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*Muhammad* 1:17am, 8 May 2006
Let's introduce ourselves to each other. Here is my brief intro.

I was born in Mirpurkhas Sindh Pakistan. My father was a photographer, so as a child his cameras were my toys too. I got formal education in Art and Photography in NewYork. I worked as a professional photographer in many studios. Now It's just a hobby for me. I currently live in Toronto Canada.

I think this would be a great place for Pakistani Photographers to get together and discuss. I sincerely thank Yasir Nisar for creating this group.


So let's hear from everybody
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(1 to 100 of 522 replies)
manitoon 11 years ago

Photography for me is a new hobby. I was always interested and inspired by looking at photographs since i was a child. I was born in Saudi Arabia. Lived there for 15 years and then came to Pakistan.

I did my Bachelors in Comp. Sciences in 2003. Worked in a software company for one year and now I am running my own software house ( small company :-) ) in lahore, Pakistan.

I have recently started photography and credit would go to yasir and umair bhai. I have been going out with them on trip , walk in the city and many different places that otherwise i would never have gone and experienced.

I dont even have a SLR camera yet. I have sony dsc-h1 camera. It does have some shutter and aperature control. so i try to play with them and learning a lot. I am not planning to get canon 350D. Or any other suggestions to a good DSLR camera for a start are welcome.
*Muhammad* 11 years ago
Hi Manitoon. At this time Nikon D50 is the best choice as an entry level DSLR. I don't know the price in Pakistan, but it's getting quite affordable here. Your Sony h1 is a good camera but does not have the depth of a bigger sensor.
Max Loxton 11 years ago
HI to all!!

Thanks a lot that you guys have joined here. I am thankful to all the people who wish that this community should grow and we can learn from each other. Muhammad, thanks for starting up a thread that everybody will be willing to participate. I would like that we invite more and more people to join this group who are Pakistanis, so as to make this group bigger and stronger.

As far as my intro is concerned,

I always loved photography and started doing photography when I was hardly in my teens. My first camera was Yashica which I used over years and experiments with its limited functionality trying to make every picture better than the best.

I bought my First SLR in 97' which was a Canon EOS 630, I loved that camera because it gave me upteen options to work with. Later on I swicthed to some best cameras in The Canon series like A1, AE1, Rebel G, EOS 5 , Elan 1 and many more like that.

It was later that I started working with Pentax and I liked its sharp and crisp results. I have been using that for the last seven years and it has been a wonderful camera, always proving to be the best camera in every atmopshere.

Last year I turned digital when I started taking photography seriously for a passion and a cause. I have not been doing photography seriously for last few years and have not done so much work in that. I bought Canon D30, and a Sony Cyber Shoot, both of them have been amazing in their own use. I used them till the start of this year and then left both of them to start my journey in photography in a much better way. Canon 20D has changed my life the day I have bought it, upteen lenses, upteens subjects and variety of subjects to shoot are coming up all in my way till that day. My portfolio just gives a little bit of what I am doing these days as most of the data is still lying in my Harddisk.

I have been part of photographic clubs in my educational orgnaization which I do feel has contrbuted a lot in my growth and my love for photography.

I love to shoot candid, nature, landscapes, portraits, architecture and fashion shoots and now BIRD photography which is on top of the list these days.
Engineer J Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Engineer J (member) 10 years ago
I am too glad to find a place for me, here it is.
I was always restless at my creativity since childhood, which i spent most in Sama Satta. My father is a photographer and he used to do professional work. Naturally i picked up the talent (a little) and then nature helped me continue my hobby.
After getting formal education at Bahawlpur, i moved to lahore to become a Mechanical Engineer which is also became first profession. I am almost completing a master student at UET Lahore where things got dramatically changed and now i think very seriously to adopt photography as a second profession. But i need a guidelines and support at this point. Flickr had been quite useful to me in this context.
I have been taking Digital pictures since October, 2004.
I find it impossible to define my style of photography, but i fall in category of frequent clickr with good ratio. Photography for technical documentation is still a dream coz i think of it being the only way to merge all my Professional capabilities.
Have a look at my incomplete profile
manitoon 11 years ago
Thanks for the advice Mohammad. I will check out the prices and reviews for nikon D50.

Yes Sony H1 is good but its just a point & shoot with some manual functions. I feel that to learn more I do have to move to SLR.
razanoor 11 years ago
Salaam Alaikum everyone,

I just joined this group today on invitation from Usman. I am thankful for that. It is nice to have a place where we can all discuss our photos together as Pakistanis. As for my intro...

I was born in Lahore and spent my early years there. I used to go to PAF college in the Cantt but at that time, didn't really appreciate what was there to see in Lahore. I also spent three years in Saudi Arabia and then moved to Edmonton, Canada where I have beeen living for the last 11 years. I did my Bachelors of science in Human Physiology and have recently finished my PhD in Neuroscience. I plan on studying medicine further in order to become a medical doctor.

Recently, in the last few years I have had a chance to visit Pakistan regularly every year. I bought a digital camera before my trip in 2003 and that sparked an interest in photography. I am interested in culture, history, and architecture so I can show people here what we have there in Pakistan. Many of the historical places are slowly disappearing (at least in Lahore!!) so I have been trying to photograph as many as possible before they completely disappear. Most of my photos are from the summer months and we all probably know how hot Lahore gets during summers so most of the photos are taken hastily as I was trying to get as many as possible.

For those of you who are based in Lahore, I would appreciate if you could let me know what places are there to see (eg. I saw Bahadur Jang Kokaltash's tomb in Usman's gallery which I didn't know about)...I know of the regular famous places like fort, shalimar etc...please tell me if you know of any hidden architectural treasures, either within these famous places or by themselves.

I have a site where I have tried to gather information about different places in Lahore and also photos of some of the places I have visited. Digital Photography by Raza Noor
ABKHAN 11 years ago
Hi everybody
I was born in Rawal Pindi .......... I always saw my father with different cameras and passion for photography, but I never used a camera. Then I moved to london in 2004, I always collect good pictures around the internet, so I thought I should try to take some pictures as well. I just bought my first camera last year, so I m not that old in photograpy........ still learning....... dont know much about things....... but I hope through flickr and flickr friends I would be able to learn alot...... Thanks Yasir for creating this group.

Baba Dody Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Baba Dody (member) 11 years ago
salams n hi.

born n bred in lahore and still live in lahore. am an enthusiastic turned amateur turned professional. i have this craze / passion for photography which doesn't let me rest. am not a natural born artist at all and so i have to deal with my very slow learning curve, something i am very impatient about. hope to become a good photographer some day.

*Muhammad* 11 years ago
you have a very good photostream Dody. some of them are really very thoughtfull images. you have a very good sense of composition.
Max Loxton 11 years ago
I personally like your images a lot Dody, they are great.
You have captured some great images, I am really glad that you are finally here.
Wishing you all best of luck for your future photography.

