Eva the Weaver PRO 5:54am, 17 May 2012

Rusty pancake iron Counting seven garbage chutes


Toblerone 11 candles
Eva the Weaver PRO 6 years ago


17 blankets

The windowpanes are easier to count,
but I'll probably want to use windows later:
17 windowpanes in one window
Eva the Weaver PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Eva the Weaver (member) 6 years ago
Swapping three hearts for three trams:

Silver hearts on rust Three trams

More likely to find 36 hearts or 87 hearts than to find 36 trams or 87 trams. Also, I walk past the depot now and then, but haven't seen them lined up so neatly before.
mag3737 PRO 6 years ago
Good points. Another thing I like is that the trams are "pure things" whereas the hearts are painted-on things. (I don't like my current five graffiti stars as much as I would like a nice shot of 5 real objects.)
Eva the Weaver PRO 6 years ago
I agree about the trams being "pure objects" making them better.
And now I've gone and swapped my 23 shipping containers for 23 cakes that are just pictures on a menu. Mostly because I'm using the containers in the Count with me again.

Chinese shipping containers 23 cakes
Eva the Weaver PRO 6 years ago
Swapping in the floats, in favour of separate objects

8 cardboard tubes Floats
Loca.... 5 years ago
swap the boats for electric wires....

16 barcos.... 16 fios eléctricos....
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