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Quinn Robot is a group administrator Quinn Robot says:


Now that we have a few people here. And you've worked out it's not some sort of ponzi scheme or advertising or something else.

Let's have a little fun.

UK based people, US based people, Mainland Europe folk and Asian heroes, lets all find our place here and come up with some really inspiring ideas to get things kicking.

If you can think of anything at all then please.....get writing below.

Here's a couple of things to start the ball rolling.


Trading already shot film rolls - If anyone out there fancies that? I've always been up for taking a film on after someones shot it and just double exposing the shit out of it?

Meet-ups - How does something become a cliche? By being true that's how. Meeting up with other photographers is hands down the best way to communicate with one another as a society

Winner takes all (the glory) Competition - i say we pick a date, pick a simple them and just shoot. Enter a picture into the stream with a certain relevant tag and then all vote over a period of a week after everyones entered. With the winner being given a crown of amazement and wonder to place upon their head.

hhmmm.....I'm running low for the second, let me go brainstorm. Can I still say that?
12:24PM, 1 December 2011 PST (permalink)

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Burnt Umber says:

I like Meetups. It really brought me out of my shell and now I have an entirely new perspective on photography. I am not sure how we could do it across several continents but a walking day could be organized where people go out on a specific day within their own cities and shoot a specific subject.

Winner Take all is great but I like it if there was a real crown which was mailed from recipient to recipient. Winner of said crown would need to post a photo while wearing it.
75 months ago (permalink)

Coldspottt [deleted] says:

Yeh I like the idea of picking a theme or specific subject
75 months ago (permalink)

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rimatakesphotos says:

Meeeeet ups!! I love shooting with other photogs...bouncing ideas off each other and learning from one another is such a valuable relationship.
75 months ago (permalink)

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Buying_bewilderment says:

Meetups are cool. I'm in the cold north of US's midwest, 500 miles from anywhere, so I'll say it's difficult for me to get to one, but not impossible.

I agree that photo challenges can certainly help with inspiration to get out and shoot, if you're in a rut, which I am. I'm with Burnt Umber, in that a virtual meetup where everyone's tackling the same challenge in their own location across the globe allows people that are more isolated to participate in an event larger than themselves.

One thing I like with themed challenges is date restrictions. That is, photos eligible for the challenge must be taken after the challenge is proposed. It's more fun than recycling old work, and puts pressure on to create new work.

I don't currently have access to a film scanner or darkroom equipment, but I generally like the idea of trading photos to be remixed, mashed up, etc.
74 months ago (permalink)

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