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unique friends [deleted] 10:28pm, 26 October 2007
I need my Oregon friends. Ok so I need to ask you to please follow the link bellow and vote for my photo. All you need to do is click on the link click on vote then guest user and then click on vote again. It’s painless and just takes a couple of seconds. Plus for all my flickr friends this site has so many cool contests to enter. Thanks for your time. One more thing I received a very rood comment telling me they think this is cheating. Please if you feel this way don’t vote. In fact if you don’t like my photos vote for someone else’s photo that you do. I joined flickr because of all the wonderful support and help I have received from my fellow flickr friends. I’m sure most of you would agree with me.
Nativeagle 11 years ago
The link failed...I just got " We're very sorry, but the place you're looking for could not be found." I'll try again later???


EMS Shane in Portland 11 years ago
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