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We Invite You to Participate in a “King Tide” Photo Initiative for Oregon

What is the King Tide Photo Initiative?
Seasonal high tides occurring within Oregon’s estuaries and along the open coast on January 19th and 20th and February 16th to 18th will provide a preview of what Oregonians might experience regularly in the future as a result of rising sea levels. Oregon is joining other west coast states to participate in a “King Tide” photo initiative to document these seasonally high tides. This will be Oregon’s first year to participate in an event that has been underway in other places for a couple of years. Its objectives are to:
1. Identify and catalogue coastal areas currently vulnerable to tidal inundation; and
2. Gather compelling graphics and pictures, to promote awareness of specific potential impacts of sea level rise on Oregon’s coastal shorelands, which can be used to support climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.
How to Participate
We’ve created a web site for the King Tide Photo Initiative. Go to the Oregon King Tide website, and you’ll find everything you need to participate in this initiative!

We invite you to share photographs of the high tides on January 19th and 20th and later in February by joining Oregon’s King Tide Initiative Flickr group and uploading your photographs of high tide levels on January 19th and 20th. The best photographs of high tides will show tide levels and areas that are inundated, in particular areas where water levels can be gauged against sea walls, jetties, bridge supports, dikes, buildings, roads, or other infrastructure or features.

There is additional information about the Initiative and specific instructions on how to participate at the King Tide website,

Please join our King Tide Flickr group by signing up at

Pass it On!
We want to get as many people to upload photographs of the January king tide as we can on such short notice. So please forward this invitation to friends and colleagues you think might be interested in participating or contributing photographs.

Oregon’s King Tide Flickr site is maintained by the Oregon Coastal Management Program (OCMP). The OCMP is interested in developing partnerships to increase our capacity to capture information—by photographs or other means—about coastal features and conditions. If your organization has some interest in coastal conservation and resource management activities and wants to partner with the OCMP, please feel free to contact

This initiative is part of a West Coast partnership with Washington State, San Francisco Bay, and British Columbia. If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact

Jeffrey A. Weber | Coastal Conservation Coordinator
Oregon Coastal Management Program
Oregon Dept. of Land Conservation and Development
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