Muhammad, I am glad that you started a good discussion. Why don't we plan something that can make this group more happenings and invite as many friends of ours as possible so as to create a healthy community.
*Muhammad* 11 years ago
I just bought my Nikon D50 body. For the time being I am using my old lenses. Soon you will see my pics from D50. Currently I am showcasing Pictures of Pakistan, who my wife has taken during her recent trip to Pakistan. Enjoy.
manitoon 11 years ago
Congrats Muhammad on the new camera . I recently got a new camera too its canon 20D. I havent had much time playing with it yet but will be doing that this weekend.

Its nice to see the pictures from different parts of pakistan. Seems like your wife visited a lot of cities in her trip.
Max Loxton 11 years ago
Congrats Muhammad and Manitoon, equipment do create a lot of difference and I am sure that you both will make a difference. Manitoon has already proved his skills with his new work that he has done with D20.
I am looking forward to see a lot more work from you guys soon.
Keep it up.
Zana Khan PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Zana Khan (member) 11 years ago
My name is Zana, I'm a 2nd generation British Pakistani. I live and work in London with my family. I'm a Hindko/Urdu speaking Pathan and very proud of my roots. I love Pakistan. It is a place very close to my heart but I do wish I wasn't treated like a foreigner every time I went, that's my only 'shikaiyat'.
Oks that was my basic intro, now about photography.
Well I've always loved my camera and carry it everywhere I go. The shots I take are mostly just travel related but recently I have started getting interested in the technical side and even started buying photography magazines and familiarising myself with terms such as "noise" :o)
InshAllah hope to better myself in this field but since I have a basic Casio digi at the moment, just waiting for my birthday in a few weeks so I can get my brothers to buy me a new camera :o) and then you'll see lots of new shots from me.
This is a great idea to have a forum just for Pakistani photographers as I have seen some real talent in some of the pictures posted.
Keep up the good work.
*Muhammad* 11 years ago
assalamualequm Adalzai and welcome aboard. you are right this is a great place for Pakistani photographers only. A place to share ideas and meet new people. good luck on your adventures in photography. I am going to check your photo stream now...
Samira Khan PRO 11 years ago
Salaam. Im Samira. Born and raised in Canada. I recently got into snapping shots...most of them are just for fun and of places Ive been and stuff I like to do...but every once in a while Ill get a cool shot.
manitoon 11 years ago
Welcome Hashim and samira to the group.

Hashim I really like your work and I am sure we can all learn from you a lot in this small community.
Max Loxton 11 years ago
Welcome to all the new people on board. I never thought that I would be able to see such talented people in this forum.
It is really great to see all you people, especially Hashim., Samira and Azalzai, I would be looking forward to see more of your good shots.
Keep it up.
Asad K 11 years ago
I'm asad and born a Lahori. Dad's in the army so we kept moving around which is why i dont know much about lahore. Been in lahore almost over three years now attending college which is about to end.

Recently got a new camera, learning to use it, already saving up for lenses, haha im afraid most of my future paychecks are going to be devoured by faster more expensive glass.

anyway looking forward to meeting some of you this unday if youre coming, or learning from you through this group

Max Loxton 11 years ago
Welcome Asad on board. So finally you are free from your papers.
Well, we will be looking forward to see your work in this group and Inshallah we will meet on sunday for a group photographic session.
Keep working on your experiments.
K//K 11 years ago

My name is Karam and I am in Vancouver,Canada. I alternate between Canada and Saudi Arabia, I work in the film industry and have always had a passion for photography but never got the time to pursue it fully so I take pictures when I can, but nothing super. I came across this group by chance and was pleasantly delighted. I have an advanced point and shoot Canon right now but can't wait to get my hands on an SLR. I don't advance myself towards it yet because I know when it's in my posession I won't do anything else except taking pictures.

Looking forward to some good pictures and hoping to learn more

manitoon 11 years ago
Welcome Karam to the group :-) Its nice to know about about pakistani photographers from all over the world.

We are all here to learn from each other :-)
PsychedelicBreakfast [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by PsychedelicBreakfast (member) 11 years ago
Hello everyone,

Well I've been photographing seriously for about 2 or 3 years now, just a amateur though. I'm 19 and shoot with a D100 and a Coolpix 8800.

I live in Pakistan, and photograph usually whatever catches my eye. I LOVE astro-photography and have bought a T-adapter so I can attach my D100 to my telescope to capture some deep sky objects.

I sometimes cleanup my images in Photoshop, though nothing which completely changes the picture or the feel of picture. But I don't see anything wrong with that. If Photoshop helps me be closer to my original vision, then so be it.

This sounds like a lovely group. Hope to share and learn.
manitoon 11 years ago
Welcome to the group PsychedelicBreakfast
I hope to you see your pictures on the group :-) Where in pakistan are you from ?
Max Loxton 11 years ago
Welcome Karam K and PsychedelicBreakfast to our group. I am really delighted to see joining our group as we can learn a lot rom you guys. BOth of you have diverse experiences to share with us. I hope that you can guide us a lot. We are here to learn from each other.

Hope to hear from you soon.

-Yasir Nisar
*Muhammad* 11 years ago
PsychedelicBreakfast, Khush Aamdeed to the group. I agree with you that if Photoshop helps you get close to what you wanted then it's the tool to use. I think as long as you are not adding any thing you are being true to yourself. On the other hand a cpmpletely manufactured image would be acceptable to me also. Its the middle approach that I dont like. Any way every one has thier reasons of using photoshop. Enjoy the new group.
Hi everyone

I just joined this group today on Usman's invitation. Thank you Usman for this. This is a great idea to have a forum like this where people can get together, know each other, and share their experiences - particularly in photography. Here is a brief about myself:

My name is Muzaffar Bukhari. I originally belong to village Jabbi Sayyedan of Tehsil Haveli, District Bagh of Azad Kashmir. I completed my early education in Lahore, and did gratudation from Muzaffarabad AJK. I have a diversified experience of working in Government/semi-government, non-government organizations, banking and private sector, UN System, and multilateral organizations. Currently I am working in Asian Development Bank as Projects Analyst.

Being a poet, I love nature. Photography, and mountaineering, are my passions. I love to photograph everything I like. However, I must admit that I am not a professional photographer. I am only driven by my easthetic sense while taking photoghraphs.

I started photography using a very common camera YASHICA Electro 35. Later-on I used cameras like Mamia, Pantex, and Canon as well. Now-a-days, I am using NIKON Coolpix 8700 which is again, not a professional camera.

My dream is to go and extensively photograph all of the northern areas of Pakistan. Thanks and Take care.
K//K 11 years ago
Thanks Yasir :) There are some very good 'footoo walas' here so good stuff. Too bad, I can't post much to the pool, no pictures of pakistan - am originally from lahore but havent been there for ..oh..13 years now


Hashim: I went to the middle east not pak as you thought :P
Max Loxton 11 years ago
Welcome Muzaffar Bukahri to the group. It is nice to hear from you as well.
Well, this group is for everyone and you can help us in sharing your information regarding the areas you have visited. This will be really helpful for the people who want to come to Pakistan or want to explore Pakistan. We need to change the image of Pakistan in front of whole world, and that is only possible if we all do the same efforts.

