traveloregon PRO 7:38pm, 8 December 2007
Hello all,
I am a team mate at, Oregon's official vacation planning site.

We're looking for some cool and interesting photos to be featured on our site... Selected photos will be featured either on the slideshow on the home page or the regional pages available at this link:

There are so many good photos here and we don't want to presume that you'd want your photos on our if you have some cool and interesting photos to share with us, please respond with a link to the specific photo in your Flickr acct.


curious tray [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by curious tray (member) 11 years ago
This is probably a dumb question: exactly who pays the bills for Oregon's official vacation planning site?

Is it an part of state government (supported by the taxpayers,) or a promotional arm of the travel industry?
EMS Shane in Portland Posted 11 years ago. Edited by EMS Shane in Portland (member) 11 years ago
Yeah... I just got included in a map/blog company called schmap; another photographer aptly pointed out that, by my allowing a for-profit company to use my image w/o paying a fee, money was being taken away from photographers who depend on this type of work to pay the bills while said company profits. I don't know if that's the case here, but it gave me pause, as I'm trying to be a good steward online. Cheers,

traveloregon PRO 11 years ago
Hi Paul - Excellent question! Travel Oregon is fully funded by a lodging tax paid for by visitors (and non visitors) who stay at hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts etc.

For more on Travel Oregon, check us out at:
Nativeagle Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Nativeagle (admin) 11 years ago
What a tremendous surprise for me to see that is asking photographers in the Flickr community to submit their images for their website that markets to people all over the world. This is usually exciting for people new to photography to find that a major company could be interested in their work, and for this reason I need to share with you what people need to know about my experience with

A representative for had contacted me in October 2006. The representative said that Travel Oregon is interested in one of my images and possibly a few others for their website and magazine. We talked on the phone and had a conversation about their interest. I was informed that Travel Oregon would get back with me.

In early February 2007 I received a phone call and emails from Chris Chester of TravelOregon. We talked a couple of times regarding a new website and magazine they want to print for an international audience. Chris said the image they are interested in will be used in a magazine by Travel Oregon in what she called an Oregon Destination Guide. Chris said about 100,000 copies will be printed and distributed all over the US and internationally, and the image would also be used on their website. Chris asked for pricing on the image for a Hiking issue at 2-3/4 and 1-3/4 inches in size, and they would also credit my name/website on the magazine and website. I was very excited that one of my images is going to be used to market the beautiful state of Oregon to people from all over the world!

We settled on a price for one of my South Falls images and I sent her a high-resolution tiff file. The rate I provided and we agreed to was more than fifty percent less than what I’ve offered to other people that have purchased my images. I was excited that this would be a great opportunity for my work to gain an international exposure. During this time I was starting to get back into my landscape photography and I wanted to start selling my landscapes/portraits again. Chris had mentioned that they will need other images of Oregon and she would get back with me if they like other images they see on my website.

Chris was very nice so I suggested if for some reason they do not find what they want on my website, she can view images at a Flickr group I started and managed called “Oregon Coast”. I also suggested the Oregon group and mentioned I was not sure about rates with other photographers. Chris said she was not familiar with Flickr and thanked me for the lead. I figure other photographers can benefit for this seemed to be a new project with Oregon Travel and they are looking for images for an international audience.

After more than a month I had not heard from Chris or received a payment for my work. I continued to leave multiple phone messages and send emails. After a few months I figured Chris and Travel Oregon decided not to purchase my image, but instead may have found images from another photographer on Flickr. I was upset with myself for I thought I gave away my business for suggesting the Flickr community.

Today, I get back from my usual errands and decided to check my messages on Flickr. I was very surprised, and angry, to see that my image here

Southfalls Portrait - Silverfalls, Oregon

was published in their Oregon Destination Guide that is currently for their international audience. I had checked many times before to see if my image might have been published or on their website. I even checked magazines they published on newsstands and did not find anything. Due to the Flickr post by Mo of TravelOregon placed the Flickr groups Oregon Coast and Oregon, I decided to Google “TravelOregon Oregon Destination Guide”. My mouth dropped and saw my image on pg 12 of the Oregon Destination Guide.

Web page here (guide link at bottom of page):

Direct link to a PDF copy here:

Now I have a copy downloaded to my computer of a magazine that has my Southfalls image, but Oregon Travel has failed to this day to NOT pay the amount we agreed to in February 2007.

I’ve been creating and selling images since early 2001. I’ve had many great relationships and transactions with people and businesses. I have also had a few challenges with people/companies using my images for commercial/profit without paying for my efforts. With almost every challenging situation I was able to mutually settle on a friendly agreement. I hope Travel Oregon does the same with my photography work.

I really apologize to the Flickr members for this news. I hesitated several times whether I should write this post, and try again to contact Travel Oregon. Then I said to myself, and my Julie, that I made many attempts to contact Chris and she decided not to respond. Mo, I hope you can help me instead.

I will keep you all updated on what happens...

CORRECTION: I mistakenly note Oregon Travel above...I met Travel Oregon.
curious tray [deleted] 11 years ago
Travel Oregon is fully funded by a lodging tax paid for by visitors (and non visitors) who stay at hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts etc.

That's good news! Since TO has a nice, stable source of funding, shouldn't y'all be paying industy rates to your content providers? The travel industry isn't the only one with people who are trying to make a living, ya know.
traveloregon PRO 11 years ago
Hello Nativeagle,
Let me check into this situation for soon as I find out what happened, I'll email or call you!


Nativeagle 11 years ago
Hi Mo,

Thanks for responding. You can email via the Flickr email or my personal email I provided.


Ed Little, Jr.
Nativeagle 10 years ago
I am happy to say I received payment and finally settled with TravelOregon. Thanks Mo for looking into this matter.

Travel Oregon Payment
EMS Shane in Portland 10 years ago
Glad this worked out for you. Disappointed it took public forum pressure (and honesty by Mo) to rectify the situation. For all us amateur photogs, we need to be vigilant. Thank you, Mo, for your ethical behavior and good example.
Nativeagle 10 years ago
Thanks EMS...I am glad it did also.
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