trevorluckman 9:45pm, 5 April 2007
I love the Oregon Coast, for me there is no other coast like it! What are some of your guys' favorite cities and resorts or hotels? I really like Brookings, Bandon, Newport, and Depoe Bay, but would love to hear other peoples opinions!

brandiredding72 11 years ago
Don't get up to the northern beaches much. In fact I think I have only been all the way up there once. I was in Bandon about a year ago but did some shopping and not any beach combing. The furthest I get is Gold Beach. We love it there. We camp in the yurts during the summer months and search the beaches for agates. I love it there. I also like Crescent City beach area. Have you ever been north of Eureka to a beach called Patricks point? Haven't been there in ages but they havea beach called agate beach and its so fun to scour the beaches there too.
trevorluckman 11 years ago
I think I have been to agate beach, but not quite sure, it sounds so familar
youngwarrior PRO 11 years ago
Agate Beach in Oregon is at the north end of Newport almost strait out from the WalMart.

Gleneden Beach has some good surf.
Nativeagle 11 years ago
I am still trying to make out to the Oregon Coast far I love them all. I've always enjoyed Cannon Beach and Newport. I hope to explore the southern towns this summer.
TimSpfd PRO 11 years ago
For me Depoe Bay in the winter and Florence old town in the summer. Depoe Bay gets too packed in the summer , and Florence has a nice laid back atmosphere in the summer.
curious tray [deleted] 11 years ago
For photography you can't do much better than Bandon. Camp at the State Park there and you're within an hour of Shore Acres, the lighthouse at Cape Blanco and don't forget the beach right there at Bandon.

For winter getaways, we like Newport; there are lots of nice restaurants and you're close enough to Depoe Bay (and Lincoln City if you get desperate.)

The best restaurant I've found (on the Oregon coast) is in Oceanside. Not cheap, but good! There are some interesting photo ops at Oceanside as well, at least at really low tides.
premium road [deleted] 11 years ago
I haven''t gone south of Newport much, but love Cannon Beach and nearby Ecola state park.
justin.hawthorne 11 years ago
I personally love both Garabaldi and Wheeler, Oregon. They're on the North Coast but have stolen my heart, a few dozen rolls of film and several gigs on my computer.
tobiahblack 11 years ago
I'd have to say my favorite would be Garibaldi - Rockaway Beach area. I've grown up camping there during the summer. They have a great little 4th of July fireworks show and the beaches are rarely crowded.
<JL> 11 years ago
Yachats, not a lot of sand but great wave watching on the rugged shore.
nación 11 years ago
I've always been a big fan of Yachats. My grandparents lived there when I was a child and I have many fond memories of playing on the beach all day and then walking up the hill to their little cabin for dinner. Oh, and the Blue Whale was such a wonderful place for family dinner out! Not sure how the food is now, it's been at least 15 years since I've eaten there.

Also Port Orford has a certain charm about it.
Lance Haun 11 years ago
Florence and Newport are definitely my favorites but I really do like the whole north coast, just not any particular town. Astoria, Cannon Beach, and Pacific City.
jdorcutt 11 years ago
Astoria for the history and Florence for the clam chowder.
jay's_corner 11 years ago
I love Agate Beach! A couple of my fav cities to visit are Newport (love the aquarium & Moe's & the boardwalk), Lincoln City, Astoria (aven't been there in awhile but love the history there), and Florence (don't get there as often as I'd like) But as long as there's a good beach, some water, and new places to visit I'll love it!
Dornoff Photography 10 years ago
I have lived in Lincoln City and Astoria and want to move back like yesterday. I find something to love about every city along the coast as each one has something unique about it.

I love Old Florence, Newport's waterfront area, Lincoln City's Beaches and Devil's Lake, Cannon Beach and all it's shops, all the summertime action in Seaside and the character that is Astoria.
EMS Shane in Portland 10 years ago
We stayed once in Astoria; me still working nights and my (now)wife on day shift. The town seemed like it wanted to show us a good time, but we didn't know how to listen,... I don't know. Additionally, we stayed in what has to be the dingiest hotel in that entire county. We keep saying we want to go back and explore, but just haven't made it. Suggestions for things to do or (our fave part of any trip) good food?

We've never been below Newport save a one-time trip to Florence to go riding w/ some friends on their four-wheelers. I would love to explore south of Newport. Again, suggestions?

Good thread; thanks, trevorluckman.
hamellr 10 years ago
EMS Shane - On Commerical Street in Astoria there is about 4-5 good places in a row to eat. My favorite is Fulio's Italaian, they make an awesome mustard sauce for one dish that is awesome. My fiance loves the tomato version.

