Photos-by-GES 3:43pm, 17 May 2012
I love the look of using the Orbis. My question is, is the SB600 to small to fit in the Orbis? I dont want it falling apart when im using it.
jinkydish 5 years ago
I usually use mine with my SB800 but having a sb600 too I know it fits well. The orbis has two plastic flanges each side that adjust to the size of the flashhead and I have just tried one of my sb600s and it fits fine and is secure. The orbis does take a stop or two of light so it is more the power issue with an sb600 than fit but still gets good results.
Photos-by-GES 5 years ago
Thanks. Im also thinking about getting 2 SB700s. So I think the Orbis will be in my near future.
GOETTE 5 years ago
Gaffer Tape :)
jmfoto 5 years ago
Hooray.. thanks @Paul. Yep, I can confirm that the orbis works really well with the SB600. It even comes with a small pad that you can apply if you're shooting with the smaller flashes like the SB600 and 700 to make them an even better fit with the 'flash clip'.
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