Asiunka 4:49pm, 14 July 2009
Anyone know of any stables who offer horseback riding on the Oregon coast? I'm going up to Oregon in August and have always wanted to go horseback riding on the beach.
CW Imaging PRO 9 years ago
there was a place up in Long Beach, Washington that had horseback riding. thats only if your goin to the Astoria area. i dont know about farther south.
masonmarsh 9 years ago
C&M Stables just north of Florence is the only operation I know of on the coast.
Asiunka 9 years ago
thank you! I think we're going to go with C&M Stables
sabowin PRO 9 years ago
C & M Stables was awesome. There are at least two in the Long Beach area, an actual ranch (which I haven't been to) and a place that hauls the horses in to a little pen area off the side of the road. I do NOT recommend that place.

I figured I'd give them a chance--not everyone can afford an actual ranch in an easily accesible area, so I wasn't completely appalled by the concept of hauling them in. The horses themselves didn't seem neglected or anything, so in that aspect, they probably WERE fine. But I had made a reservation, but when I showed up, they asked for a higher price than what the website had had on it at the time I'd made the reservation. What could I do? I just paid it. Got home, and the web site still had the old (much lower) price. Whatever. But their way of screening for the "expert" ride was to ask "who here has ridden a horse before?" So pretty much anyone who had even so much as been on a pony ride got lumped in the "expert" group. People couldn't even get their horses to move, and were amazed when my horse trotted and cantered on command. The one wrangler was constantly busy in the back of the pack getting the laziest horses to move, cross rivulets on the beach, etc., so I ended up playing wrangler (on a ride I PAID to be on), helping people toward the front of the pack get their horses to cross water, keep moving, and keeping people from getting TOO far strung out.

But like I said, I do recommend C&M--went on their "expert" ride, and got to canter a bit and it was very lovely. Their staff are knowledgeable, screen the riders well, and seemed to try to match riders up to horses well, too.
Asiunka 9 years ago
Thank you so much for the information!

I've ridden quite a bit before so I'm not worried about that, but I've actually never ridden on a beach before so I wanted to try that experience.

I'll stick with C&M stables then, your recommendation made that desire stronger!
sabowin PRO 9 years ago
Riding on the beach was a lifelong dream of mine, and I'm so glad C&M, and not the other place, was my first experience. You know what's amazing? The sound of the horse's/horses' hooves on the sand. Well, and the wind blowing in your hair, and the smell of the horses, and all that good stuff. :-)
Asiunka 9 years ago
I cannot wait now :):)
I used C&M stables as well and had a great experience. I'm sure you will too.
Asiunka 9 years ago
I just came back from my Oregon trip. It was wonderful. I would say my horseback riding trip with C&M Stables was a definite highlight!
oregonbeachrides 7 years ago
Next year, come visit us at Nehalem Bay State Park. My family operates a horse rental concession that gives gives guided rides near Manzanita Oregon, a close drive from Seaside, Cannon Beach, Rockaway Beach and Lincoln City. Visit or call 971-237-6653.

We have a various rides that ride on the beach, dunes, trails and bay with wildlife from bald Eagles, elk, deer and seals. 1 and 2 Hour Rides, Adventure Rides and even crab feed/day riding. Great Oregon Park to take lots of great pictures!

Oregon Beach Rides, horse rental concessionaire of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept. at Nehalem Bay State Park
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