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flat5 12:55am, 28 April 2011
Drop one image per week. If you post another image before a full seven days expires your image may be deleted. Post medium size: go to "Share", copy and paste the Medium 500 size in the window.

"You don't need to be too constructive, but you know, some insults are cool, and some not."

Don't post your image until someone has posted a review of the last image in the thread. If you post an image before the previous image is reviewed, your image may be deleted. Also, post medium sized images only. Small images are difficult to judge fairly, and you will receive much better critique with something that is a decent viewing size.

attn: regulars.. just do your thing for now
attn: others .. copy what the regulars do.. or ask.. or watch

so who's gonna post the first masterpieceofcrap in this fresh thread?


So since I killed the last one, i may as well weigh in here. Personally, what I'd like to see, what I think would be more beneficial to the regulars, the casual lurker, and the drive-by-dumpers -- would be to see a little more depth.

More depth in the thought it takes to post a picture --

Why are you posting it? Because it's the best of a shoot? Because you're trying to say a certain thing? Because it has elements you're happy with? Because you're not sure why it doesn't quite work for you? Why, why, why is it here?

and more depth in the critique --

So what you have overlapping figures? So what the highlights are blown? So what it's static? So fucking what! Why does it absolutely kill the picture and relegate it to a dying hard drive or neg holder? There are examples of every faux pas in existence where the photograph still works, so why doesn't this one?

You can dump your photos and get shiny gif awards and smacks on the back from a ton of groups on flickr. You're posting it here, because to an extent, you care what the locals here think. Act like it. Give it your best on both ends.

You don't need a literal pro and con list. You're not sitting with your significant other mapping out your five-year plan. Relax, but take it serious, and make this into a resource that can be learned from.


[end /Edit]
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(1 to 100 of 16858 replies)
Fuck it. This sat in line for awhile before it got ditched.

I Really Missed The Boat On The Yoga Pants Industry
James__M 10 years ago
Being able to see the baby &/or mom's faces would help, I think. The eye seems to end up there, but they're both facing away.
Sixft Whiterabbit 10 years ago
Like the main 11-to-5 o'clock lines in it, especially the one of the shadow running back to the guy, and his being on the centerline with the edge of the building and yellow sign
James__M 10 years ago
Can we make this negative feedback only? It's a waste of time otherwise.
Blacky (just an asshole) Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Blacky (just an asshole) (member) 10 years ago
@James - I thought the woman and the baby hiding from me (and she was) is kinda what made it for me.

If 6ft thinks it's a work of genius personally I'm OK with that.
Sixft Whiterabbit 10 years ago
James - if you've been watching you know I don't have a lot of nice things to say.
maartyn 10 years ago
f5, can you make this thread sticky too?
village idiot!! 10 years ago
Here's my latest reject, I thought it had promise with forced perspective and silly head gear.

M9: L1016989
two cute dogs 10 years ago
VI - i think in this case you should have gone for two shots. the plant head and the stupid umbrella guy. both would look great if you were much closer in. for plant head - imagine how good it'd look if it was just his head and the plant.

the empty right also lets the pic down.
Poagao 10 years ago
Village idiot: The appearance of a silly hat doth not a silly hat make. The tilt ensures not only that swaths of meaningless concrete are present for our viewing pleasure, but the vaguely interesting scenes cluttering the background are smooshed up against the top.
successful berry [deleted] 10 years ago
villiage: lack luster framing with all the empty bottom right, if those umbrella people were walking down the steps, maybe. As is, too far.
StuConFlo 10 years ago
Is this not a scene that tests where you sit on the Gilden continuum. Get close, and vertical even, and its a great shot. It was all there waiting for you.
frankiesinclair 10 years ago
On the topic of negative v positive feedback. I like doing both. I think it's essential to know what to pursue or aim for next time and what to drop next time. And it's not necessarily obvious. I know we've had this argument before and a lot of people disagree. But I don't want to feel like I'm saying what someone else would say, like some kind of negative crit puppet.

