ap. 11:39pm, 14 March 2007
I was messing around with Google Earth and ran across the wreck of the New Carissa, near Coos Bay. Does anyone know if that's still there, or has a photo of it?

Here's a link to the google maps satalite image.
youngwarrior PRO 11 years ago
The stern is still there. The bow was towed out to sea and sunk years ago.
curious tray [deleted] 11 years ago
IINM, the state has contracted with some outfit, to start trying to get rid of the stern sometime this year.
alex1derr PRO 11 years ago
Here's a photo:
You can also find it on the Fickr map.
Last time we flew by, a few months ago, the lettering was barely legible on the stern. On a really low tide, you could probably wade out to it.
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