Regards & best wishes
Yasir Nisar
manitoon Posted 11 years ago. Edited by manitoon (member) 11 years ago
Welcome Muzaffar to the group. I really cant believe that you you are not a professional photographs. I love your work and photography :-)

Its nice to have you in the group

Karam this is a group for pakistani photographer. You dont have to only port pictures of pakistan. You can post anything as long as you are a pakistani :-)
H@shim A ™ 11 years ago
I'd broaden the net a little further manitoon - there are a few folks that have taken some great shots of Pakistan and its people. They happen not to be Pakistani and they have a few shots in the pool. I wouldn't want to alienate them - so I'm hoping the group is open to photographers beyond Pakistanis. Pakistan related photographs (which implies a lot of Pakistani photographers) is what I was hoping the group would be about.

check out some of the work from babasteve and Nicola Okin Frioli when you get a chance - some of the best stuff on flickr imho.
razanoor 11 years ago
Yes, I agree with Hashim...Nicola has some great cultural shots of Pakistan....there are things there that even most Pakistanis haven't seen yet.
Ahmzee 11 years ago

This is Muhammad Ahmed, From City of lights Karachi
working in Dubai/France,
Started Photography recently, I have most of my gOOd shot in Marseille - France.
manitoon 11 years ago
Yes Hashim I think its ok to have pictures of pakistan here. Or pictures from pakistani photographers .. However Pakistani photographers can share pictures of anywhere...

Lets get other members opinion on this as well.

Welcome Ahmzee to the group :-) I look forward to seeing pictures from the city of lights .. infact maybe more pictures from the night time in karachi.. long exposures ? ( if you have any )

We would also like to see pictures from dubai or france.
Max Loxton 11 years ago
I agree with the idea of Manitoon regarding the idea of Pakistani photographers. We want to create a community of Pakistani photographers as well as the people who have got photos of Pakistan. This gives us a unique perspective as these are the people who can promote Pakistan in the international scene. The more they like the beauty of Pakistan, the more they will spread the message, so all of us must bring such people to the group as in this way we can get to know their views about Pakistan and the culture that we have.
Talhah 11 years ago
Hi All,

First of all I would like to thanks Usman for inviting me on this forum. Next I would like to introduce myself.

Although I think I give a good reason to people to remember me. I am TALL and DARK; yet not tall enough to be recorded in Guineas book of world record and perhaps unfairly not dark enough to scare kids. So I am struggling to convince myself (and won’t mind if others would get convinced too) that I do exist and preferably for a good reason.

There are certain things that are part of my life without my consent and there are others, which I choose myself and learned to subject myself to the self-analysis and criticism. I regard this consciousness as an asset that perhaps will enable me to live a life, which is meaningful and convincing. (Not to mention the asset I look forward as a result of the choice I am goanna make…:). Since it’s my intro, so I will confine to the best half and won’t mention the better one).

I was born in Lahore and brought up in Islamabad. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from International Islamic University Islamabad. Currently I am working for a Singapore based company in Islamabad.

Last year I bought my first digital Sony S40 camera and I am still using it. Its a point and shoot but provides a basic program mode. It has a Carl Zeis lens and output is very cool. 90% of the images I took are on 1 MP resolution and still it gave amazing results.

I love to eat good food, read books and visit different places to explore the beautiful colors of our great country. I have the same dream as Muzzafar Bhai has..That is to go and extensively photograph all of the northern areas of Pakistan.

I hope I will be able to learn from all of you. All the best!
manitoon 11 years ago
Hello Talhah

Very interesting introduction about yourself :-) Welcome to the group. I hope your dream comes true also and we'll get to see beautifull images from a beautifull country

Keep clicking and keep sharing :-)
kit_mal Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kit_mal (member) 11 years ago
Hi... i'm ME!! =)

ughhhh born lahorie... lived abroad for the first 10 yrs then came back to lahore... started actual photography when i was given my camera (manual nikon ancient dad period) and we headed off to the northern area for our family trip.. sadly since i was a total newb in such matters or basically that the reel had been exposed beforehand i lost the first lot of pictures i took... did have fun and throughly ,loved my second lot of pictures. When i actually came down to digital photography it was when i was handed my present tool AKA the mobile (k750) barely a yr back. Now a friend of mine pointed out this group and the moment i read MOBILE CAMERA are not ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHY i joined this group just to prove elsewise... you basically cannot decide what actual photography is... sure u might state GOOD QUALITY images but to cancel out with teh generalization that mobile photography is no photography seriously... anyhoo i think that is a very unjust statement and classification. Also please do tell me how the pictures i take with my mobile on any basis cannot be classified as photography??? Sure i don't have TONS of cash to spend on gettin the high tech gadgets to BRAG about what i used to take my pictures with. Anyhoo that's my two cents.

AS for my picture taking etc... well i basically go for what i see .. anything that catches my fancy i take a pic if i can
manitoon 11 years ago
Hello Kit_mal .. first of all welcome to the group . :-)

About yor point on pictures from Cameraphone. Our main idea behind this group was to portray the photographers of pakistan , to show their talents and skills to the outer world and promote them .

For promotion purposes we wantes to have quality images on this group. We dont mean to say that mobile cameras photography is not actuall photography.

Your photos on the other hand are really good shots with good quality and k750i does have a very good camera. I also own the same cell.

But usually pictures from mobile cameras are not of good resolution, taken with no composition in mind are blurry. Hence wouldnt look good in the group where we portray the talent of pakistan photographers .

Again your pictures are really good. You have good skills and can take amazing shots with that little thing :-) I try to do with my k750 but I cant seems to get the result you do.

so keep clicking and sharing quality images .. :-)
Engineer J 11 years ago
I have seen your pics and they are pretty neat. So what, if you can get a 800x600 image with your cameraphone, it would be fine. The only thing you need to take care is to used the premium settings for pictures and a firm grip, since cameraphones are ligth weight and subject to vibration shakes.
Keep up the good work.
kit_mal 11 years ago
thanks for all teh encouragement but here's the thing i think mobile photography actually has a big hand in now a days as the technology is improving so i think ur 'so bold' statement is actually discouraging ppl esp people who are aspiring to shift frm make shift cameras (mobiles) to actual proper equipment. But as people will say what camera you have doesn't make the picture but how u use it.

@manitoon: basically not every shot i get from teh camera is amazing since the k750 takes quite a hit in night situations or low lighting. If i don't get the digital camera i'm aiming for this year instead i shall opt to get teh flash mxe-60 for the k750 so that the dark lighting issues gets solved to a certain extent. Also at times i add in a small amount of extra lighting myslf aka a torch in some pictures
manitoon 11 years ago
There are about 75 members in this group and 43 posts in this thread .. !!!! cmon guys :-) introduce yourself we would love to know about you.
jzakariya PRO 11 years ago
Manitoon....i think we've had a brief introduction in the past but i'll go into a bit more detail this time.

Born and raised in Lahore.
Went to St. Anthony's High School, then to GC for my FSc in Pre-Medical. Unfortunately for me i was good at studies so ended up in King Edward Medical College for my sins. Spent 3 painful years there and decided enough was enough. Left did my BA and then my MBA from Punjab University, which was a bit of a joke after KE.

Worked 3 years at Servis shoes as Brand Manager of 'Cheetah', if any of you have ever worn a Cheetah Air or Air Vent, i brought those into this world! You can thank me anytime.