Flat thanks for bringing this back, hope it works better however you got it planned. Sending super crass pictures straight to the DWOT thread? That would be funny I bet one or two of mine could have gone on there. The HCSP stocks.
justinsdisgustin 10 years ago
Lets make this a rule (unless somebody strenuously objects):

Poagao 10 years ago
I always look at the photograph. I sometimes read the pros and cons, as they're usually not helpful and have little to do with actually judging the work. The photo should stand on its own, regardless of what the photographer was trying to do or meant or whether he or she felt it connected with something. That's about as strenuous an objection as I can bring.

Anyway, here's a shot:

village idiot!! 10 years ago
thanks for the feedback everyone. i managed to take a few before deciding the above was the best shot of the lot. here is another i took that was closer, i don't know.. maybe this one was better.

i'll post a link so as not to break the rules that haven't been established yet.
maartyn 10 years ago
Uhm, that giraffe has some pink shit around it's neck.
village idiot!! 10 years ago

cute but too far away from what's interesting, i think you fell into the same trap that you critiqued mine on which is tons of meaningless space to the right (this is not a spite critique!). i don't need to see the whole boat to know it's a boat. also, the sign in the bottom left corner is blocking what i'm sure is an exquisite giraffe's butt.

i advocated the pros and cons a few months ago but after reading a few i'm thinking that many people are delusional on their pros but then again seeing what some people post that comes as no surprise. i agree with justin on this. face it, if the image is really awful it might provide for even more amusement.
a-a-r0n Posted 10 years ago. Edited by a-a-r0n (member) 10 years ago
Poagao >> I agree with village idiot - too much dead space. On top of that, unless that sign in red Chinese lettering contributes to the picture, I think you could have picked a better angle (maybe from the left side of the girl+giraffe?) judging by how this scene doesn't really look like it was one of those "split second" moments

Village Idiot (on the one you linked) >> I like that its closer but it looks like your dead space moved from the bottom right to the top left (above the man who looks like you're giving him a headache from all the pictures you're taking of him). Would have helped a lot I think if you somehow got the attention of the plant hair lady (or at least got her to look in your direction similar to your original picture).
RafaGC 10 years ago
A la solana
a-a-r0n Posted 10 years ago. Edited by a-a-r0n (member) 10 years ago
Rafa >> Get closer. I'd say 5 feet away max... (to get their jacket/lawn chair colors)
Mark_H 10 years ago
Since this is a new thread with hopes that blatant view whoring will be avoided, I'm not going to post my image here for critique. I already know it's crap, no use getting it on you.
StuConFlo 10 years ago
Rafa, getting closer would also have made more of those grotesque mouth movements. Shudder to think what she's dreaming about.
StuConFlo 10 years ago
This isn't view-whoring as I don't have it on display anywhere else - its part of a series I'm still debating whether its any good.

Frieze Art Chair

- The balding guy over the shoulder
- Everyone's a bit stiff looking

- Like the orange, spesh with the green and brown foreground
@Rafa - So with ALL the time in the world why did you cut off the trunk door? I mean it's not like anything was moving faster than the speed of drool. Other than that it's old people sleeping with a messy BG.
How about if we agree to only post images that last more than a few days in the queue before getting the boot? Or not.
Mark_H 10 years ago

it's messy, there's lots of overlaps and no central point of interest.
frankiesinclair 10 years ago
Pogo: I disagree with the others, I don't think it's dead space. Composition works well with the whole triangle thing. The picture is full of patterns and structures. Baby giraffe meets mama robot giraffe or something like that.
But it's very dark.
joecox_ 10 years ago

frankiesinclair 10 years ago
Joecox: interesting lighting and background, boring backs. 10 years ago
joe: nice light, crap everything else.
StuConFlo 10 years ago
Cheers Mark, true about the mess.
joecox_ 10 years ago
123regina: yeah as I thought
ittym 10 years ago

Cons: overlapped hat guy, cut ends of feet off tank top woman, messy on the right
Pros: faces and hands of front couple, facial expression of overly warmly dressed newspaper guy
Sixft Whiterabbit 10 years ago
Milwaukee Ave just before it hits Damen? I see I building where I used to share a loft.
ittym 10 years ago
6ft: Yep, that's exactly where it is
justinsdisgustin 10 years ago
okay, I think people need to be a bit more honest with themselves via the cons. Poagao, you dont have to read them. But, for reals, put a bit more thought into what you like about your picture and be honest about what you dont. This isnt a game where you try to fool people into saying nice things about your picture. This is a place for honest crit. If you put up a picture that you already know is "shit?" you are just wasting everybody's time. "balding guy over the shoulder"? Is that seriously the worst thing you can find to say about your picture?

