rockstaradela 7:36pm, 22 June 2007
I'm curious which people other artists prefer to paint. Me, personally, I believe that youth has a certain beauty that is exqusite. However there is a very personal and deep sincerity in that of a self-portrait, which is why I think that would be one of mine (at the risk of sounding vain!). So, which is it? Babies, children, elderly, self, friend,foe,stranger?
gredelart 10 years ago
Beauty is of course nice to paint, but so are expressive faces and strong lines in a face. The lighting is also important, i Iike it when there is a lot of contrast in the ligthing and the colours, it gives depth to a picture. I prefer to paint people I can look up to.because I think when you paint a portrait of someone it's really a big compliment, an honour even. I don't think I would like to paint people I dislike or feel no connection with or aim for, but then painting to me is something strongly emotional.
dondavidart 10 years ago
I like to paint whoever is on the 6:00 news...
an ever changing array of fresh images.
Francois Vaillancourt 10 years ago
It really depends on the final purpose of the painting. I take great pleasure painting people I love, but I could not sell those pictures. If I'm doing paintings for a show, the portraits must be of people with whom I have no real connections. Musicians, actors, unknown people, as long as I don't have a relationship with them.

I have no favorite so far, I just started doing portraits again after not painting a single one for years. I'm sure a theme will emerge over time.
jimpennnn [deleted] 10 years ago
I like painting beautiful (to me) strangers. I focus too much on portraiture when it's a friend and the painting as a whole tends to suffer. I can see a stranger as blobs of paint and don't care if I leave them that way.
matthewveenker [deleted] 10 years ago
I draw much more than I paint, so I'm not sure you want my input. I like drawing all kinds of faces, but old people and little kids are best. Wrinkles and such give you something to really grab a hold of and draw with character. And kids, well, they're just a pleasure to render.
remi G 10 years ago
I love to draw strangers, mainly girls but also men when they have something special, not beauty, but a little somthing intriguing in their look, their face or their behaviour.
As I'm not very good, people standing still are my fave, they don't move too much!
avrene PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by avrene (member) 10 years ago
People in action or inaction so long as there seem to be a story behind it.
I like to paint deceased people.
Michal Lukasiewicz [deleted] 10 years ago
since several years I paint exclusively women and girls!
imranzaib 10 years ago
I love to paint portraits .
Artnow314 [deleted] 10 years ago
I also love to paint portraits, especially beautiful women :-)
eva_harris 9 years ago
i love painting anyone who has a face that say something on how they are feeling at that moment that i capture them in
i love nature and paint only beauty
kiltarn Posted 9 years ago. Edited by kiltarn (member) 9 years ago
Looking for a 'New Subject' I became enchanted with Stained Glass Windows.
I set out (successfully) to capture it's beauty on canvas.
But at the end of the day, I am just fasinated by the power of illusion.
Gold,silver,water....just daubs of manipulated colour,and I suppose you have to mention moods,serenity,violence(though I don't paint this) tenderness,innocence.
We do with colours what music does with sound.
Art by Vanessa 9 years ago
i love to paint children, especially if i know a little about them i can incorporate that into the painting ,my nieces and nephew are great subjects.
this is my niece Trinity in Bath Time Fun
Tian (Chris a.k.a) 9 years ago
women, singers, soulsisters, boxers, bullterrier, frenchbulldogs, MLKing, Ali, Dita, Amy, Erykah ...
i love people in expressionat pozes
dolphines bulls horses unicorns etc
Magda Vacariu 8 years ago
my daughter mostly. she looks different in each pose.
PFKimmerle [deleted] 8 years ago
hmmm... i like painting people, woman in general. i did try to paint men but they ended up looking like girls... i also like landscapes.
Carrie242 7 years ago
I like to paint the subject that has his or her facial features described by the light source especially when it describes the features in a graphic form and lots of contrast.
personaly i don´t have a special subject to paint, each diferent one gives you the chance to go deeper in his or her face landscape and in certain way to conect to the live of that person, but yes beauty and sensuality has it´s own power of atraction that can make the making of a portrait a procces full of emotion and energy, but it´s not the only case where you can find emotion and to get in contact with your own humanity and the humanity of the other person, and i think besides the tecnic to represent this ingredients are basic too for making a good portrait
IanReesArt Posted 7 years ago. Edited by IanReesArt (member) 7 years ago
I prefer to draw: beautiful women (because, hey, they're beautiful) and wrinkly bearded old men (because of the intricate lines beard whiskers and wrinkles provide)... and lately: birds.
I like painting people I know or have some type of infinity with, even though I get caught up in trying to make a master piece. I just love painting.
Jezebel. 7 years ago
people, mostly young adults: pretty girls, bearded men, clean shaven, with cigarettes, without.
also, trees and birds but not landscapes.
tunna25 7 years ago
ilove to paint celebrity portraits -i find them hard but enjoy the challenge-and anything to do with ships or boats.
marilyn corso [deleted] 6 years ago
i love painting vanessa paradis johnny depp's girlfriend
Annayelle [deleted] 6 years ago
I mostly paint myself, it's something about a reflexion about where I am and how I feel. It always makes me discover interesting things.
FloraFannyG 6 years ago
I love painting and drawing African people, since I like shading very much in Black&White. I also love the colorful clothes, shawls and other accessories Africans have. Or those black people can be African Americans with colorful clothes, too.
This is one of my newest piece.
Afro Girl by FloraFanny
"Afro Girl"
29,7 × 42
CockneyRebel 6 years ago
I love painting faces with life carved into them. Like gredelart posted above, I like to paint facice with lots of lines, with good shadows and dramatic light. The Rolling stones are a favourite of mine - Keith Richards has more lines than a railway network, Jagger's face has life carved all over it and Ronnie Wood has the wrinkles that make a face. Older men tend to be my favourite tho I look all over the internet for interesting images. Helen Mirren is a woman that's getting the live etched into her face, I'm sure many women would find paintings that highlight these features in their face as being unflattering but I think they are what make a face. Dull 16 year olds without a crease may be beautiful in their own right but I think 'twinkle wrinkles' are what older women have, women that have laughed, that have cried, that have lived.
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