Left Pakistan to do my MBA in the US. University of Rochester, NY to be exact. Now that was a real MBA. After graduating ended up working in Kuwait for shitloads of money :-) (ah! those were the days).
That's when I bought my first digital. The Nikon Coolpix 5700. Good camera to start off with.

Left Kuwait a couple of years ago came back to Lahore. Have been working here ever since. I'll be here for about one more month and then off to Canada.
Thankfully my job here lets me indulge in photographic equipment buying sprees. Traded in my Coolpix 5700 for a D70 and now I have a Nikon D200. Initially started off with the 18-70mm kit lens and the Sigma 70-300mm Macro. These days my stock lens is the 18-200mm VR but i also have the Sigma 10-20mm and the Nikkor 50mm 1.8.
StrobistAdventures 11 years ago
Hey. My name is Ahmad. I was born in Karachi, and am currently in uni in Lahore (with Asad) which is about to end.

I don't have a DSLR, but am thinking about it. I use a Canon Powershot A80 with a wideangle lens. Need to get a lens cleaning kit and filters before I get that DSLR.

I generally snap landscapes; specifically mountains and the sea, with the occasional animal. Not really into portraits; maybe that will come later.

I have recently, at Asad's instigation, gotten over my phobia of touching up/photoshopping images so my recent images look a little better.

Still learning.

Nice to see such a healthy community here.

zdc _ 70+30 !!! [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by zdc _ 70+30 !!! (member) 11 years ago
My brief intro is here just in case you dont want to click on my profile...

A doctor by profession, a photographer by passion. I treat kidney failure patients by dialysis and stone patients with lithotripsy. I like to treat people and places with camera too.

My favourite gear is Canon EOS 1n RS, EOS 5D, Nikon FM3A, FE2, Pentax K1000 and LX1, OLYMPUS OM4.

Currently I own REBEL XT with couple of lenses, Nikon FE2 with couple of lenses, and Yashica FX7 i inherited.

Currently i am based in R.Y.Khan, Punjab, Pakistan,my home town.

I'm Male, 35 . Have 3 cute daughters one of which i dream would sure become an artist. I dont konow which one !!!!!!
Srosh 11 years ago
Hi everybody!

I am Srosh Anwar from Lahore. These days am styding in Quaid-e-Azam University (Islamabad).

I was always interested in collecting family photographs and I got my first digital camera in december 2004 and lost it the next month (january 2005)....then remained without camera for the next 7 months and got a new one in July 2006.......it was a totally automatic point and shoot camera (olympus d-425).....that was the time when i started carrying my camera with me everywhere but i was really fed up of it.....it didnt even had a optical zoom ......Atlast i got a new camera (cannon s2 1s), 5 or 6 months ago....and am quite happy with it:)
Baba Dody Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Baba Dody (member) 11 years ago
Tree _lf, fajarzaheer and Srosh, Thankyou for your introduction. I welcome you all to the group.

Tree _elf, canon A80 is quite a fantastic camera; it's been very popular but got discontinued because canon came up with the digicII processors. A highly experienced photographer once told me that it would take at least 5 years for me to develop the 'eye' , and said that there is a specific time for every kind of photo, for you cant just go and snap a photo of something at odd times and add digital effects to make it look better. He was so right. The idea of 'original photos' without being photoshopped is what I too am trying to rid myself off. Not just the photoshop this also includes a bad habit of cropping. So whatever experimentation you do , do keep a notebook etc to make notes of results you get. I however also believe, This 'experimentation' is the gift of digital photography and everyone should learn and sharper their skills by using this gift to their complete advantage.

fajarzaheer nice gear you've got. I would request you to add more photos to your profile. You seem to have made an impression here and I am anxious to see more of your work.

Srosh is a personal friend of mine. She's 'very' fond of trekking / travelling. We'd be needing her help with our future ventures / programs with the "Adventure Foundation Pakistan' for our photography tours to various places, especially for female photographers in our group.
Max Loxton 11 years ago
Welcome to Tree _lf, fajarzaheer and Srosh on board and thanks for your intros. Dody you are right regarding the photoshoping and cropping of pics, I personally don't like to add anything in the photoshop but due to constraints of film vs digital, you have to edit your pics a little to get the results that you want.

Srosh we are planning to go on a trekking tour soon and we are trying to get associated with Adventure Foundation of Pakistan for that, let's hope that we get what we want.
Khurram Shahzad 11 years ago

I'm Khurram and living in Karachi. Yes! the city of lights.
I'm a Graphic/Web designer in a software company.
As far as photograpgy is concerned, my ideology is that I do photography just for my inner satisfaction.I always try to capture a scene in some unique way (angle/perspective).
My basic interest is in Archaeology, Object Photography and coverage of seasons and moods.....
ali khurshid 11 years ago
Born in 1984 on one of the rainiest days Karachi has ever seen, Ali Khurshid was a strange person from the very beginning. For example, instead of the customary sessions of crying as you exit the warmth of your Mother's womb, Ali started staring at everyone standing around his bed. Turn by turn he looked at the faces smiling back at him and wondered what on Earth was happening.
He went from his Nana to his Nani to his Phuppos to his Mamoo and then stopped finally on his Dad - the funniest looking one of them all.
He stared at him for five minutes.
Five long minutes.
This little encounter transferred all the things that made Daddy, Daddy to what would make Ali, Ali.
All the cricket shots that Dad had seen, all the football matches that he remembered, all the Brasilian goals that were scored to Samba Beats in a hot Mexico City in 1970, all the Charlton Heston movies that he enjoyed in Karachi's cinemas, all the National Geographic pictures he had pored over, all the great places he had been to, all the mountains he had dreamed about, all the rainy days, all the sunny days - yes ALL of them, were all transferred to Ali during those five minutes.
They were to have a lasting impression as Ali grew up to enjoy sport as if it's the only thing on earth worth being happy about, he had the love of the open country, of open Hunza, of green terraces that slide down to the flowing gushing rivers...
He made sure he woke up to find out the results of football matches in South America, and whether Steve Waugh managed to save Test Matches against South Africa.
His mind was everywhere. He wanted to know everything. And he set his goals so high.
Infact he grew up to be someone who wasn't even scared of a broken heart!
"Hah! I'll grow another one if I ever need to!"
And he needed to, since those who want to fly high need to be prepared for the Inevitability of Broken Wings.

(this was written last year, i hope it's enough :))
manitoon 11 years ago
Welcome to the group Ali and very interesting intro. We were rating intros here I would rate yours as best :-) Your Pictures also reflect your thoughts and creative mind.

Keep up the good work. I look forward for some good entries in the exhibition from you.
ali khurshid 11 years ago

i felt this way of presenting was better for the exhibition theme.
StrobistAdventures 11 years ago
Doddy and Srosh: oh really? interesting. I have been on a couple of treks : Lupghar Base Camp and Boisum Pass in Shimshal, Haramosh in the Haramosh range etc. Bit of bodyboarding and white water rafting on the side. Let me know where you guys are planning to go.
Zhileh 11 years ago
My name is Mehak Zhileh Fatemah. aaaand i love taking pictures.
fahadnajib 11 years ago
hey am fahad....recently just developed a taste of photography, though had an eye to admire it but recently am thinking to take it a little seriously...for now no digital camera with me...only my w800i 2mp :)
its really lovely to see all the work on the grp.
Ariaana 11 years ago
Hi all!