@ittym2 the hands and faces are the pros? Is nt that basically the bare minimum required for this kind of shot?
benroberts Posted 10 years ago. Edited by benroberts (member) 10 years ago

boring people doing fuck all apart from walking down a boring street = boring photograph.
ittym 10 years ago
benroberts: Fair enough.

justin: In all honesty, I don't know. The reason I submitted this is because I'm not good at these shots, which is due in part to the fact that--no matter how many I look at--I can't articulate what makes one work while another doesn't. This is one of my better efforts, but still not good. I was hoping that the feedback would help.

Here's an additional attempt at self crit: It's boring. (this was gonna be longer and lamer, thanks ben for helping me to be succinct)
StuConFlo 10 years ago
If I wrote a list of everything I thought was wrong, the only room for crit would be "yup." The pros, the cons, its not an unexpurgated thesis, its a jumping off point.
successful berry [deleted] 10 years ago

This one sat in the cue for a little while. I'm in two minds about the pros and cons.

The highlights are hot - con -and a pro, because I wanted dramatic and blinding light
The frame is tight - con - and also a pro, for the crowded and confusion vibe.
Mark_H Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Mark_H (member) 10 years ago

do the work to figure out WHY it's boring. You have to get at the specific factors. Here's some:

1) There's a conspicious overlap. Overlaps, unless intentionally and artistically orchestrated, are the equivalent of a loud fart in a crowded elevator.

2) The person closest is in shadow and therefore semi "removed" from the picture.

3) Three of the four people pictured are gazing indifferently out of the frame - meaning there's no engagement with the viewer.

4) The one guy engaging the viewer also happens to be the farthest away.

5) There are strong lines of perspective leading away from the people in the foreground towards nothing interesting.

6) The red garbage can on the right should not be in the image, it's a big, red, distracting object that has no relation to the people in the image.

These, at some level, are just my opinions, but they are examples of how you need to drill down past a top level assessment of "boring" if you want to get better. If you don't know specifically what's wrong with an image, you'll never change how you shoot, and you'll be doomed to repeat your mistakes forever.
ittym 10 years ago
Mark: Thank you. I know asking to be spoon-fed can be (is) obnoxious, but I desperately needed that. I see your points, and they help me see why other's shots of people walking down the street do work. Again, thank you.
ittym 10 years ago
Charlotte: It's very busy, and features mostly backs. The highlights don't work for me because they draw attention to the woman's arm and bag, and a couple of legs and feet, but they obscure the child's face who would appear to be your main subject.
two cute dogs 10 years ago

The best advice is the oldest. Look at great pictures obsessively.
Rrrryan Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Rrrryan (member) 10 years ago

Took this one in Vietnam just outside a local market in the mountains. I like how the two boys are arm in arm. upper half of the shot is a bit blue and there's no "aha" moment in the shot, but I think it's an overall appealing photograph.
@Rrrryan - Could do without the left 1/4 of the frame.
Poagao 10 years ago
RafaGC: Amazing that you were able to catch the couple reacting to your photo even as you took it.

StuConFlo: Someone walked into your conference shot.

Joecox: Pretty much.

Ittym2: There's so much wrong here that I'll just list what's good about it:

Charlotte: Interesting light and shadow patterns. The exclamation point of the seemingly lost child is nice. A bit dark and blurry, though.

Rrrryan: There is no focal point to the shot, and the processing is a bit strange to my eye. The tilt, saturation and heavy blacks don't help either.
Poagao 10 years ago
Justin, I know I don't have to read the pros and cons bit, I was reacting to your suggestion that it made into a rule. Sure, I can also come up with a lot of bullshit, probably even fun bullshit about my emotional attachment to my imagined masterpiece, but after looking through the previous threads as well as this one, I can't find a single instance where the photographer's imagined pros and cons helped me in my evaluation of the photo. For one thing, it's subjective; one man's cons are another's pros...but most of them are simply irrelevant to the shot.

