6:27pm, 25 January 2009
Hello everyone,

How do i blend 3 or more photo into one photo? kind of like HDR but without using the HDR feature in PSP.

I'm finding the layers and masks a little hard to grasp in PSP, i'm used to PS CS2.

Cheers for your help!!
Kajvin PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Kajvin (member) 8 years ago
I don't think there any way to do that without use of layers or HDR
I know i need to use layers, but i need some guidance in how to use them in PSP.

How do i open 3+ images in one? if that make sense?
Felip1 PRO 8 years ago
You can clone from one (or two in turn) into another with your cloning opacity set at something like 30 percent. Set your cloning tool to square and really big. Start at a known place (like upper left corner, for example).
4eyes1lens 8 years ago
Sounds like you want to create three layers each containing a copy of a different image then use layer blending and opacity to control how much of each layer is shown to produce the composite image.

Open the first image, duplicate it (Shift-D) and close the original.

You should now have one image open. If the Layers palette is not visible, press F8 or select Palettes and check Layers. The layers palette should be showing one layer labelled 'Background'. For clarity, rename this 'Image 1' or whatever will identify it to you.

Open the second image and copy it (Ctrl-C). Close the second image so that you are back to the duplicated copy ogf the original image. Paste the copy of the second image as a new layer (Ctrl-L). You now have a second layer showing above the first. Rename this appropriately.

Repeat the last step for the third image and any others you might want to add.

Now select each layer and experiment with the opacity and blend controls at the top of the layer palette to manipulate your composite image. Additionally, If you create a layer group for each layer you can apply adjustment layers to each layer.

If you save the file as a .pspimage file, you can save it and return to it to edit it further.
Cheers 4eyes1lens

What i'm trying to do is bring out the best parts from 3 or more photos (like a HDR but manually) By doing what you have said can i do that? i did try but the only way i could do it was by deleting part of one image and the opposite part of the others (hope that makes sense), i would rather just bring the parts i want forward with out deleting them!

geru_2000 8 years ago
Without masking or erasing parts of images there is no way to do what you ask in PSP or photoshop.

If you have X2 why not use the HDR function? You can accomplish exactly what you're asking with the HDR function.
i have used the hdr function but i'm not liking the results! so i thought i could try and do it myself! i'll keep trying and see what i can do!

Cheers anyway!
This is PSP's HDR
sunset 2

And this is my "HDR"

Using the same shot in both to make it fair, not show if my on looks fake or not! what do you think?
Kajvin PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Kajvin (member) 8 years ago
Sorry I was little short in my first answer!

For this tutorial I use [ ] for key on the keyboard, # # for the layers you see in the layers palette, " " for comments and ( ) for abbreviation.

Then you work whit the Layers palette use Right Click to get menu, and the highlight area is the active layer

The best way to do what you will do is to use layers group and adjustment layer and mask layer

You have to planning a little before you begin, you have to chose the image you will have some background and what order you will put the other images in, remember to always use a copy of your original [Shift] [D] will do that. Now you can beguine.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

1: duplicate background # Background (B) and Copy of background (CB) #

2: make layer group # (B) + (CB) + Group 1 (G1) # (G1)=(CB)

3: Left Click (LClick) on CB

4 :Add adjustment layer '"This is almost the same as *Adjust menu* "
"I this tutorial I use Level for all layer groups"
# (B) +(CB)+ Levels 1+(G1) # (G1)=(CB)+Levels 1

4b: (LClick) on the minus sign left to (G1), now you only see (G1)

5: now you copy [Ctrl][C] Image 2

6: Go back to Image 1 and (LClick) on (G1) it will be highlight

7: Past Image 2 as a *New Layer* [Ctrl][L]

8: Repeat step 2, 3 and 4

Now will you have in layers palette # (B)+ (G1)+ Raster 1 (R1)+ Level 2+ Group layer 2 (G2) # (G2)= (R1)+Levels 2 , do the same as in 4a

9: Repeat step 5 to 8 whit your third image

Layers 2

Now will you have #(B)+(G1)+(G2)+(G3)# "The best with a Group Layer is that you can change the order on them."

(B)+(G1)+(G3)+(G2) or something else.

OBS! Before you add the mask layer save as PSPIMAGE so you can go back to image without mask.

tutorial 1

Now you can add a mask to each group I will show 2 different methods.

Layer3 Layers3b

To method 1 will I use group (G1) and to method 2 I will use group (G2)

10M1: (LClick) on the *+* singe to the left on (G1)
now you will have # (B)+(CB)+Level 1+(G1)+(G2)+(G3) #

11M1 : (LClick) on (CB) and (RClick) now you got the menu for layers "as always then you (RClick) on the layers in layers palette".

12M1: Add New Mask Layer/ Show All or Hide All "I use show all"

Difference between Show All and Hide All is;
Show All: you can see the image as it is, you mask whit black color,

Hide All; you will not see your image, you will open up you image with white color, you can use all paint tools to do that.

You can also use different shades of black or white to mask harder or weaker

Method 2

10M2: (LClick) on (G2), duplicate (G2) you get Copy of (G2) (RClick) now you got layer menu

11M2: Add New Mask Layer/ Show All or Hide All " I use hide all" and unmask whit grey color and the mask will be more transparent

As a last step I will blend (G3) and (CG2) together

First If you (RClick) and (LClick) on properties on levels you can edit that layer, if you do the same on a mask layer you can change opacity.


12 (RClick) (G3) (LClick) at *Properties* (LClick) Blend Ranges
you can change Grey Red Blue and Green Channel

13: Save your work in pspimage format, and preferred format

tutorial 2

That's all for this time! Have Fun
Kajvin PRO 8 years ago
Different Layers Properties
Layers Properties Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 and X2.5 by Kajvin
geru_2000 8 years ago
kajvin, Hope you don't mind me borrowing your photograph if so please let me know and I'll delete it.

The photo is my version of an HDR photo.

This was done using layers, adjustment layers (HSL, Levels), layer masks, high pass sharpen, Gaussian blur, erasure, different selection tools, and layer blending modes, . I also use a plug-in called Mura's Meister (cloud). In total it took me less than 5 minutes.

A larger copy is available by clicking on the Photo and selecting all sizes.

Kajvin PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Kajvin (member) 8 years ago
Hope you don't mind me borrowing your photograph if so please let me know and I'll delete it.

Not at all! I have a CC license on it. But can you set same licence
Great HDR! Mura's Meister is a great plug in.
WOW cheers kajvin for the lengthy tutorial!!

I'll have a go at trying this when i have some more time.

@ geru_2000, any chance you could tell me how you did the HDR above? i'm not very good at all this layer stuff.

Kajvin PRO 8 years ago
i'm not very good at all this layer stuff.

You can read abut CC or Creative Commons on this page

On most of my images have I a CC-license, Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
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