Riz asked me to introduce myself. I'm really new here and if you dont wanna have a look at my profile well here are a few lines about me..

I am in Lahore, Pakistan. I have a media related job. Good photos have always attracted me, and I wanted to be able to take some interesting ones myself. I have little experienece and no expertise in this field and have a lot to learn. My very recent purchase of a D70s has suddenly opened a whole new world of experimentation for me. And that's about it ... : -)
Baba Dody 11 years ago
Warm welcome to Zhilleh, fahadnajeeb and Ariaana. You guys are new to photography but heck that's ok, everyone is new to it at some time. What matters most is how much you tap into your own photographic abilities and learn about skills and apply them in your photos, no matter what gadget you use. I wish you all the best of everything :)
altamash Posted 11 years ago. Edited by altamash (member) 11 years ago
greetings all ! i am altamash and i live in karachi. my father taught me photography when i was a kid. i recently picked it up again after a lapse of many years by investing in a nikon D70. undergrad london u, grad school MIT.
Yousaf FAYYAZ 11 years ago

My name is youasf FAYYAZ I am 23 male from Lahore Pakistan. By profession I am web designer/developer working as a freelancer for the last 2 years. I know Yasir Nisar for the last 4 years and he always inspired me to work in diverse dimension he is the guy who told me about photography some 6 months back and since then there is no looking back I enjoyed my working with Yasir Nisar, Usman and Now meet Rizwaan I am lucky to be a part of this great team their good work always inspired me to think out of the box.

As the time passes I enjoyed this hobby even in the hot summer mid day I am energetic as I start loving been photographed and to photograph.

Hope so this community we bring a new wave to this industry. But without the efforts of all members it wouldn’t be possible.

I would like to thank all the members who are participating and helping each other.

Baba Dody 11 years ago
I would like to welcome altamash onboard. He has an amazing azaming (yes i said it twice) photostream. He seems to be quite senior than the most of us and so I would really appreciate it if he'd like to not only participate in the exhibition but also enlighten us with some tips & techniques. I am sure we would all love to learn from his experience.

Now about designer931. Yousaf has a pretty sober personality and it is a delight to work with a team comprising of professionally dedicated souls like himself, yasirnisar and usman (manitoon). Yousaf is also our group's co-founder. The best thing I like about him is that he knows when to speak and when to keep quiet. During our first meeting he came up with very practical suggestions and I kept wondering why I hadn't met these guys before. Lately he's been busy working on our future website and logo etc. You are most definitely welcome on board bro :)
Nicola Okin Frioli 11 years ago
Hi at all..
thanks for invite me to partecipe to your exibition... but i'm not Pakistan guy...
I'm Italian, my birthname is Nicola, but about the photography production i'm Okin :-)
I fall in love to Pakistan, and for pakistani people, so friendly and noble.. and so deep in your marvelous religion still alive (the occidental religion was lost many important things..
I has been in Pakistan in the end of genuary, for the Earthquake, and spend many time in Lahore, shooting about, Gama Wrestlers, Hijras, etc...

I would to know where the exibition will be "make".. (what city?, and in Pakistan or in other countries?)

Please paste the answer about it in my mail..

All the best
manitoon 11 years ago
Nicola its really nice to have you in our group and share your pictures. although you are not a pakistani but I feel that you understand us very well .

Your work on pakistan and pakistani people is very good.

the exhibition will be held in Lahore.
Baba Dody 11 years ago
i dont know nicola personnaly. but i know that his work just pulls you right in. it's not only absorbing but also inspring. because his work is regarding our beloved country so we would love to invite him as a special participant.
zdc _ 70+30 !!! [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by zdc _ 70+30 !!! (member) 11 years ago
Thanks to everybody who have joined this group, thanks for encouraging me too.

It has surprised me that Mr. Muzaffar Bukhari is not a pro and he has done little with SLRs/DSLRs, what wonders would all of us see when he'd ride a serious SLR system......

My story is a filmi one. I wanted to capture one of my classmates when i was in first year at Quid-E-Azam medical college Bahawalpur (1991). That led me straight into SLRs and i, after some trial and error, became the all-time-free-available ceremonial/out-door phtographer for the college community. I never completed my primary goal though...... So i always have an un-finished emotinal agenda in my phtography which keeps me driving......

I had a dedicated technical assistant who used to read and explain me the the phtographic advancements from "used/Raddi" magazines.He hardly knew to hold an SLR, but he was great in theory. He was my MANA (Dr. Usman Ahmed Barula from Lahore), now working as a physician in Alabama US.

My learning curve is very very slow, most of it due to:

1) Not very inspirational community at BahawalPur. Most of the studio-men were the usual "sikka-band" photographers. I only met one guy from Islamia University Bahawalpur who was doing much better than i. Due to restrictions of study, i wasnt able to explore and experiment the rich Cholistan surroundings and the Royal Bahawalpur Architecture. I wasted lots of film photographing and learning probably little.

2) The Nisbet/Chamberlain rd(Camera Market) of Lahore was my favourite visit place in Lahore when i was studying at Bahawalpur.
Later on when i joined Mayo Hospital for two years, i hardly had time to visit the market for fun as the duties at hospital were so draining. Lahore is an inspirational centre, one has to be there with lots of time at hand, i never had that leisure.

It never died in me. I have studied it much more than actually have done it. I have a strong dis-like for my own photos.Most of them end-up in bin.Long Exposure is one speciality where i feel i have some ground. I am trying hard on my composition to develop a bit.

I was a stubborn critic of digital. My first digicam was Panasonic FZ10, which i selected after a lot of research. Then i moved to Canon EOS Rebel XT (350d), the reasons being that i had Elan2+Ef lenses in film days, and that Rebel XT offered alot in less buck.I havn't shot a single COMPLETE role of film after riding RXT......it is easy to keep experimenting , no film waste, no processing waste.But i am leaning towards trancparency films now and here what i am going to do now........ Once i would get the right composition and exposure on digital, then i will re-do it on slowest available transparency film....for out of-the-world experiance.

For those looking for first DSLR purchase, REBEL XT still tops the Buck vs Bang list. It is a cheaper version of 20D. For my next purchase ever, i fancy 5D.

Nikon v/s Canon (DSLRs)??? There is a fundamental difference in the marketing philosophy of the two. Nikon has to live with its tradition....both in terms of passion and technical development. Canon keeps leading the way in terms of technical innovation and its new found EOS heritage. Nikon Digital offers1.3x crop factor (only, no full frame) but much wider lens compatibility with previous lens models. Canon offers 1.6x crop factor in Non-pro/Semi-pro digital bodies and Full Frame (no crop) coverage with pro-bodies.Lens compatibility only with canon EF mount. Which way to go???

Traditions aside. If you have an expesive Nikon Manual/AFlens inventory....go for nikon, D100/D200 to begin with. If you are relatively new like me and beggining to build your system....the EOS Digital is the way to go.