In any case, I'm not against people voluntarily posting such things, but I am against making it a rule. Also, who the hell cares how long a photo was in the queue? Anyone who spends their time monitoring how long their precious shot was in there before being rejected instead of doing something productive (like writing rants here, obviously), has some very strange priorities that have very little to do with photography.
Rrrryan 10 years ago
This was shot with Kodak Ektar fyi : )
flat5 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by flat5 (member) 10 years ago
i could pretty much quote poagao's last post and add a 'wat he said' at the end.. but.

re: the queue thing.. nah, pictures don't even have to have been through the queue and/or rejected from the pool to go in this thread.. maybe that's what most of the pictures in here are but something about saying it outloud or especially making that a rule seems a little off.

re: the pro/con thing
i don't back that one either.. for me, those lists hold two values.. one is an entertainment factor when it comes off as 'my p.o.s. is great because _____ .'
the other is when someone says pretty much exactly what's wrong with the picture so it then becomes easy to crit them.. ie "yeah, you already said what i was thinking" (or whatever)

i don't know, if i were going to have some photos critiqued by a professional critiquer(?), i wouldn't want to add some sort of pro/con list to the thing and i also don't think they'd require it.. (and if they did require something like that, i wouldn't be shipping any money their way)..

but hey, a more_than_tiny percentage of people often ask 'what do you like about your photo' or 'give us the pro/cons' etc..
i guess i never really considered that it might be a good thing to require it and i've never heard the reasoning behind wanting that info in order to critique (well, not that i remember) so, yeah, what's the pros of a pro/con list?

[edit-and damn.. i guess i could of typed up the top post in that same amt of time :)... gotta go to sleep early tonight though.. tomorrow -- but i guess there's still some kinks to be worked out anyway]
two cute dogs 10 years ago
Think the pro con idea is a good exercise as it forces us to try to look at our work objectively. And it saves time for the critics as they can just offer new critique.
Consensus is death. Admins should just setup some rules and that's that. Isn't all this back and forth bullshit what the new thread was trying to avoid?
flat5 10 years ago
yeah, but what about disagreeing admin?

if someone else wants to set it up then they got about 24hrs to edit that top post and take the reigns
(and really, i don't care either way.. i just think too many rules are either a)gonna suck or b)be too much effort to enforce)

but if i'm gonna set it up then i'll do what i think is best. (which, obviously, may not in fact be the best)
If the admins can't agree then it's doomed from the start. It's just gonna be more bad photos and Pogo being harsh and unfunny all the time.
Poagao 10 years ago
That's just the thing, Charlie: It doesn't force objectivity, as is so often illustrated by the subjective nature of the pros and cons offered. Consequently, while it might save time better spent by hovering over the queue to monitor the status of one's sumbition, it might also funnel the viewer's original thoughts and feelings into the same track as the photographer's. In other words, why tell them what they already know?

BUT as I said, I'm not against people writing them if they feel it helpful for whatever reason; I just don't agree with making it mandatory. And Blacky is right; we're kind of wasting space with these arguments here; In the end it is up to the admins, and up to us to either suck it up or bail.
flat5 10 years ago
"Think the pro con idea is a good exercise as it forces us to try to look at our work objectively. And it saves time for the critics as they can just offer new critique. "

well, yeah, you're right.. but if everybody did the pro/con thing and actually paid any attention to it then there would be very few pictures in this thread.. that shit is up to the photographer to do on their own -- for their own benefit.. and i don't think it's up to us (whoever us may be) to make them learn that lesson -- or, i don't really believe it's a lesson that can be straight up taught via hcsp img crit thread.

i'll say it for the 8th time now.. the best way to get something out of this thread and it's flickr adapted format is to give thoughtful critiques.. analyze other people's photos which you have no 'i shot this' attachment too then let that slowly seep into how you view your own shit.

but really, me saying 'hey buddy, you have to list your pros and cons!' doesn't seem like it's helping anybody.. not the photographer as they should already be having some form of pro/con thing going on and it's not helping the person giving the critique.. not in this instance where we're being presented with single streetphotography photos.. in that case, i could give a flying fuck about what the photographer thinks about it.
Poagao Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Poagao (admin) 10 years ago
"Pogo being harsh and unfunny all the time."

