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lee adcock ADMIN May 30, 2011
Welcome to The Best Flower Shot better known as TBFS. This is a group for people to showcase their wonderful flower pictures
If you are invited to this group as a MUST you will have to COMMENT ON AT LEAST 3 PHOTOS on the next 5 pages PER PIC POSTED using the COMMENT CODE.
Please check the group rules and remember this pool is ONLY for photos of FLOWERS. Check our threads for COMPETITIONS.

Group Description

I just love flowers and I know all of you have amazing shots. But please let it be Just flowers. At least in the Pool. This is a group to have fun, share and recognize others good work so join to the daily contests as well. And please Comment at least on 3 pictures from the next 5 pages after posting your pic. And if you see a shot that amaze you from your contacts don´t hesitate to invite it to the pool. We have only pictures in here
So not videos please. Any videos posted will be delete.

Take a look on our most interesting pic in flickriver....

The Best Flower Shot's (invitations/comments) - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

To comment or invite photos in/to the group's pool - please copy the following code - all in between lines:

C O M M E N T :

I saw- This Beautiful shot! @
*TBFS Gallery*


<b>I saw- This Beautiful shot! @
<a href=""> *TBFS Gallery*

<img src="" width="95" height="95" alt="cicc1" /></a></b>

I N V I T E :

Please post this AMAZING photo in:
*TBFS Gallery*


Please remember to give comments
and check our contest threads.

<b>Please post this fantastic photo in:
<a href=""> *TBFS Gallery*

<img src="" width="75" height="75" alt="8675p" /></a></b>
<b>Please remember to give
comments and check our contest threads.</a></b>


Group Rules

1. Be nice, kind and respectful to all members. Please make sure your comments are nice or use our code. Do not use bad words or post bad comments. If you do not like a Picture do not comment on it
2. Discrimination of any kind is not allowed.
3. Please do not post any sexually explicit photos, there are groups that host that kind of photos so please post them there as here, they will be declined.
4. Do note that this is an "award distributing" group through our daily contest in our threads. But also photos are posted Just to share your art with other members
5. Please DO NOT start any thread to keep it short and no distracting from our daily contests. If you want to share Ideas become moderator or just have something to share , you can send a message to the Administrators. They will be glad to reply to all your queries.
6. Commenting on fellow members' photos is a Must , when posting or visiting please comment on at least 3 photos but it doesn´t hurt to comment in as many photos as you wish - remember that we all like to receive comments for what we see as art. Also, remember to use the group's code.
7. NO videos Allowed!

NOTE: This group is for flower pictures and that can include flowers, seed heads, dried flowers, and images where flowers are not the main subject but they must form an integral part of the image. Images of plants and tree's with no flowers and non flower pictures will be deleted from the group without warning. Also images where the flowers are not an integral part of the image will be deleted.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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