Nativeagle 7:45pm, 27 January 2008
Did the Oregon Coast receive snow??? Can you share what you captures??? The only pic I can share is snow in Veneta...not exactly the Oregon Coast.

Veneta First Snow 2008


EMS Shane in Portland 10 years ago
Help me learn my OR geography; where is Veneta?
(that might even be a good thread topic; visuals of coastal places... oh wait, they call that Flickr, don't they? :/)
Nativeagle 10 years ago
Veneta is about 15 miles west of Eugene...just take 126 to Florence.
railyuh 10 years ago
Yes, there was snow in North Bend/Coos Bay, but I didn't get any pics! It didn't stick around for long, but for a few hours on Sunday morning we had HUGE flakes falling :)
cathrob6 10 years ago
We got some in Brookings. I don't know how to insert a photo here so I'll post a link.
jmccadden 10 years ago
I posted a couple of pics of the snow on the dunes on my photostream.
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