folkster1800 PRO 9:25pm, 21 June 2007
I am in the market for a new camera and am wondering what the folks on flickr have to recommend. I do photography as a hobby, but want a camera I can learn and grow with.
youngwarrior PRO 11 years ago
Sony Alpha100 - has image stabilization in the camera body, 10MP.

Canon XTi - 10MP, does not have image stabilization in the body. Canon makes some of the best lenses available; some of which have image stabilization.

Nikon also has a good line of DSLR cameras, but I am not familiar with any of theirs.

For point and shoot Kodak, HP, Olympus and others all have good cameras. I have used both Kodak and HP.
CrackedMojo 11 years ago
I have a Panasonic FX01 and FZ50.

The FZ50 is an 'almost DSLR' type with 12x optical zoom, image stabilization, SDHC capable, 10MP, threaded lens for attachments and loads of other features. I wish I had bought a wide-angle lens for my trip to Oregon, the was scenery was awesome.

The FX01 is a simple point & shoot, 3.6x optical 'zoom', image stabilization, 6MP and other features. Great little camera for when the weather wouldn't allow the FZ50 to be used.

If my skills were better and I thought of photography as less of a hobby and more serious I would have bought a Canon XTi with a good image stabilized lens.

I'll be uploading more Oregon coast pictures as soon as I get them organized.
Nativeagle Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Nativeagle (admin) 11 years ago
You can't go wrong with the "big" name cameras like Nikon and Canon. Although I have a 1984 Minolta Maxxum, I don't have experience and/or knowledge with the other cameras like Minolta, Sony, Pentax, etc.

I would recommend a SLR with interchangable lens. I would also recommend to invest more into the lens than the body...but you still would need a good camera body that will meet your needs. A quality lens will hold it's value much longer than a camera body. Camera bodies come and go, but a quality lens will be around much longer. It's also a good rule to purchase the lens by the company that made the camera's body...but there are exceptions.

I use both film and digital...but most will agree that digital is the future and will take over film and be around much longer. Depending on my mood, I will use one or the other. I think one would learn faster using get the results immediately.

I hope this helps some...

folkster1800 PRO 11 years ago
All very helpful posts. I think I will be going for the Nikon Digital Rebel XTi 10.1 MP. How important is it to have image stabilization?
justin.hawthorne 11 years ago
It's a nice feature! I wish I had it on all of my lenses. I've used the canon 28-135 Stabilizer lens a while ago, and it was really nice. That 17-85 Stabilizer lens is a really nice lens that's not crazy expensive. If you get an Xti, and have the extra cash, buy the body only and the 17-85 IS lens, the kit lens (18-55) is not very well made. Just a recommendation. Cheers!
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