Nativeagle 9:31pm, 31 October 2007
Here's more information I've posted in other groups...I hope this helps???

Hello Everyone!

I hope you can help me???

I am currently looking for an image of a waterfront of downtown Portland, Oregon that was taken during the day. Preferably an image with blue skies...some clouds is okay. This image will be placed within the letter "C" of the acronym "OTAC". Please visit and you’ll see on the website the OTAC logo on the first page of the site.

I work for Oregon Technical Assistance Corporation (OTAC) which is a private non-profit company supporting people and families with developmental disabilities in the state of Oregon.

Currently this is the only logo the company has, and I have so far rebuilt the letters O, T, and A of the logo. The images were donated from a few photographers on Flickr. Tweleve photographers have already particated in this project so far and I appreciate their tremendous time and effort.

Early this week, I submitted my first draft of the logo. I just received word that the image I had chosen for the letter "C" in the acronym "OTAC" does not fit the scheme with the rest of the images. So I am now seeking an image of downtown Portland with the water in the foreground. I had seen so many beautiful images of downtown Porltand in the Flickr community, but all these images were taken at night. Ideally, I am looking for an image that is taken during the day with blue skies...some clouds is okay. A sample image of the Portland Waterfront image is located at OTAC.ORG in the letter "A". For this project , the letter "C" will be used.

Although I could go out and capture the image with my camera, as before my time is very limited. I am counting on the fine people in the Flickr community. I am hoping people interested can donate their image and we would give credit to the photographer(s) on our website. We plan to re-build the OTAC website to serve our growing international audience.

Can you help??? I am seeking high resolution images that is 6 megapixel or larger.

Please let me know if you need more information???


Ed Little, Jr.
Groups Beta