You need to hit the Astor Column at the top of town, go to Ft Clatsop and spend a night camping at Ft Stevens. Go wildlife watching near the South Jetty, (there is an elk herd that lives in that area,) and then jump across the river to go to Fort Columbia. Visit the Flavel House Museum which is a gorgeous Victorian built by one of Portland's founders, and the Maritime museum on the waterfront is worth several visits if you're into tall ships.

I'm hoping Amtrak starts the Lewis and Clark Explorer again as that would an awesome train trip along the Columbia River.

South of Newport I'm biased towards Coos Bay/Bandon since my family is from that area. But realistically no matter where you go on the Oregon coast you can't go wrong. There are millions of things to take gorgeous pictures of.
Runs with Poodles PRO 10 years ago
I love North Bend and Coos Bay. The estuaries, the channel, the sand dunes, Shore Acres, Cape Arago, ad infinitum. It's under rated, but since I live here and play here, that's okay.
Runs with Poodles PRO 10 years ago
Oh, and food? I'm an expert on the food around here.
delicious horn [deleted] 10 years ago
Yachats!!! Cape perpetua is the best.
Khristopher Carlson 10 years ago
Manzanita... small, quiet, empty beach, Neahkanie Mt., and a fine bakery. I'll have to check out Yachats sometime... perhaps the October mushroom fest.
soenkehollstein 10 years ago
My favorite part of the coast is the middle. From Florence up to Lincoln City.
But I don't like the coast for its cities but the places between the cities. So I can't really name my favorite city. Newport has some nice places to eat and drink. Yachats and Waldport are very conveniently located, but again I don't come to the coast to see the cities.
masonmarsh 10 years ago
For me it's hard to beat the "hidden" section from Cape Blanco south to Cape Sebastian. Port Orford is a gem.
f 1.8 10 years ago
Seaside and Canon Beach for fun and food. Lincolin City for blowing away lots of money. South of there down to Florence photography. I live just 56 minutes from Florence so I know that area best.
dsrphotography PRO 10 years ago
My favorite strech is Florence north up to Strawberry Hill.
wavesandwaterfalls Posted 10 years ago. Edited by wavesandwaterfalls (member) 10 years ago
Bandon tops my list, Bullards Beach State Park is so handy and affordable for lodging. The Yurts are hard to get during peak season unless you made your reservations months ahead of time.

Charleston. A crusty port town were you can sit and listen to the fishermen talk amoung themselves in the hole in the wall waterfront cafes. You can camp at Sunset Bay State Park. Shore Acres is other worldly in it's breath taking beauty. The Cape Argo south beach hike is worth the effort, especially at a minus tide.

Florence....shhhhh....don't be telling folks about Strawberry Hill. I like it being unpopulated and the tidal pools still being vital. The Hobbit trail is wonderful, especially in the fall when all the mushrooms are in season.
Florence also has many good restaurants and music once the sun has set. Rhodie Days in May provides an easy 4GB's worth photo opts.

Newport's waterfront is wonderful for sunsets, boats and bridge.

Port Orford has many delights, but only if you actually get out of your car and hike and explore. It is sadly lacking in accomendations, however. There is limited camping and it's seasonal too.

Brookings makes my list only because of Harris Beach State Park and the fabulous Samuel Boardman Corridor just north of it. I can't say that I actually like Brookings itself. Too little access to the coast in the town itself. Too much like California.

Garibaldi is quite quaint. The county campground just north is great as a central base for exploring the surrounding areas. The tent campsites are large enough for several tents and very wind sheltered for being right next to the ocean. The RV camp sites are a bit of an eyesore though.

Cannon Beach is way too populated for my tastes. If you can get there in the winter when there are less people, it's tolerable. It's sad that the beaches have to be patrolled just to keep "nature" intact. If you thrive on crowds, mark your calenders in June for their annual Sand Castle Competition.
christophr 10 years ago
I've only been about halfway down the coastline from Astoria to Lincoln City but I'd have to say that my favorite place so far, is Cannon Beach / Ecola State Park area. Best shopping, food and scenery, in my opinion.
plantgeek 10 years ago
Yachats, hands down. (Although I admit I've never been much further north...) It's all beautiful, as Oregon has taken so much better care of its beaches than here in California.
Dan Hershman PRO 10 years ago
Bandon for sure. Manzanita is a close second.
sunset at Bandon
Beach at Bandon

