islandgirlemt 9:25pm, 4 March 2008
Hey all. I will be visiting Oregon in late Spring. Where are some of the best places to get some good landscape shots.?
masonmarsh 10 years ago
How much time do you have?

The "must-do's" on my list would be:
1) Oregon Coast. Hwy. 101 from Newport south to Florence
2) Cascades. Hwy 26 to Mt. Hood, then on to Bend.
3) Columbia River Gorge. Hwy. 84 to the historic Columbia River Highway.

That just begins to scratch the surface.
Matthew Sanzone PRO 10 years ago
+1 on mason's list. Crater Lake area is nice, Prineville, damn everywhere you can get some nice shots. I hope you have a good trip. If you do go to the gorge, shoot me an email and I can get you more info as I live in the area.
islandgirlemt 10 years ago
I have about 10 days and my friend that I am visiting with is from Oregon, so he knows some of the cliche tourist places.
hamellr 10 years ago
In late Spring I'd hit the Leech Botanical Gardens, drive up to Mt. Hood around Timothy Lake to see all the Rhododendrons in bloom, and the Rose Gardens of course.

But really, just drive until you find something. Asking for good places to take pictures in Oregon is like asking where to find Actors in Hollywood.
islandgirlemt 10 years ago
I am so excited to go. I have never been to the West Coast and from the pics I have seen its gorgeous. Thanks guys for all your suggestions.
curious tray [deleted] 10 years ago
Definitely the coast. Oceanside (near Tillamook,) Bandon, the various lighthouses are all excellent subjects.

Waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge.

Waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park.

The Painted Hills.

Crater Lake.

Mount Hood.
epic_elite 10 years ago
ive heard rumors. i havent been myself. but i aspire to visit soon the obsidian run. just south of the deschutes brewery is a streatch of river lined with jagged obsidian rocks. this run is what they named thier obsidian stout after. if the view is as good as the beer than i dont know what. :)
wavesandwaterfalls 10 years ago
Paul Vernon has nailed the short list. A slightly longer list would include Waterfalls of the North Umpqua River Basin and The Samuel Boardman Corridor along the South Coast.
curious tray [deleted] 10 years ago
...just south of the deschutes brewery is a streatch of river lined with jagged obsidian rocks. this run is what they named thier obsidian stout after...

I never manage to get past the brewery.
delicious horn [deleted] 10 years ago
Cape Perpetua outside of Yachats,Oregon. Best view in the state with good weather.
mjspoerl 10 years ago
Salt creek falls on Hwy 58
actually the whole hwy from Eugene to Hwy 97 is beautiful and then take Hwy 97 to Crater lake that's always a can't miss. it will take your breath away its so spectacular
ScreemName: 10 years ago
The Japanese Gardens in Washington park, in Portland, are a must in my opinion. The waterfalls on the scenic highway to and from Multnomah falls are great too. For macro shots the Rose Gardens in Washington Park are great. There are also some nice views of Mt. Hood from there. The Portland downtown area is full of great urban shots. The Portlandia statue on the Portland Building is really nice and it is naturally framed by the trees around it..
islandgirlemt 10 years ago
Thank you wictwister.
the PhotoPhreak 10 years ago
What? nobody mentioned Cannon Beach?
Don't forget Yaquina Head, Yaquina Bay, Heceta Head and the sand dunes.
jupiterssoul 10 years ago
Definitely Cape Arago...Shore Acres for good coastal pics:)
david.bardes PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by david.bardes (member) 10 years ago
With 10 days you can certainly cover a lot, but not all of Oregon. It might be fun to do a loop or certainly a West to East swath of Oregon. If you are starting in Portland I would suggest this loop:

Head East through the Columbia Gorge stopping to see the many water falls there. (Multnomah Falls for sure but the old highway takes you past 4 or 5 other really nice falls too. Be sure to stop at Crown Point for some nice views of the Columbia River. If you want a vigorous day hike, the Eagle Creek trail takes you past some beauts, including the very photogenic Punch Bowl Falls).

When you get to Hood River head south up the Hood River valley. Beautiful scenery and views of Mt. Hood (In spring time if you time it right the apple blossoms will be blooming) Spend some time at Mt. Hood (Timberline Lodge, Timothy Lake or Trillium Lake to get those cool mountain in the reflection shots)

Then head East and South to Bend and the East side of the Cascades (Craters, the Crooked River Canyon, Smith Rock, the Deschutes River, lava flows, and views of the high desert and snow capped peaks. Oh and some good micro brew as well, but you don't have to leave Portland for that!)

Head back West taking Highway 20 back through Sisters and Santiam Pass. If you haven't had your fill of water falls yet, Silver Falls boasts a dozen really good one's in a very compact state park. This will take you back to Salem and Highway 5, the main North South highway for Oregon.

