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eszter ADMIN July 8, 2013
I will post themes no later than Sunday before each week kicks off. The theme for Week 28 is Barbed. The theme for Week 27 is Assorted. The theme for Week 26 is Zippy. The theme for Week 25 is Yummy. The theme for Week 24 is Xylographic. The theme for Week 23 is Whimsical. The theme for Week 22 is Vital. See earlier themes below.

Group Description

Take and post a photo each week for 52 themes announced during 2013.

Please add the following tags to your photos:
p5213xx (where xx refers to the week number)
p5213theme (where theme refers to the word of the week)

- Post photos only (no videos, no screen captures)
- Photos should contain one image only rather than a photo collage
- This is a child-friendly group so choose and post your photos accordingly (e.g., no porn).
- Post one photo each week. If you get behind then you may post an additional photo in a week, but not on the same day as another one of your photos.
- Post photos you took that week, not at a previous time.
- If you are posting this to other theme groups as well, be sure to mention the theme of this group.

- Consider mentioning how the theme inspired the photo, but feel free to let it speak for itself.:)
- Consider commenting on other people's photos in the group. It's much more fun that way and you're likely to get more feedback yourself.

Weeks run from Monday through Sunday starting with Dec 31-Jan 6th. Please try to post your photo the week of or the week after at the latest so that photos from the same theme appear in the pool one after another.

Week 01: Alive (Dec 31, 2012-Jan 6, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521301 p5213alive
Week 02: Bubbly (Jan 7-Jan 14, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521302 p5213bubbly
Week 03: Cylindrical (Jan 14-Jan 20, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521303 p5213cylindrical
Week 04: Delicate (Jan 21-Jan 27, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521304 p5213delicate
Week 05: Endless (Jan 28-Feb 3, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521305 p5213endless
Week 06: Fleeting (Feb 4-10, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521306 p5213fleeting
Week 07: Guarded (Feb 11-17, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521307 p5213guarded
Week 08: Hot (Feb 18-24, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521308 p5213hot
Week 09: Immense (Feb 25-Mar 3, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521309 p5213immense
Week 10: Juicy (Mar 4-10, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521310 p5213juicy
Week 11: Kindred (Mar 11-17, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521311 p5213kindred
Week 12: Lonely (Mar 18-24, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521312 p5213lonely
Week 13: Miniature (Mar 25-31, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521313 p5213miniature
Week 14: Narrow (April 1-7, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521314 p5213narrow
Week 15: Obsolete (April 8-15, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521315 p5213obsolete
Week 16: Peaceful (April 16-21, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521316 p5213peaceful
Week 17: Queasy (April 22-28, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521317 p5213queasy
Week 18: Rustic (April 29-May 5, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521318 p5213rustic
Week 19: Steep (May 6-12, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521319 p5213steep
Week 20: Twisted (May 13-19, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521320 p5213twisted
Week 21: Underrated (May 20-26, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521321 p5213underrated
Week 22: Vital (May 27-June 2, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521322 p5213vital
Week 23: Whimsical (June 3-9, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521323 p5213whimsical
Week 24: Xylographic (June 10-16, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521324 p5213xylographic
Week 25: Yummy (June 17-23, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521325 p5213yummy
Week 26: Zippy (June 24-30, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521326 p5213zippy
Week 27: Assorted (July 1-7, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521327 p5213assorted
Week 28: Barbed (July 8-14, 2013) Tags: p5213 p521328 p5213barbed
Week 29: Challenging Tags: p5213 p521329 p5213challenging
Week 30: Diagonal Tags: p5213 p521330 p5213diagonal
Week 31: Empty Tags: p5213 p521331 p5213empty
Week 32: Frothy Tags: p5213 p521332 p5213frothy
Week 33: Geometric Tags: p521333 p521333 p5213geometric
Week 34: Healthy Tags: p5213 p521334 p5213healthy
Week 35: Innermost Tags: p5213 p521335 p5213innermost
Week 36: Jagged Tags: p5213 p521336 p5213jagged
Week 37: Kaleidoscopic Tags: p5213 p521337 p5213kaleidoscopic
Week 38: Leafy Tags: p5213 p521338 p5213leafy
Week 39: Melted Tags: p5213 p521339 p5213melted
Week 40: Nocturnal Tags: p5213 p521340 p5213nocturnal
Week 41: Opulent Tags: p5213 p521341 p5213opulent
Week 42: Practical Tags: p5213 p521342 p5213practical
Week 43: Quilted Tags: p5213 p521343 p5213quilted
Week 44: Recyclable Tags: p5213 p521344 p5213recyclable
Week 45: Scholarly Tags: p5213 p521345 p5213scholarly
Week 46: Therapeutic Tags: p5213 p521346 p5213therapeutic
Week 47: Urgent Tags: p5213 p521347 p5213urgent
Week 48: Vaporous Tags: p5213 p521348 p5213vaporous
Week 49: W Tags: p5213 p521349 p5213wintry
Week 50: X Tags: p5213 p521350 p5213xenial
Week 51: Y Tags: p5213 p521351 p5213yipee
Week 52: Z Tags: p5213 p521352 p5213zealous

Additional Info

  • Members can post 7 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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