Ever noticed long rows of BIG WHITE lenses in photographer gallaries of mega world events.....it is Canon EOS....the REVOLUTION OF 90s.

Would some-body give me the link to the "final" rules and regulations for the AUG 14 Exhibition please.........

Flickr is grrreat.......it solves my biggest problem....the community.
manitoon 11 years ago
Welcome fajarzaheer to the group .. Good to know more about you.

Here is the link to the latest information regarding the exhibition.


I look forward for your entries in the exhibition. If you have any questions/suggestions. Post in the the related discussion thread.
Nicola Okin Frioli 11 years ago
Thanks Manitoon and Dody.. i'm proud to be in this group..
Thinking about the exposition..
Max Loxton 11 years ago
I would like to welcome Fajarzaheer, Zhilleh, fahadnajeeb, Ariaana, Nicola and altamash, I am glad that all you guys have joined the group. Your work is wonderful and I am looking forward for your photos in the exhibitions.Keep up the good work.

And yes, my friend, my mate, my colleague and my would be enemy (I'm sure he will become mine after somtime) Yousaf, you are more than welcome on board. I am glad that you finally wrote something about yourself otherwise I would have to write something about you. Well, guess what guys, Yousaf was never a photographer, he used to go with me and Usman for our outdoor sessions and I use to say him in every session that you will either stop coming with us or will start doing photography and that is what exactly happened in the 5th outdoor session when he brought his Nikon Camera with him. And now, he is better than us in many things, you know his angles are unique and his work is best. I wish him good luck and am glad that I found such a good friend in him that can support me in projects like this.
altamash 11 years ago
senior? perhaps in age, but a lot of what i have seen here is way ahead of where i am right now. that said, thanks dody for your kind words.

i would love to take part in the competition... would be a first for me.
manitoon 11 years ago
Altamash @ this is not a competition .. Its an exhibition . Infact most of the images in the exhibition will be from fresh/amateur photographers. You are higly welcome to partcipate.
Yousaf FAYYAZ 11 years ago
I would like to thanks Dodi, Yasir Nisar and Usman for a warm welcome and writing few words about my personality and work.

Those who are close to me know the situation that currently I am facing after the dead of my Uncle exactly 24days before I didn’t recover yet being close to him I have many responsibilities that I have to take care off. That’s why I am not able to post comments or write any words. My mind is blank and I can’t think they way I used to. I don’t find words to explain my thoughts that are why didn’t write any thing before I am glad that Dody, Yasir and Usman has taken the group responsibility very well and he is guiding and taking care of exhibition matters in a professional way.

I would like to encourage each and every group member to participate in the exhibition as we want to prove a point that Pakistan is not the country with War and Terrorism.

We are making steps that exhibition will get coverage from international media and your work will speak itself, I want all of you to make Pakistan and Pakistani’s feel proud.

Best of Luck!
Kaafoor 11 years ago
Thanks Dody for your invitation to this forum!

Salam to all the members!

This is Muhammad Adeel from Karachi. I am an RF Engineer working for a telecom operator for the last 2 years. Life gets stuck while you are on continuous work and you need something different to get energized. These days, I am in love with photography and I keep on experimenting different things (though not v successful yet)..... but i try to capture unsual stuff. Moreover I love north of my country... specially lakes and meadows! enjoy travelling, motivating others to explore this wonderful land.... I feel proud of my country and would be really glad to become a part of this community!

Allah Hafiz
NoNameError 11 years ago
My elder brother is responsible for making me addicted to click. He provided cameras, rolls, printing, background, lighting and loads and loads of support to me. And I believe it takes only a dead person if he/she still does not show some interest in photography from having encouragement of this magnitude :)

So what started as a hobby and an innocent pastime soon became a passion and a dedication. Believe me or not, if I don't click for a few days, I start to feel feverish.

Has it started to sound like a pro writing his autobiography at the end of his life roll? hehe.

The most satisfying moment in photography to me is when someone asks if any of your photographs has been taken by a 'photographer'? Then you know, it has paid you off.
Avaiz Hashmi Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Max Loxton (admin) 11 years ago
Name: Avaiz / Sohaib Hashmi
Age: 20
Website: avaiz.fateback.com / avaizhashmi.deviantart.com

OK... introducing my self now... this text below has been copied from another document.

From the end of July of 2005, I have been experimenting with 35mm Camera, a "Pentax K1000" to be exact, taking some guidence by a very easy-to-learn book, "Step-by-Step Guide to Photography by Michael Langford & Alferd A Knopf". Now, I have a Canon K2/3000v with 28-90mm Lens and 50mm Lens and doing lots of stuff with it.
It was my photo "Life - Experiences - 4 - 2" that got me second position in a local exhibition, held by FOTOLINE [Karachi].

My parents wanted me to become a lawyer or an engineer or a doctor like most of the parents around Pakistan but I selected ICS as its the closest that I could get to Art & Design at that leavel.

I am an amateur photographer & designer. I've been interested in Art & Design for all my life and my ultimate goal is to work in a Design Studio, not to mention that photography is an essential part of a Design Studio or perhaps start working freelance. Personally, I've always wanted to work for organizations like WWF, UNICEF, National Geographic or Discovery as a Photographer/Photo Journalist but working with big names like these requires years of experience, wether its technical or conceptual. For now, I have chosen Photography for further study. Later on, I plan to go for a diploma in Design. In the end, A degree in Multimedia [or a field from Multimedia].

I think this explains me sufficiantly...
Mohsin Kazmi 11 years ago
Im mohsin

i was born in america but my parents are pakistani from lahore...which means im punjabi and pretty proud...i kind of dont like some pakistani culture but pakistan definetly kicks ass....i use a canon power shot s2 IS...it was really good for its price and i am very happy with it

i am 15 years old and i think this group is awesome

AHMED... Posted 11 years ago. Edited by AHMED... (member) 11 years ago
Assalaam-O-Alaikum everybody,

This is Muhammad Ahmed.

Thanks YasirNisar for the invitation to join this group.

I am a computer network engineer by profession and photography has become my passion after joining flickr :) I have learned the photography and Photoshop by self-study and by googling the net :)

These days I work for a well known computer manufacturer based in Round Rock, Texas, USA.

I was born and raised in a small village near Mehrabpur (Interior Sind) in a family migrated from Toba Tek Singh. Did my M.Sc. from Quaid-e-Azam university, Islamabad, in 1990. Did my job in Lahore in two different companies until I moved to USA in 2001.

Currently I have Canon Rebel XT with 28-105mm and Sigma 70-300 DG Super Macro lenses. In the past I have used Canon's A100 (lost) Canon's A80 (Gave to my wife). Fuji S7000 (Sold on ebay).

My favorite subjects to photograph are nature and macros, but my photography is not limited to those.

