elizabeth<33 12:49am, 19 September 2012
i am a new user for The olympus XA and i just got my first roll developed.Some of the images were blurry and i have no idea how i got them to become blurry:/ does anyone have any suggestions or answers to why they came out blurry?

maybe the setting were i wrong .what setting do i put my camera on if i want to take a close up picture?

Can somone explain to me the slide button at the bottom of the lens that controls slide over numbers at the top of the lens?? what does ft 2.8 ,4 ,8 ∞ mean??
mfophotos PRO 5 years ago
2, 4, 8, etc. is the focus scale. PLEASE spend a few minutes and read the manual!
Johnny Martyr 5 years ago
elizabeth you need to read the manual for this camera as mfophotos suggests. You also need to read a Basic 35mm Photography Guide


There are two types of blur:

1. out of focus blur
2. motion blur

Out of focus blur can be caused by not focusing the lens corrrectly which is the result of shooting at too wide an aperture, too close a distance or a rangefinder that is out of calibration.

Motion blur is caused by your subject moving faster than your shutter speed or that you tried to hand hold too slow a shutter speed.

Those number you're asking about are the focal distances, how far the lens is from the subject. This lens can focus no closer than 2.8 feet and everything from 8 feet to as far as you can see (infinity) will be in focus when the lens is rotated there.

It sounds like you also need to learn the functions of shutter speed (which cannot be controled in the XA but is displayed in the viewfinder) and aperture (which is how you control depth of field on the XA).

Please message me directly or post questions here AFTER you'ved done your basic reading and you have questions about that. It's simply not possible or practical for us to explain to every person who buys their XA for the first time how to use the camera or a camera in general.

It's a fun camera and you'll get great photos once you study up!

elizabeth<33 5 years ago
thank you for responding:) i am currently reading the manual and i understand what i did wrong, when i was taking the photoes i had the ft setting on the wrong setting;/ instead of taking a close up picture i had it on 8 ft but i should of had it on 2.8 feet. i will Continue with reading everything i can before attempting to take pictures again.Thank you for all your help!
Johnny Martyr 5 years ago
that makes sense. are you using the rangefinder to focus your XA? it's very common for the rangefinder patch to be very faint or out of calibration on XA's because few people take the extra effort to have them serviced. the rangefinder should be bright, clear and accurate when working though.

glad this was useful and you're back on track now!
Johnny Martyr Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Johnny Martyr (member) 5 years ago
Just to make it clear, the rangefinder IS a measurement of distance. By alligning the two images in the rangefinder patch, you are determining that the subject is X number of feet from the lens.

The reason that you want a numerical read-out is to help with determining certain things such as setting infinity or other distances before or even totally without looking through the rangefinder. The best way to use a rangefinder, actually, is to guess the distance, dial that into the lens, then use the rangefinder to confirm and fire. This is the most effective way to use these cameras as well as train yourself.

If you love the quality of XA photos, you have exceptional taste!
Dwayne152 [deleted] Posted 8 months ago. Edited by Dwayne152 (member) 8 months ago
Hello, I just got my first roll developed on my new Olympus xa and there seems to be a strange problem with the images I havnt seen before on any other roll I've had developed from my other film cameras..
On any line focused or not there seems to be another ghost image along side it. I know that if something is out of focus on film it will just become blurry so I can't figure out why this is. I don't think it's anything I have done wrong as it is the same for manual focus shots and infinity focus shots.
Please see the one and only photo I put up on my page and if you have any idea what it could be any feedback would be much appreciated!

Thank you

Ps please note the image I uploaded is zoomed in on my computer and taken with a phone.
canon7dude 8 months ago
Dwayne152: well that is a tough one... I have only seen ghosting like that with images where a flash was used... I might suspect the lens but I have never seen a lens do this...

Try asking nicely over at the "I shoot film group" someone there will know for sure...

Just introduce yourself and provide as much info as possible about how you shot the roll... did you use a tripod or flash? What settings were used etc....
Dwayne152 [deleted] 8 months ago

Yeah I asked some camera experts in munich and even they couldn't give me an explanation, they even looked over the camera and told me that it should technically be in good working order!
From that roll they also told me that it was neither under or over exposed from the negatives, and the ghost image even appeared when I used the self timer.. Very odd.
Ok great I'll try that thanks a lot for your help!
Dwayne152 [deleted] 8 months ago

Ps I wasn't using a flash at the time.
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