NWPhotoForum 5:37am, 19 January 2008
The NorthWest Photo Forum is having a photo contest to find the best photos of the NW & BC. Images from the contest will be selected to be published in an upcoming book "Best NorthWest Photography." All proceeds from book sales will be donated to Children's Hospital.

-Awards party
-Get published
-Raise money for charity

This is a great cause. If you are interested please visit us:


Take care,

curious tray [deleted] 11 years ago
< begin Monty Python song: >

spam, spam, spam, spam....

< / song >
Nativeagle 11 years ago
Hi Paul,

Why do you believe NWPhotoForum is "Spam", or one that can not be trusted? What is your experience? I am asking because I am not familiar with NWPhotoforum.

Brandon contacted me via email about the project he is working on to raise money for a children's hospital. It seemed to be a great way to raise money for a good cause.


curious tray [deleted] 11 years ago
I didn't say that NWPhotoForum is spam, nor that it cannot be trusted.

I did say, that a message promoting an outside website, regardless of the goodness of the cause, and which is wallpapered across many forums, is spam.
Nativeagle 11 years ago
Thanks Paul for the clarification...

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