I believe that discussions in this group is a powerful tool for social networking.
zdc _ 70+30 !!! [deleted] 11 years ago
Welcome EOS XTian......Mr. Ahmed.
Yousaf FAYYAZ 11 years ago
Welcome all new members have a nice day :)
Max Loxton 11 years ago
Welcome on board Ahmed, Avais and mak7590. I hope that you enjoy been here and share your experiences and learning with all of us as well.
zdc _ 70+30 !!! [deleted] 11 years ago
Thankyou for attention. The group is really kicking off now, all due to the sincerety of admn, none of whom i know personally. We ll get together most probably on 14 August in Lahore somewhere. We are all set to break the stereo-types of pakistan photography scene.

Stay in touch......everybody.
Baba Dody 11 years ago
just found some time here to log on to the net here at my office. i would like to welcome shehbaz, avaiz, mak7590 and ahmed :)
Idreece PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Idreece (member) 11 years ago

I have been interested in Photography since my first camera, a Russian SLR, Zenit TTL bought at the Plaza Electronics market in Karachi in 1984.
I have had several cameras since then. My current one is a D70s along with an 18-70mm and 70-300mm lens.

I was born right here in California about 40 years ago while my parents were studying at UC Berkeley and went to Pakistan as a three-year-old child when they were finished. I returned to America (albeit to Florida, on the east coast) about 16 years ago and have travelled around the world and finally returned to California (the west coast) for the first time about two years ago.

I miss Pakistan, and everything about it and hope to visit it again - with my family now, Insha Allah, one day.

In the meantime, I am happy to be here among my talented Pakistani photographer friends in this group. Thank you!
kalim123 11 years ago
hello brothers and one sister ( i guess), I m a doctor cardiologist in fact , life was too busy I was not interested in photography , i m presently about 42 years old, last year me and my wife were in KOH SAMUI a very beautiful island in Thailand , it was a group of doctors and every one was having either a digital camera or videocam. my wife insisted to buy a camera and start photography. Starting from Bangkok I took shot aimlessly then went to dubai, cairo, alexandria and many more places. when I returned and start my working then an anonymous person introduced me this flickr. i started putting some of my photos and strangely got some good comments from one of the best on the flickr like Buck Forester, Farl, Aisha UAE, sah rizvi, ZAK Zahid Ali Khan and yasir nasir etc. then i got a false impression that I am suitable to continue it as a hobby. I studied from DJ science college , Dow medical college and post graduated from CPSP. now busy working in karachi and learning a lot from peoples here and abroad.
Currently I am using konica minolta 5 mega pixel digital camera, what is the suggestion of you friends that what should be my next choice. one of the shop keeper said to me a strange thing that now peoples are shifting towards digital instead of SLR. i don,t know why ?? is he right , give me a good advise thanks
Idreece PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Idreece (member) 11 years ago
Kalim sahib,
Welcome and thank you for your lovely introduction. I started out with an SLR camera because that was the very first camera I bought due to the camera sales person being very good at selling. However, because of that I was able to learn the very basics of photography at the very begining.
Years later, before I switched to digital, I did a lot of research and decided to look for a camera that satisfied my requirements. My main requirement back in the year 2000 was a good optical system, i.e. a high quality lens with good optical zoom. Because of that, back then I chose the Fuji Finepix 4900zoom. Most of the camera was the lens itself. Later on I added the convenience of being able to buy batteries on the go as one of my requirements, and so my latest non-SLR digital camera with a x10 optical zoom, and the ease of AA cell batteries (Fuji S5200) fulfilled that requirement.
In short, my advise would be to first determine what you are looking for. Are you going to be making large (8X10 or above) prints? Are you happy with proprietery batteries where each battery costs around $35~40 and requires a charger or do you want regular batteries? And what about the lense? Do you want big guns or small / what kind of zoom / interchangeable lens (here we start talking about SLRs though)? and so on and so forth.
So Kalim sahib, my suggestion would be to first decide what you are looking for, then do some research, and then look for the cheapest price available for that camera and then go for it!
I hope my suggestion was useful :)
P.S. What year did you graduate from Dow? I have many friends and family, including my sister and her husband who graduated from Dow probably around the same time as you did.
zdc _ 70+30 !!! [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by zdc _ 70+30 !!! (member) 11 years ago
Hi Kalim:(Doc to Doc):There are hell of options these days in digital cameras. Your salesman might sell you what he has over-stocked.Believe me, its no less complicated than deciding to buy a color doppler/Echo unit :) Following are the general categories of digicams these days:

1) Consumer/point and shoot smart cameras: The most commonly seen gadgets these days. 4-6 mp, about 4x optical and about 4-6x digital zoom. Hunderds of options...If u want to buy one there are various factors dictating your choice, price, mp, battery type, make,....

2) Consumers super-zooms: 8x-10x optical zoom, many brandsto choose from. Panasonic, Minolta, Sony, Canon, Nikon, all have thier strikers in box.Super- Zoom is attractive to buy but very tricky to live with for a beginner.

3) Semi-pro/Prosumer Digital SLR: SLRs know have digital cousines. more suited for long-term life in photography. DIGI SLR means that you have unlimited options to grow in terms of lenses and accessories.
Canon EOS 350d, 300d, and Nikon D5o, D70/s, Pentax ist D/DL all belong to the same class.

4) Professional Digital SLRs: Too expensive to even discuss.

Idreece is dead right, take your time and know what you want.....your karachi salesman will sell you anything. As a general rule anything less than a digital SLR will de-value to 40-50% in next 6 months no matter what tech toy you have purchased today (just like mob phones). Take your time and here are few good links:



General guide-lines:
1) Go around the net, and decide what u want.

2) Dont rely on your saleman.......they are under-educated/ill-informed guys posing like professionals. You might know much better after net surfing.

3) More MP (more resolution) does not (i mean essentially not) mean more image quality......same goes with the zoom X thing.

4) "Optical zoom" is the true zoom.....digital zoom is nothing but cropping the image and enlarging.

5) Most of the people in this group have digicams from cat 1 to 3. A
photograph speaks for itself; it speaks the way it was captured, it speaks the emotions which concieved it and the emotions it evokes, it speaks about the photographer and it speaks about the object captured, one thing it really doesn't speak about is the CAMERA by which it was captured.....todays cameras are well-built enough to let you start...photographing.
kalim123 11 years ago
I graduated from DMC in year 1989-90. Governer Sind Ishrat-UL- IBAD IS my class fellow.
I AM only feeling difficulties in MACROS and close ups either my technique is incorrect or my camera does not support good macro, where is the problem? second being a resident of very industrialized city , i like wildlife and water like rivers so i may need at some point of time distant images , if these are my requirements then which camera is suitable for me ??????
Haroon M 11 years ago
I'm Haroon. Like all of you, I too, am madly in love with photography.
It is, I believe, a meduim of expression like no other, but it takes a lot of skill and learning in addition to having the "eye" to be good at. I'm only learning...

I have always been the "camera-man" of my family. Ever since I got hold of my father's Yashica MG1 so many years ago. But I only started learning taking better photos about a year back. Thats when I bought a 35mm SLR. (DSLRs being out of range ofcourse)

Some of the stuff you see in my photos is from Canon A70, most is digitized film.

Being a victim of the 9 - 5++ life (more like 6am - 7pm++ life), I haven't had much time to take any photos recently. I have lived all accross Pakistan at various stages in my life, and currently, as the source of livelihood dictates, in Karachi. Though the irony of it also dictates that my place of work be 30KM outside of limits of the metrolpois.

