Rebecca Norris Webb 2:34pm, 11 September 2012
TRIGGERING TOWN: “The central metaphor of "the triggering town" is the jumping-off point …always a town that has seen better days, ‘the town [that] will have become your hometown.’ A piece of the world, something glimpsed from a car window or from inside a bar, is the start of every poem for [Montana poet Richard] Hugo.”—Joshua Corey

The noted poet and University of Montana professor, Richard Hugo, often urged his creative writing students to use a “triggering town” to inspire their poems. For this assignment, we’re going to ask you to do the same thing, but with photography. We’d like you either to explore your own home town with a camera, or to visit another town – roughly the same size or atmosphere of your home town –– and photograph it instead. We’d suggest vising the town at least twice, and, if possible, three times at different times of the day –– early morning, late afternoon, dusk – over at least two weekends if at all possible. Additionally, try photographing in different kinds of weather if you can –– rain and fog, for instance.


Video about his noted cowboy photograph:

How Sam Abell Makes a photograph (video):

About the Badlands and Pine Ridge Reservation:
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