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The photo pool is only to be used for pictures taken with an XA-family camera. If your photo was NOT taken with an XA, XA1, XA2, XA3 or XA4, do NOT add it to the pool.

Please search the group discussions before requesting technical help with your XA.

Please use the official thread if you want to sell your camera.


  • STICKY  [Official sale/trade thread.]

    Hi all, Please don't start a new thread if you're selling any gear - just pos...

    daveodroid5 weeks ago15 replies

  • STICKY  Your XA Highlights

    Hi all, Please use this thread to draw attention to your favourite pictures tha...

    daveodroid14 months ago115 replies

  • Lightmeter works but seems inaccurate

    I got an XA in decent condition (although the RF is VERY dusty and difficult to ...

    Zeejet3 weeks ago2 replies

  • XA2 Flash Problem!

    Hello there, I picked up an Olympus XA earlier this year, but have been having s...

    whitekaiman1214 weeks ago0 replies

  • Help! Winding The XA Trips The Shutter

    Looking to see if anyone else has experienced this with their Olympus XA. It jus...

    MikeLobel2 months ago10 replies

  • Andy Warhol

    What did Andy Warhol chose for a compact 35mm camera? A Leica? A Rollei? no! ...

    theScarcasm5 months ago1 replies

  • Case for XA2

    Greetings all, Am looking for a carrying case for my XA 2. 3rd party is OK. H...

    fotobyfred6 months ago3 replies

  • Rewind shaft

    I have an Olympus XA that is in perfect working order, but has one problem. A s...

    RussWM6 months ago2 replies

  • Olympus a16 stopped working?

    Hi, a day before yesterday i was using my xa2 with a16 and i took few photos, ev...

    Reytgarr6 months ago2 replies

  • How does the focus look on this?

    Hi, new to the Olympus XA2 and i'm trying to work out if the one I have is worki...

    Astro_Kid6 months ago3 replies

  • Viewfinder vs reality

    Hi everyone. Just spent a day with an XA 2 in very good condition, it's...

    josephal-ali6 months ago4 replies

  • xa2 clamshell problem

    Hi, I have two xa2 with fress battery. ...

    yan0123217 months ago1 replies

  • Light meter issues on XA2?

    I recently bought one of these from eBay and it seemed to be working but there w...

    tysonXA27 months ago1 replies

  • XA - needle in viewfinder seems weird

    HELP! I just started looking at the needle in my XA viewfinder more seriously...

    superbengs7 months ago10 replies

  • XA Flash Shutter Speed Issues

    I recently received a XA for christmas and I'm loving it so far, however I have ...

    lion35mm8 months ago2 replies

  • Focus ring stuck then becoming very loose.

    I was shooting with my XA yesterday and the focus ring was a bit stuck. I used a...

    jacoblin38 months ago2 replies

  • XA1 testing

    Is it normal that I can fire my XA1 in very low light situation?

    yan0123218 months ago5 replies

  • XA: Issue with apterture

    Hello, i have an XA with a aperture problem. I set the focus is at infinit...

    spacemishka8 months ago2 replies

  • Double Exposure with XA2

    Hey is it possible to take double exsposures with an XA2. Is there any way to ma...

    parched carpenter10 months ago7 replies

  • Olympus XA4 Macro flash adapter.

    I have just picked up a very nice Olympus XA4 for a reasonable price. I have als...

    I_Waste_Film13 months ago1 replies

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