I have no idea how to be funny (obviously), but I'm afraid the harsh bit's gonna stay. In any case, I've had my say, now on with the show.
two cute dogs 10 years ago
Seems that what killed the other threads was bitching. Why not make "no bitching" the sole rule?
flat5 10 years ago
"If the admins can't agree then it's doomed from the start. It's just gonna be more bad photos and Pogo being harsh and unfunny all the time. "

it's not doomed.. 1/2 or more of the thread is social media anyway so it could live just off of that (see: whatcha mofos doing right now?)

and poagao is one of the better contributors to the thread.. i think.

[but fuck, let's not argue this shit.. you can get the last word in if you need to but i'm squashing it after that]
@flat - If I had the capacity for sympathy I would be feeling it for you now. But I don't so, better you than me.

@Pogo - If you were funny there would be no point in me being here

@TCD - Good luck with that shit around these parts
MK-- 10 years ago
I think Act 5 shall go down mostly as 'soliloquy'. Looking forward to Act 6 with photos.
flat5 10 years ago
"Seems that what killed the other threads was bitching. Why not make "no bitching" the sole rule?"

what? jared just kilt it.. that's all..
but we'll use that as an opportunity to give a little refresh.. won't be any groundbreaking changes but just little things here and there.. mainly preventing the dump&run.. probably clearing out the truly shit photos which get the comments like "the little bird is so cool -- keep trying! yay!"
flat5 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by flat5 (member) 10 years ago
[fwiw - we gotta remember this_is_flickr and there's 40000 people in this group.. the internest does happen in these parts and i think it's futile to try and prevent that..

a truly good critique group could happen at flickr.. you know, get 10-20 people in the group.. people that more/less respect each other and/or are fairly knowledgeable about photography etc.. but seriously,good luck with that shit.. it's a whole bunch of effort for everyone involved and i'm not 100% convinced it would be worth it to anybody.]
James__M 10 years ago
Rrrryan: Poagao nailed it, but I'd also suggest studying some Bruegel paintings carefully. Ektar is the official film of hipsters.
flat5 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by flat5 (member) 10 years ago
"I think Act 5 shall go down mostly as 'soliloquy'. Looking forward to Act 6 with photos. "

see, we got delete buttons under all these OT posts.. it'll all be cleaned up soon enough.
A.B Watson Posted 10 years ago. Edited by A.B Watson (member) 10 years ago

Project-1001 Study

Took this image on the way past Auckland university. I always love looking that the light installation on the lecture wall. I noticed this women on her laptop writing an essay or something? This moment just shows you that some students never stop.

This photo was taken at 5:46pm, when everyone it going home from work or uni. showing you a minute amount of people still work through the late hours of the day. Love the contrast between the lights and the dark outside night. hope you like it.

Fujifilm Finepix X100
1/125 sec ƒ/2.0
23mm ISO 800

Now you can follow on, twitter, facebook & flickr
lightwelder | Nick 10 years ago
AB - yes we all like you and we're going to follow you on FB and twitter. Did someone say something about blatant view whoring? Oh, right, you don't read these threads.
Rrrryan - what's Kodak Ektar have to do with anything? The screwy white balance? Is shooting film a license to bad composition?
Charlotte - I'd argue this is overexposed if anything. The lost kid is the interesting bit and she's way overexposed. Nice light and I like how the business actually works with setting up the story.
Poagao - I see what you're going for. There's just too many darn signs and those white fences in the foreground. The burning of the sky is a bit too aggressive - the top of the ship and the foreground sky look like they just were just given a fly ash treatment.
towering fly [deleted] 10 years ago
@flat5 - I'm involved in one such endeavor and it's for the most part been pretty helpful. Even though activity can ebb and wane, it's nice having a support group of like-minded individuals.

