jjoyful1 8:43pm, 14 March 2007
Hi, I live in Portland and love to get to the coast whenever I can. Some years that just isn't often enough! After looking at these photos I've vowed to get there often in 2007. This is an inspiring group; thanks for being here.
ap. 11 years ago
Hey joyful. I've just joined the group, too. I feel ya. After just posting some coastal shots I noticed the dates on them. March seems to contain the bulk of my photos. I better get my butt out there, too.
youngwarrior PRO 11 years ago
I haven't been there in more than a year and I live in Salem.
jjoyful1 11 years ago
Thanks, now I know I'm not the only one.
Nativeagle 11 years ago
Sounds like we are all due for a trip to the Oregon Coast now that Spring is bringing us some great weather...hello to everyone!!
geoghegan 11 years ago
We live in Vancouver, B.C. and manage to visit Oregon probably 4 times a year. We leave for Cannon Beach next Friday...yippee!
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