic PRO 3:34am, 8 May 2007
Share your tips on getting good macros with your camera.
Icky Pic PRO 11 years ago
I've noticed in macro mode, I can't use the zoom or else it won't focus. Sucks.
nebulizemymind 11 years ago
i noticed that too when i was testing it out taking pictures of my cellphone
Icky Pic PRO 11 years ago
It makes it hard, and dangerous, to take pictures of say....bees! lol
flyfisherman_78 11 years ago
I just uploaded some pictures of flowers and bugs that I took in the macro mode free hand with the DMC-LZ3. The key that I have found is to zoom the camera to your desired focal point then hold the shutter button down half way and let the camera focus, you may have to adjust your range some but the picture will come into focus and turn out great! It’s funny that you mention bees….I have some I will upload taken the same time the existing pictures were taken.

Good Luck!
kurttakespictures 11 years ago
I found that hand held I can't zoom past a certain point on macro because when I take it comes out blury but with my tripod it works amazing all the way into 6x optical.
jpr_me 7 years ago
Be steady. Best tip. This is a cropped example of what this camera can do. It's a little less than half the size of the original.

Bee on Alious by jpr_me
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