Grand opening

ausfi 8:43am, 8 April 2008
Only a few days to go to the grand opening on the 12th April. It is to be hoped even more photos will appear in Flickr.
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Yesterday, Firday 11, was the date for the dress rehearsal and today is the grand opening of the new Opera house. VG, one of the evening papers, has a graphical representation of the Opera People from 27 different countries are part of the staff. The paper has also had videos of what is happening in the Opera.

One special guest for the evening will be Angela Merkel, the first female chancellor of Germany.

It is just a pity that today is very cloudy, we even had slush in the morning..

The dress of course is black suit or smoking, the information chief. for the Opera, Sverre Gunnar Haga says that any other time people can came dressed in jeans if they wish.

Here is a video showing the building of the Opera house in three minutes.
ausfi Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ausfi (admin) 10 years ago
So, it's over. People of course could not get close, but were watching from the opposite shore and from the bridge crossing over the road . The Opera House Bridge was closed by barricades, police watching the entrance.
I got there about 7 pm and a demonstration group was just walking away, playing rock (?)
There were some ten police watching the steps, but they soon moved away, though I had to walk through the group.
The band of the King's Guard was playing on one side of the opera building.
Later at night I checked the tag "opera house" and there were already new photos online. There were great fireworks, you see photos of two members in the pool and you can find more from the streams.
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