Manzanita sunset
versute PRO 10 years ago
Yachats, proximity to Cape Perpetua,aka Heaven, is convenient
chicadecasa PRO 10 years ago
I love the areas between Rockaway down to Tillamook...what a beautiful stretch of land and sea.
kameramuse 10 years ago
I guess I'd have to say just about any place west of Hwy 101 ... we live in Portland so we usually get to Lincoln City or Newport the most often, but for photography I love going to Ecola State Park and getting pictures of the lighthouse from either the beach or from the viewpoint area.
jmccadden 10 years ago
My favorite area is Dellenback Dunes area (Dunes and no ATV's!) and the beaches from Port Orford south to Brookings.
earsplitting activity [deleted] 10 years ago
My favorite coastal city would be Yachats Oregon; they have many wonderful quaint little shops in their town and the beach is awesome. They are situated right by Cape Perpetua ?spelling? national forest so they have really great hiking as well.
dashing achiever [deleted] 10 years ago
Cannon Beach
ikseisuP PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ikseisuP (member) 10 years ago
so hard to decide really, Depoe Bay or the Cannon Beach area maybe :D But it sounds like I have many more places to visit based on this thread !
jupiterssoul 10 years ago
Well, each coastal town has its own unique flair but my faves would have to be Seaside (for that old time family/carnival feel), Newport because it offwers the historic bayfront and just north of there is Yaquina Head, which cannot be Bandon is lovely, but my favorite place on the coast so far, would have to be Charleston....very quaint, but it offers so much, with Cape Arago right next to it...omg...Sunset Beach is awesome, Shore Acres is breathtaking and Smith's Reef is so cool for good shots of sea lions and other marine life....Cape Arago is the best for picture taking if you ask me:)
Tetonman 10 years ago
Florence and newport, lots of variety
leftofthemiddle PRO 10 years ago
I've heard Bandon is gorgeous. I haven't had the chance to visit yet. :( My favorite coastal city is probably Astoria/Seaside. Cannon Beach is amazing, plus Astoria has Fort Stevens State Park which has a beautiful beach in itself - and the Peter Iredale shipwreck.
Zeb Andrews 10 years ago
I like Pacific City because of nearby Cape Kiwanda, which is my favorite spot along the entire coast to photograph. Astoria is probably my favorite city in itself, so old and quirky and interesting.
Hawaii Shots 10 years ago
Just found this group & glad I did as it brings back lots of memories.

Hit the nail on the head with Manzanita as that is where I spent most of my childhood years. Still remember the population sign as you entered town - 297. I think that included pets. Unfortunately we had to move to Southern California mid Sophomore year.

Newport was a great get away spot when I attended OSU in Corvallis. The dark chocolate Sea Foam at that little candy store was awesome!
Isaac D 10 years ago
Astoria wins! The Columbian Café there is the single greatest place for breakfast in the world.
CW Imaging PRO 10 years ago
yes Astoria is great.
if your hungry when you are there, you have to go to T Pauls Urban Cafe. simply the best place to eat.
Forests of Mystery 10 years ago
Netarts is a great town! A small coastal town that's off the beaten path and often ignored by traffic - and my hometown. :)
Isaac D 10 years ago
T Paul's is good but it doesn't compare to the Columbian. And I love Netarts!
Brittney Stephens 9 years ago
I like Tillamook - great cheese and the location of the Cascade Forest Research Center - my workplace! if anyone's interested.
Add another one to the Newport list - particularly Agate Beach. I last visited in 2006 (which was the first time in 20 years) and shot hundreds of very different, very awesome photos. It was shortly after I got my first dSLR, and now that I have much better gear (and a much better brain) I baaaadly ned to go down there again...
I live in Newport but shoot more at Boiler Bay and Rocky Creek (Depoe Bay area) or go to Yachats and shoot at the Smelt Sands state park (as you can see by my photostream). I've only been North as far as Tillamook/Pacific City areas and South as far as Bandon/Coos Bay. The Oregon Coast is the most beautiful place I've ever been although I don't go out as much in the summer as it is pretty the winter storms.
premium road [deleted] 9 years ago
For me Bandon and Cape Kiawanda top the list.
b.uchi 9 years ago
I personally think that up in the Cannon Beach/Seaside area in Oregon is the best on the coast. When you start heading down south past Cannon Beach, it becomes too desolate for those who like civilization. Cannon Beach has really great places to take some photos (Ecola State Park, a "private" park just beneath Ecola State Park, the beach) and Seaside has some great places to take some sunsets due to the grasses that line the beach as well as the kites (if you like that kind of thing). Both places have some great places to dine and stay, and it's just a relaxing enviroment. I go down there nearly twice a year from up in Washington.
destineysmemories 9 years ago
I live in brookings and really love it here :)
versute PRO 9 years ago
tolophoto 9 years ago
I noticed that nobody mentioned Cape Meares or Oceanside. Meares has the cliff shots and Oceanside is from the ground out to some great sea stacks
SGC11 9 years ago
ziegs45s PRO 9 years ago
Have only been to Oregon once, and traveled the coast from Bandon south to CA, fell in love with the State of OR, and hoping to transfer up to Willipa NWR so I can see more of Oregons Coast. Right now, I say Bandon is tops in my book.
Zeladiv 9 years ago
I'm not big into relaxing coastal getaways. That's why I have to say that Lincoln City is #1. You have the best of both worlds; you can party at the Casino or relax on the beach or better yet do both.
nonchalant bat [deleted] 9 years ago
COOS BAY! most underrated city in Oregon. Amazing beaches. Amazing people. Amazing place. Nuff' said
Rural Urbanophile 9 years ago
I'd say Yachats, what with Cape Perpetua near and all. It's also way less tacky-kitschy than most of the other Oregon coastal towns I've been too.

