Hi all, new here

Xian xx 6:13pm, 29 February 2008
Hey, was searching through flickr for a nature group, this seemed like a nice place to pick. Looking forward to posting up pics and seeing everyone elses!
Donna Cazadd 10 years ago
Hi Xian xx ! You have some lovely pictures !

It is good to meet you !
Hoeski 10 years ago
hello everyone =]
aininaufal 10 years ago
hi all. i'm new here.
Beasty /:) 10 years ago
Hi all nice seeing you
welcome and have fun
x_paperflowers 10 years ago
hello =) im new. im 15 years old, so i know my pictures arent nearly as good as all of yours.. but idc, i have fun with it =)
Tanya J Ogertschnig 10 years ago
thanks for the invite Patricia
Beasty /:) 10 years ago
Just enjoy taking your pics
thats what matters here
and dont be too hard on yourself either
we are all learning
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