benroberts PRO 12:55am, 14 November 2006
Hinius and I are both involved in a print sale in just a over a weeks time.

here's the info:

Shoreditch Print Sale Invitation

Print Sale - Location Map
shveckle 11 years ago
What does a print sale mean? you guys are selling your own photo prints? Is it at a store? Are you all friends with each other? How does everyone print their stuff?
shveckle 11 years ago
Anyway good luck and congrats on getting it together. I would totally totally totally attend if I was in London or near by, but I am not.
eddie-g 11 years ago
Wish I could go, too. Good luck and have fun...
hinius 11 years ago
The sale, conveniently enough, is at my apartment... so drop by for a chat even if you don't want to buy anything. Sure as hell, I can't go anywhere anyway ;)
Marja_ and agent 6600 11 years ago
good luck!!
RafaAlcacer Posted 11 years ago. Edited by RafaAlcacer (member) 11 years ago
yes, good luck. I hope ya all become rich and famous after this!
Decca dblues 11 years ago
cool, i'll try to come.
matt p 11 years ago
I might well try to pop along if I'm free, that's about 7-8 mins walk from where I live. You've got a great choice of Vietnamese restaurants nearby - I'm in and out of Song Que pretty regularly these days - mmmm...Vietnamese....
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