Florence can be nice, but just seems like a lot of other towns a lot of other places. Though the gigantic dunes behind the Fred Meyer was an cool view.

Love Reedsport, too. So undiscovered seeming. There never were very many tourists there. Just the townspeople. And all the old lumber mills were cool, as was the Umpqua River.
sleepyjoe1 9 years ago
Im biased but Port Orford may seem small and tiny but it has alot of heart and really can change a person
oregoncitylink 9 years ago
My favorite place is Brookings and Seaside Oregon
Scott_Shelli 8 years ago
Bandon is simply the most photographic of all the stops along the Oregon coast.
Natasha Rae 8 years ago
Ive lived in Netarts Oregon for the past 5 years, small community right on the beach right before Oceanside, which has some of the most unique, private beautiful beach scenes. As a local, I have the insides on some hidden beaches on accessible by a miraculous low tide and some caving. Others long bike rides to reach, and even more hidden beaches only reachable by fantasticly steep trails. Even some cliff climbing down to untouchable beaches, all within a 15 mile radius of Netarts Oregon. My profile hosts some of these gorgeous pictures!!
CanonFire09 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by CanonFire09 (member) 7 years ago
Yachats. A quaint little village with some good restaurants. Just north of Cape Perpetua a beautiful area to take photos. Newport is a fun town and Cannon Beach has some scenic locations. If you are at either Newport or Cannon Beach try the Hallmark Resorts. They are right on the beach and have nice rooms. Not too pricy. I think there is a cafe called Dugan (?) in Cannon Beach we liked. Lots of cafes on waterfront in Newport have fresh food. We recently were there and there is a good new one I think called Loyal something.
norm II PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by norm II (member) 7 years ago
I always stay north of Depot Bay at Fogerty Creek. I simply adore Lincon City, Depot Bay, Florence, Coos Bay and North Bend. I will be back next year. Yeah I quite fancey Tillomock as well. (sp?) I will bring my kites, Bandon is agreat place for kites, as is Lincon City.Oh yes lets not forget Winchester Bay and Sunset Bay, just below the botanical garden.. I also love Whale Cove ;=)
1bluecanoe 8 years ago
So many gems along the coastline from North to Astoria, Manzanita, Bandon. Still, Gold Beach remains high on my list. I love Tu Tu Tin Lodge, inland on the Rogue River. Also Ireland's cottages on the beach are fabulous and much less expensive. Deer on the beach, amazing sunrises across the bay and empty beaches. This is a new group for me so I'll be slowly adding my coastal shots of Oregon. Look forward to learning more about lodgings as I live in WA State.
best knowledge [deleted] 7 years ago
Manzanita - but I have not gone there for the purpose of taking photographs
Daniel Scott 7 years ago
I personally like Florence (but I'm a little biased I live there) Bandon, newport, gold beach, brookings are all nice also.There is a cool old tug boat wreck in Gold Beach. I've got some photos of the wreck in my stream.
Linda Shapiro 7 years ago
Yachats! Stayed there over NewYear's and was blown away by the beach, the surf, the energy of the huge waves crashing against the basalt coast. Plan to go back for a summer vacation with extended family, but will go back often as possible. See my photostream for many photos of the beauty of the Yachats coastal area. Not much happening except for ocean waves and views, but Oh What ocean views!
I guess I'm a little partial to Newport!!! : )
best knowledge [deleted] 7 years ago
Local Ocean Seafoods is one of the best restaurants I have ever been. ^
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