Nativeagle 6:11pm, 21 January 2008
I recently found a website using one of my Alton Baker Park image illegally.

Rushing Water - Alton Baker Park, Eugene Oregon


I sent an email to the site administrator today requesting they take down the image immediately or pay my advertising/usage rates. Some of the images look very familiar to me and for this reason I figure those of you that own the images that are on may not approve of someone profiting from your photography work.

I sent my complaint to the following:

Administrative Contact:
Cox, Crystal
PO BOX 1610
EUREKA, Montana 59917
United States
(406) 882-4177

I encourage others to contact Crystal if you see your image(s) being used illegally.


Nativeagle 10 years ago
I just received a "Delivery Failure" notice to I'll get back...
Nativeagle 10 years ago
Complaints can be sent here:


Ed Little, Jr.
justin.hawthorne 10 years ago
I'd try and file a suit against the company, your copyright is displayed on the Flickr page for a reason. Good luck dealing with them, should be interesting based on their website.
Nativeagle Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Nativeagle (admin) 10 years ago
My image and other Flickr images have been removed from A legal represented contacted me and he said they are looking into this concern.

Unfortunately I also I discovered many more Oregon Flickr images posted on sites linked from There was too many for me to post here. You can visit by simply clicking the link above and you’ll find links for Oregon and Montana real estate...which will lead you to more OREGON and MONTANA images. Again, these images are familiar to me, but I just don't remember the Flickr member...there must be hundreds illegally being used!


Nativeagle 10 years ago
From AKDave

The woman who does these sites has been busted before. Last summer more than 50 wildlife web sites featured hundreds of stolen photos from people I know here on Flickr. She was sent dozens of cease & desist orders and in response she played the dumb blonde game regarding copyright law. She even stole the verbage from trafficZ, which you have a link to.

When we gathered together and contacted the TRafficZ lawyer he seemed apologetic and all of those sites were removed, but apparently she's still being allowed on both TrafficZ and Flickr.

While our case was resolved successfully, all appearances point to her using Flickr photos illegally yet again. BTW, we got nowhere with Flickr as far as having her removed, they wouldn't get involved, which seemed odd to me since they usually take an aggressive stance toward violations like these.

There's an entire group dedicated to the legalities of photo theft and copyright infringement, the discussion threads are long but worth reading if you want to become educated in protecting your images:

I would send all your emails to the legal address, between that and sending her ISP ( cease & desist orders, things turned out well for our group of over 25 Flickr clickers. The big question remains, how to be rid of Crystal for good so she can't continue to steal photos from people on Flickr... Good luck with this Ed.

P.S. This is most likely Crystal's Flickr account. Her old one is gone and this one was the only thing that came up in a name search here.
justin.hawthorne 10 years ago
Wow. What a mess. I worked for a guy for a couple of years that did lots of work with the ASMP and copyright enforcement when I lived back in PA and this story made me think of him. I've been contacted by several people on here asking to freely use my images, but have yet to see my Flickr shots on other commercial site. If I were any good at programming, if it's even possible, it would be interesting to see exactly how my shots on Flickr are linked and to where. Anyhow, thanks for the input and good luck kicking that lady off the net.
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