I was introduced to flickr through a post in the karachi metroblog which had a link to Ali Khurshid's photos. I dont know the man, but his photos inpired me to put some of my stuff online as well. Quite a few of you have appreciated my efforts, and I thank you for that.

Kudos to the Pakistani Photographers group initiators and admin for bringing us all together. Mutual help and ecouragement will do us all good.

Enough said.
jeansgrapher Posted 11 years ago. Edited by jeansgrapher (member) 11 years ago

I am Sagheer from Glasgow, UK. Dr. Zaheer invited me to this group, i will try to bulid-up my account. Currently i am a proud owner of Panasonic LUMIX FZ 30.I have been using FZ10 as well.This is agreat group on the move...

I ve been here in UK for about more than year now. I am woking here as Auto Accessory Manager with a sizable accessory store. I ll keep contributing to this group as much as i can.

Keep me posted please.
Yousaf FAYYAZ 11 years ago
Welcome all new members ... Without the great contributions from you Guys/Gals we wont be able to run this group so all credit to group members.

We are on the aim to change the Pakistan's Image On the Globe, it is not the country of WAR it is Country Full of Love and Great Places and beautiful people.
Max Loxton 11 years ago
Welcome to HaroonM and Sagheer...

Yousaf you are right about the ambition that we all have in our mind and I must say that we must tell every new member who joins to have the same aim by which we can do our contributions in changing the global image of Pakistan.
Idreece PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Idreece (member) 11 years ago
designer931, maxloxtton, the problem is that most of the people in the United States and quite a few in Europe are so ignorant about this side of the world that they think we are Arabs and therefore automatically attribute the hatred that the Arabs have for the West (and we know that is a separate topic) to Pakistan as well.

I tell you what, I was working with an older American woman recently and she told me that she has an Indian family as their neigbours and right after 9/11 they came over to their house and told them that they were not Muslims but Hindus or Sikhs (or whatever) and unlike Islam, their religion and their holy book did not teach hatered against other religions. I was dumbfounded.

The point is that not only is there ignorance about Pakistan, but youv'e got to watch some self serving liars who have no problem spreading disinformation about Pakistanis and Islam in general to save their own rear ends - some people can just not be trusted, it doesn't matter wherever they are.

Insha Allah through this forum, we will be able to make (you will, as unfortunately I am not there) some degree of difference in how the West sees Pakistan.

Shabash guys and gals!
GlossyShinyPixel 11 years ago
Salam everyone
Names Nazish

Just wanted to introduce myself. I felt that I had an unfair advantage by knowing about most of you when you don't know that much about me. So here goes...

I'm a Pakistani born in Karachi who immigrated to the US at a young age. I have lived here (New Jersey) most of my life but I go and visit my family in Pakistan every year or so. I'm currently going to college here and will be finishing up in a year. Not sure what comes after that but we'll see.

As for photography, I guess I get it from my uncle who was obsessed with taking pictures when he was my age. I, mostly, take pictures of nature, family, and just random things that I think are interesting.

I'm a true amateur who just started about a couple of months ago so be patient with me.

Oh, and the only cameras I have are either my Nikon 2900 or Nikon 7900 and these are the only ones I currently use.
manitoon 11 years ago
Welcome Nazish to the group !! thanks for introducing yourself. Its always nice to know about other pakistani brothers and sisters and how they became interested in photography ..

Keep clicking and sharing pictures !! :-)
ZAK! Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ZAK! (member) 11 years ago
hi! i m zahid ali khan i live in Karachi. i did masters in mass communications in 1989 from ku and running an advertising business, mostly deals in advertising publications and film production (documentaries).
a year back i was on the lookout for some mosque images for a publication when i came across the flickr and than i first time realize the true meaning of "addiction", but it doesn't mean that i am new to photography, my first cam was Russian "zenith" which i bought in 1977 and than through "yashica elector 35" "Pentax super Me" "Minolta t 202" and Nikon 801'" i ended non digital cams at "Nikon f4". and than i started digi cames with "Sony 717" "Sony 828" and as a second cam "Olympus 770" than i bought my first DSLR "Nikon d70s" and now the latest cam i have been using is "canon 20D" .
though photography is not my profession but it has a strong link to my business. i love all kinds of photography but historical location photography is my favorit. i love to shoot mosques and architectural masterpieces.
at the end i must appreciate the serious efforts of the administration and some members of this great group to promote and encourage Pakistani photographers.
thanks and best regards
Idreece PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Idreece (member) 11 years ago
Zahid sahib, nice to finally hear from you. I too started out with a Zenit TTL, the infamous Soviet SLR.
Like you I moved from there to a Yashica rangefinder camera which was either an Electro 35 or a precursor thereof - I forget.
And after moving through a host of other cameras including two or three Fuji digitals, my first DSLR is the D70s!
How about that ?
Max Loxton 11 years ago
welcome Nazish and thanks Zahid Sb for sharing your intro.

Idreece and Zahid Sb, I remember that I have a Zennit camera in my collectionn as well for around 3-4 months when my AE-1 Canon was stolen, and I bought this Russain camera, I rememeber at that time I shot the architecture of Badshahi Masjid and Lahore Fort but that was way back in late ninteens/.
Now, I am having D20 and am very much happy with that but I do feel that after all the manual camera that I have used this is really worth it. The manual cameras teach you the basic lessons that you can't otherwsie get. Even today most of the photographers who started photography in the digital age want to go for film in order to gain control over exposure.
MoinKhan PRO 11 years ago
Hello Everyone,

My name is Moin, and I live in California, photography is my hobby,by profession i am Computer Engineer. I like to photograph nature, people, architecture, I used different camera in the past but still i am in learning stage, and thats why I am here, and I hope I will earn alot from professional photoraphers here in this group. still alot to learn..
ZAK! 11 years ago
Dear Idreece and Maxloxton,
so we have one common thing that we started with Zenith, if you guys remember Zenith had a built in mechanical light meter on top of the camera to show combinations of aperture and shutter speed in available light. i learned a lot from that feature of Zenith, after using few months i had become expert in setting Aperture and shutter speed in any light conditions to have clear images.
and i also like the "Nikon 801" i used it for longest time, perhaps contineue19 year.
Canon D20 no doubt is wonderful camera in medium range but i think D70s is also a great cam.
i think www.dpreview is the best site to know about digi cams. one must visit that site before buying or changing a digital camera.
AksZindagi 11 years ago
salam.. i m Kiran .. doing masters in mass communication...

i m not a professional photographer..

its just like my hobby...

i like to learn new and creative things.. so i m here.. hope u ppl teach me alotttt!!!
manitoon 11 years ago
Welcome Kiran to the group .. most of the ppl in the group including me are not professional photographer and doing this just as hobby and fun .

you can surely learn a lot from ppl here !! I hope you enjoy and learn a lot from this group .
Max Loxton 11 years ago
Welcome Moinkhan, Usman and Kiran....
I hope that you enjoy been here.
As Usman said most of us not pro photographers and are just working over photography as a hobby.
We are here to learn from each other and I hope that everyone of us contribute well to this group
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