I was never that much into the pro/con thing because I would rather try to be objective critiquing my own work, keep those thoughts to myself, and then allow others to give feedback without any input from me. It just seems to help me process either the reinforcement (and I'm talking about informed critiques here) that I seem to be hitting/missing the mark in some fashion, or open me up to the possibility that in addition to scrutinizing the broken down visual components of the photo, I might want to consider changing my way of thinking/doing. If I try to do the work of someone about to offer me their critique, I find myself self-doubting, wondering if I had removed any motivation they might have otherwise had to pursue examining the photo at length and try to help me because apparently I have already helped, or completely deceived myself.
Poagao 10 years ago
AB Watson: This photo shows that someone, or possibly a guitar case, is sitting in front of a laptop computer. It doesn't show a moment or anything about the student/guitar case, or how people work, or anything else, really, besides the fact that light installations exist. This I can verify, as I have witnessed such things.

Nick: Yes, the burning bothers me too. I suppose it also fails in that all the warning signs are not universally legible. 10 years ago
regarding the pro-con thing: i think it should be up to the person uploading the shot. from personal experience i can say sometimes it works (in a "yes, i already know it's underexposed, is that it, or is there more wrong?" or a "i know this is good and this is bad, which do you think outweighs the other?) kind of way), but a lot of times you just want to hear what people think of the image themselves...

charlotte: it's too messy.
ryan: besides the horrible processing that's already been pointed out i think it does have potential. i like the crowded landscape pictures. it does need a lot cleaner compostion then, though (the rights too crowded, esp compared to the lower left)
curdiogenes 10 years ago
I "kilt" it because the quality wasn't there. Not in the photos, and not in the critique. It became fucking noise. You gotta have some standards, no? It doesn't mean I think I'm the Grand Puba of HCSP or street, just that I was tired and I have a star.

Carry on.
WinstonG 10 years ago
RafaGC 10 years ago
Thanks for the critiques.
justinsdisgustin 10 years ago
No mandatory pros and cons then.
justinsdisgustin 10 years ago
@AB the problem (one of them anyway) with your shot is the ratio of dead space to interesting activity is way off. Their is a ton of dead space and zero interesting activity. Nobody cares what time it was taken, that is not apparent to the viewer. That light installation on the lecture wall that you love looking at so much takes up the majority of your picture. I wonder, what do you love about it? The way it is rendered useless by shooting it in B&W?
MK-- 10 years ago
Charlotte' - pretty cool moment, can't quite put my finger on why it doesn't totally work. Others have said it better.

ABWatson. Nah. I don't see it.

I'm posting this one. I know her face is blown out, but she nearly ran me over (or was it that I nearly hit her in the face with the flash?). Still, I think I'll stick to pedestrians next time. What else is wrong with it?

Sixft Whiterabbit 10 years ago
She's gonna smack her head against the edge of that frame; as if the blown face isn't a killer, the comp is all wrong. She needs to be about two feet to the right. Otherwise, nothing really going on.

Folks, if your picture needs you tell a story about it, it isn't working.
Caroline Ghetes 10 years ago
Hi everyone. I've been keeping up with the last critique thread and the current one and didn't really have any "street photos" to add for the last couple of months. Anyway, just been busy with current clients and trying really hard to understand what makes good street photography. Did some experimenting on a couple of recent trips. Hope to have something good enough to add here.

MK- It's just too blown out. I can't take my eyes off her face.

AB- I don't see what's interesting about this? And all of that extra info is nonsense.

Rrrryan- I like the two little boys in the corner embracing each other. Don't like the processing much though.

Rafa- I agree with the others that it should have been shot closer up. It would have been awesome for me then.
a-a-r0n 10 years ago
MK20D >> Eff man. I hope that critique/image was internet sarcasm at its best. If not, I'm going back to reading p.4 of Critique Thread Act 1.

(PS You were probably blocking the bike lane anyway)

