Beach Camping

Syd did 11:58pm, 1 April 2008
I'm planning a camping trip to the oregon coast and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good places. I'm not a fan of campgrounds so i'm dreaming of a somewhat private, secluded place with great views that i could camp right on the beach. Anyone know of a good place?
hamellr 10 years ago
The only place that I know of where you can camp on the beach legally is in the Sand Dunes area. Even then you can't camp "on" the beach, but have to be "in" the Sand Dunes. But... considering the number of off road vehicles going through there I wouldn't want too unless I went quite a ways off the beaten track.

But there is one good place I really want to try - the old Radar Station just north of Ecola Park - It's the Clatsop Loop Trail.
Syd did 10 years ago
That does look beautiful. Thanks for the information Hamellr!
jmccadden 10 years ago
I'm a bit late, but you can do no-trace camping most anywhere in the Dellenback dunes/beach area...non-motorized area near Lakeside. A few photos in my photostream.
delicious horn [deleted] 10 years ago
Where on the coast?
jmccadden Posted 10 years ago. Edited by jmccadden (member) 10 years ago
Dellenback Dunes are located about 9 miles south of Reedsport, near the town of Lakeside. Dunes here are off limits to motorized vehicles, so its very nice.
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