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  • The Image Critique Thread, Episode VIII

    Ok, we're going back to (more or less) the previous style: Post no more than ...

    Poagao4 days ago4367 replies

  • Blatant selfpromotion thread

    If you have something that you have done and you want people to look at it, post...

    Dr Karanka4 weeks ago2356 replies

  • and what are people doing right now?

    i am trying to open the 'what are people doing right now' thread to no avail for...

    123regina.tumblr.com4 weeks ago26125 replies

  • Family Scnapps

    This is a thread to post family snap shots. Ideally the photos should be candid,...

    justinsdisgustin2 months ago896 replies

  • memorable hsp member's quotes

    mark tilt is one thing, tectonic upheaval is another.

    tempura (hit by lightning)2 months ago155 replies

  • Set Up

    Why are the majority of the images on this group posed? That is not street photo... months ago3 replies

  • Discussion Image Of The Week 6/14/19

    Untitled "As far as the image is concerned, for something that relies so heavily on...

    justinsdisgustin5 months ago5 replies

  • New Theme for May: Stormy Weather

    Dig into your archives for your best SP photos of nasty, rainy, snowy, blustery,...

    clairebrinberg6 months ago23 replies

  • BOOKS question: less than 28mm

    Hey all, I'm looking for books from photographers employing anything wider th...

    DannyOKC7 months ago4 replies

  • Submitted Photos

    Is their anyway I can find out which photographs I have submitted to this group ...

    AndrewWrexham7 months ago2 replies

  • Animal Spines Photographer

    I took this photo of a llama and I was very consciously imitating a photographer...

    dandykaufman8 months ago2 replies

  • Theme 3: Cars

    This is probably the last theme for my take over here in HCSP. Lets see about a ...

    ngravity8 months ago41 replies

  • Theme 2: Beach

    This is the second theme for my 2 weeks take over here in HCSP. I thought bea...

    ngravity8 months ago41 replies

  • Theme 1: Your best street photo

    The following 2 weeks I will open different topics on different themes, where yo...

    ngravity8 months ago49 replies

  • Dimitris takeover

    Happy to announce that Dimitris Makrygiannakis will be taking over the HCSP queu...

    Rammy Narula8 months ago5 replies

  • Chance vs Change

    Not sure if this topic has been covered here before or not but you can never hav...

    Jason J Boyes9 months ago39 replies

  • Hello !

    Such an interactive and talented group ! I’ve submitted a photo and feedback i...

    lisasteduto10 months ago1 replies

  • Street & Repeat

    Street & Repeat is a one year boot camp in street photography. Every two weeks w...

    johnpaddler10 months ago81 replies

  • Which films should a photographer see?

    I was hoping we might start a list here of films that are exemplary in their pho...

    toong_bo10 months ago931 replies

  • Lots of guys but any well know female street photographer

    Any well known female street photographers?

    Tc710 months ago7 replies

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