Caroline >> quick browse of your stream - get closer. Much closer.
justinsdisgustin 10 years ago
MK the blown out face is an automatic deal break in this instance, but suppose her face wasnt blown out, would you consider this frame a success? What do you think works here? The main reason I ask is you offer as a crit, "Nah. I dont see it", and I fail to see why anybody would care what you do and dont see if this is what you offer up as something worth looking at?
MK-- 10 years ago
Justin; point taken. I think its one of those ones where you think "cool" and then post it, then look at it a few more times and think, "wtf was I thinking?". Too late to delete now! On my AB crit, I think I was responding to the 'now you can follow me' me bit rather than the photo. Quite bad of me really.
justinsdisgustin Posted 10 years ago. Edited by justinsdisgustin (admin) 10 years ago
I had an alternate verj of this shot axed from the queue last week (yes, even admins dont get a free pass here, regardless of the accusations of cronyism) and while my first impression was to post the one that got axed, I understand what my fellow admins (well, Bryan really,) didnt like about the shot, so Im throwing this one here:
alternate shot #666

here is the link to the original version:
justinsdisgustin 10 years ago
Pros: great light. Super close. I like the way her scarf mimics her hair. Not too much clutter or distraction.

Cons: Not much (or anything) going on. A person with their eyes closed can be powerful or it can be boring. I fear this might fall into the second category. The tree growing out of her head could be a problem for some. When a person is oblivious to you, and you are afforded the extra time, everything should be perfect.
Mark_H 10 years ago
they axed the Boston Creme Pie Serenity Prayer? Dolts!

That your fellow admins don't always recognize genius is your cross to bear.
Mark_H Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Mark_H (member) 10 years ago
There is something, in both versions, kind of jangly about the corner of the awning going into her head.
justinsdisgustin 10 years ago
Mark, tell me about it? And not just my fellow admods, but the world.
Caroline Ghetes 10 years ago
a-ar0n- thank you : )

I use the word 'LOL' way more than I should and I am trying hard not to, but Justin, your original shot & caption made me literally LOL. Not sure what everyone else thinks, but I REALLY do like everything about it.
MK-- 10 years ago
Yeah I have to say I thought the original and its caption were quite humorous. And the 1st does it more neatly. Was she asleep standing up or something? Just how many frames did you get of her??
a-a-r0n 10 years ago
Justin >> Yeah, I definitely prefer the original over this one - I think the full frontal from the original highlights her girth better than this angle. Also, (I could be wrong on this) but this may be a case where two steps closer made it worse.
All my other pros/cons - you've already said yourself. (with a little more emphasis on the superb light/sleeping manatee)
Eel Pie Pete 10 years ago
I'd appreciate some critique if you fellas would be so kind - im begining to realise that my street stuff is not upto the standard of some of you guys but i'd like to improve - thanks in advance :)

Poagao Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Poagao (admin) 10 years ago
MK20D Her backpack, the only thing properly exposed and in focus, really isn't that interesting a subject.

justinsdisgustin Nice light and expression, but the awning and the rest of the background distract from the good here. I also like the other one better.
flat5 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by flat5 (member) 10 years ago
[just an fyi.. later tonight i'm going to delete all the posts prior to justin's first in the thread.. i'll pdf it and post a link as to not totally erase the on topic stuff up to that point.. i think the admins need the top two posts.. one to put in the rules then another for the thoughts (such as jared's post, instructions on posting medium, etc..otherwise, we may end up with a way too long top post.) 10 years ago
I like the old lady. I think the cars and people in the back are distracting.
I think it looks like the delicate old charm of an old lady with some bags and shopping versus the brashness of youthwith technology. Yes the vehicles in the back take something away and would have been better with just the building.I wish too that there was another bench to the right of the shot to keep that continuity going.
Poagao 10 years ago
~:pete:~ Too much empty space at the bottom, not enough at the top.
davecsparty 10 years ago
Would love to get any comments. Recently started doing color.

Mark_H 10 years ago

the tonality is bleh (too many middles tones, not enough contrast). If you like b&w, get a real film camera and shoot tri-x or hp5, your pictures will look a ton better. This looks like what it is, a monochrome conversion from DSLR color, which is almost always bleh.
Mark_H Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Mark_H (member) 10 years ago

don't be a chicken. It's a shot of a back. Looking at your stream, it seems that you have a genuine interest in shooting people, but timidity is holding you back. You don't have to emulate Bruce Gilden, but you can't tip toe around so much. Get some engagement with your subjects, or at least a near, frontal vantage point.

edit: yes I see the attempted juxta of bald heads. Not enough of a payload to overcome the weakness of a timid approach.
davecsparty - is he on a transmitting telephone that projects an image on the side of the booth? If so how´d he lose his jacket.
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