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Welcome to the One Leaf group! Please share your beautiful photos of One Leaf only.


  • Why Leafs?

    I have a question. I love photographing leaves because they really speak to m...

    b.carpenter28 months ago1 replies

  • One Leaf Floating on Water

    Please share your photos of a single leaf floating on water. Photos should be in...

    Karen_Chappell29 months ago10 replies

  • Heart Shaped Leaves

    A little late for Valentine's Day, but hearts aren't just for February 14th! Ple...

    Karen_Chappell61 months ago0 replies

  • Welcome to One Leaf! Come and Say Hi

    I'd like to be added to group. great concept. Since fall is coming the opprotun...

    icecream&human-rights;part274 months ago15 replies

  • My first one leaf.

    What do you think? would appreciate some criticisms! [

    Vetuv74 months ago3 replies

  • All members: Please read guidlines carefully!

    Please make sure you read and follow the guidelins carefully, as I do not like t...

    especially_today77 months ago22 replies

  • Backlit leaves

    I like to back light leaves to bring out the 'veins'. Usually I use a flash wit...

    sonya_and_james80 months ago3 replies

  • New group

    I am not sure whether it is ideal to promote another group but if anyone has any...

    zoe37walters101 months ago2 replies

  • definitions of 'leaf'

    Hi, I noticed a few pics being deleted because they apparently contained mor...

    cer!se110 months ago16 replies

  • Member favorites

    Because it's not fair for the admins to get to do ALL the cheering ;) I think...

    jacqueline-w111 months ago10 replies

  • Admin Favorites

    This thread is exclusively for the admins to post exceptional pics that really c...

    especially_today111 months ago27 replies

  • New Icon

    I just changed the icon to someone elses photo (I originally used one of my own ...

    especially_today112 months ago9 replies

  • One Leaf Deletion Room (section 2)

    I will post thumbnails here of photos that were taken out of the pool for one re...

    especially_today112 months ago14 replies

  • Merry Christmas!!

    Just some prayers and wishes for a blessed Christmas season, filled with happy ...

    especially_today112 months ago1 replies

  • One Leaf Deletion Room

    I will post thumbnails here of photos that were taken out of the pool for one re...

    especially_today113 months ago49 replies

  • Cool group

    Found this group today. Posted a couple leaf pics I shot recently. I try not...

    Jerry Scot113 months ago7 replies

  • Two hundred members!!

    100 members

    Leo Reynolds114 months ago4 replies

  • Is this okay? Questions about your photo

    Please post any questions in this thread. The Deletion thread is for just tha...

    especially_today114 months ago5 replies

  • Slideshow

    Yay! Thanks for adding your leaf photos in here. This makes a fabulous slide s...

    ancawonka114 months ago6 replies

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