Nativeagle 11:48pm, 25 June 2007
I'm going to be doing a few days of technical assistance work in South Beach...who knows the best places to capture sunset pics??? Can you post your images of the area??? Thank you sooo much!


Edit: Although I've been to Newport, I haven't had the experience with sunsets in the area.
curious tray [deleted] 11 years ago
For some reason, this part of the Oregon coast isn't my favorite for photography, despite plenty of good subjects. Maybe it's the runaway condo construction, which is another way of saying the views are rapidly disappearing.

Yaquina Head, in addition to the lighthouse, might offer some rocky headland stuff. The problem is that it's a federally administered site, and they'll kick you out at sunset IIRC.

Yaquina Head Light

There's a developed (handicap accessible) tidepool area on the south side of the headland which might offer a shot.

This time of year, you might try getting down to the beach north of the head, which is not in the federal area but is fully developed up to the bluffs and might not be easy to gain access.

Park somewhere near:
N44° 40.698'
W124° 04.222'


Farther north, Depoe Bay has interesting rocks on the headland at the north end of town, but this time of year it'll be difficult to get a nice angle to include the sunset unless you're willing to accept a house or two.

N44° 48.923'
W124° 03.791'


There is a group of small stacks in the estuary at the south end of Lincoln City that can make a nice foreground. Just before you cross the bridge into Lincoln City.

N44° 55.488'
W124° 00.865'


South of Newport, Seal Rock State Park (halfway from Newport to Waldport) offers some OK foreground stuff for sunsets.

N44° 29.663'
W124° 05.004'

Seal Rock Sunset


The last place I'll suggest is at Cape Perpetua (~24 miles south of Newport.) There is an interesting rocky shoreline, including a small inlet called the Devil's Churn which can provide some interesting photos on its own and might provide a foreground for a sunset. I haven't actually tried shooting sunset here.
Nativeagle 11 years ago
Thank you so much Paul...I forgot to respond to tell you that this was very helpful. Unfortunately I had arrived a litte late to Newport to do some exploring, but I did manage to get down to the beach near Hallmark Resort to capture a few sunset images. I'll post them soon. I plan to make it back and explore the area you suggested. I've been to Devils Churn, but unfornately during my visit I did not have my tripod and GND filters to capture the foreground and sunset.

Nativeagle Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Nativeagle (admin) 11 years ago
Here's a couple from my trip to Newport...more coming soon.

Beach Stairs - Sunset @ Newport, Oregon

Catching the last moments of the Newport Sunset

Gliding Water - Newport Beach, Oregon

Rushing Water - Newport Beach Oregon

Couple - Newport Beach Oregon
LaPinite 11 years ago
Thanks Paul and Ed, for helping me plan my upcoming cruise up the Oregon coast. Can hardly wait.
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