Really not so much to see in Salem, and here is the tricky part. Getting to the coast from Salem is not a straight shot so a *really* good map or the help of a local will be needed to get you through to Highway 18 to get you to the coast. It depends on where you hook up with Highdway 18, but McMinnvjille boasts the Evergreen Aviation Museum with the Spruce Goose and many other cool vintage war birds and commercial planes.

Highway 18 itself is not so scenic but will get you to the coast without delay. When you get to Highway 101, strike North or right. Now every Oregonian has their favorite part ot the coast, mine is from Tillamook North, Tillamook bay is very scenic and the drive offers many photo opportunities as you drive North through Garibaldi, Wheeler, and Oswald state park. Be sure to stop in Cannon Beach, a sparkling beach tourist town, and home to those picturesque "Seastacks."

Here you have a choice, you can head back to Portland via highway 26 just North of Cannon Beach, or you can continue on to the very Northern tip of Oergon and visit the town of Astoria and Fort Stevens. Astoria is very photogenic and Fort Stevens offers gems like the Peter Iredale shipwreck, and gun batteries used to defend our shores in WW I and WW II.

Even if you venture on to Astoria, I would recommend returning to Portland via Highway 26 instead of Highway 30. Highway 30 is a very pleasant drive, but takes twice as long as heading back on Hiaghway 30.

OK, ok, I had way too much fun with this, I guess I missed my calling as a travel agent. And of course if you are visiting your friend and they live in Burns or Klammath Falls this loop won't be of any help anyway.

In the end, Oregon is a pretty darned photogenic place, I am sure you will capture some great images no matter where you end up!
Isaac D 9 years ago
Peter Iredale!
Ken Zirkel PRO 9 years ago
The lighthouses, of course.
CW Imaging PRO 9 years ago
the coast.
oregon is just a beautiful place. everywhere you look its a kodak moment. just take care of your equipment. it rains, a lot.
Jomama1152 9 years ago
Yaquina bay and the bridge..... all the fish and crab on the bayfront. Newport is a terrific fishing community and the crab from there is superb!
islandgirlemt 9 years ago
I went to Oregon in mid September 2008 and I fell in love. My favorite was the coast. It was breathless. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions everyone left.
destineysmemories 9 years ago
I love brookings :) it's lovely here
tolophoto 9 years ago
righteous shape [deleted] 9 years ago
If you come back, Don't forgot to get shots of all the beautiful bridges we have here in Portland... The St. John's Bridge is my all time favorite!

Enjoy your trip!
Rog in AZ PRO 9 years ago
Posted at 2:25PM, 4 March 2008
Scott_Shelli 8 years ago
Go to Bandon... You get it all! While there, travel up the road to Shore Acres for a mecca of photographic opportunities.
Seaside Lodgings 8 years ago
I havent traveled all over Oregon, But Seaside is must for pictures and Inn at Seaside is a must for lodging... ;)
mrsmoneytoo 8 years ago
i just went to visit friends in bandon...what an amazing view of the ocean the prettiest i saw....go there...
CanonFire09 8 years ago
Start at the a CA / OR border and go up the entire coast line. If time left go up the Columbia Gorge, Mt Hood, Sisters area.
Runs with Poodles PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Runs with Poodles (member) 8 years ago
I'm sure I'm too late with this, but someone else may benefit. If you're in the Coos Bay area, don't miss the stretch of coast from Sunset Beach to Cape Arago and the South Slough Estuarine Reserve, and of course, the whole coast of Oregon will provide stunning views, marine life, lighthouses, fog, sunsets, boats, and quaint towns.
dazzling jar [deleted] 7 years ago
the oregon coast-anywhere its all great.2. the country4eugene5pdx
Project Dreamland 7 years ago
At a high level, just scratchin the surface:
1. Oregon Coast from Sam Boardman State Park all the way north to Fort Stevens. Then head east on Hwy 26.
2. Columbia Gorge (Waterfall heaven)
3. Mt Hood area
4. Silver Falls State Park (Waterfall heaven)
5. Bend Area, Sisters, Mt Jefferson, Smith Rock, Cascade Lakes Hwy Loop
6. Crater Lake
7. John Day Fossil Beds & Painted Hills
8. Wallowa Mountains/Hells Canyon National Rec Area (Deepest Gorge in NA; google Hat Point)
9. Newberry National Volcanic Monument
10. Steens Mtn Range, Alvord Desert
CanonFire09 7 years ago
You really can't go wrong any place you go in Oregon. There is always something to see and do. Just ask some locals what there is to see and do. I love the Oregon Coast but Bend, Mt Hood, the Columbia River Gorge and other places are great too. Even eastern Oregon has some interesting sights like old buildings, schools and almost ghost town like places. The entire Coast is great for its length or just a few miles.
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