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Welcome to the Olympus Trip 35 group! This iconic camera was born in1967, with over ten million produced up to 1984. The Trip name reflected its target market as a compact, functional camera for holidays; and the pictures in this group prove it's that and so much more.

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  • STICKY  5th Annual (Summer) Trip 35 Group Meetup!

    OK, it's that time of year again when I announce something about our next annual...

    Irish Light3 days ago25 replies

  • STICKY  Official "Selling my Trip" Thread

    I searched through the group discussions and there are 191 discussions with ment...

    mikeasaurus6 weeks ago23 replies

  • Trip 35 aperture repair

    I got a three dollar trip at a goodwill in Ohio, mainly because I collect camera...

    jadarenne3 days ago5 replies

  • Portraits?

    Hi, can we take portraits with landscape setting?

    semhzm2 weeks ago4 replies

  • Double exposure

    I have this photo that sort of happened by accident. Was it that my film didn't ...

    pascale10012 weeks ago3 replies

  • Surprise Announcement From オリンパス株式会社

    Straight from オリンパス株式会社 comes a surprise announcement for smal...

    Guyser12 weeks ago8 replies

  • Broken Trips

    Hi all I posted early this year that I was prepared to fix a Trip a month for a ...

    alansmith1003 weeks ago28 replies

  • Serial number Trip 35 list

    To avoid very long items in other topics in this group I propose to put the seri...

    Dharma Singh3 weeks ago104 replies

  • Using the Close-Up lens: taking out the guess work

    Hi Trippers! If any of you have ever tried using the cheap and widely availa...

    James P Stevenson3 weeks ago8 replies

  • Olympus Trip 35 - Project Videos

    There are many ways to present your work in the 21st Century. I put together a ...

    Austin Beeman - (Formerly Beemantv)4 weeks ago5 replies

  • Infrared Tripping

    Hi All, Just wondering is anyone has used a Trip for infrared shooting, and if...

    Martin Brigden5 weeks ago5 replies

  • Film Pressure Plate

    Hello Everyone, I'm a new member and wanted to say hello. I'm a new fan of ...

    m6nguyen5 weeks ago0 replies

  • First few shots using my trip

    Hi guys wonderful forum! I have started using a Trip 35 found in my family home,...

    harbeeld5 weeks ago3 replies

  • Just to say thanks

    I felt duty bound to join up even if just to say thanks to all the help I gained...

    aytchgee6 weeks ago6 replies

  • Lens coming away from body

    My loyal servant has finally succumbed to all my poor treatment of throwing it i...

    ed fogarty12 months ago1 replies

  • Factory sealed trip

    Look at this on eBay: RARE Olympus Trip 35 35mm **IN ORIGINAL FACTORY SEALED ...

    alansmith1002 months ago2 replies

  • Brand new trips needing new skins

    I just bought two Trip 35 cameras today and I am curious about reskinning them....

    gesamkunstwerk2 months ago30 replies

  • Your Best Trip 35 Shots of 2013

    Another year is passed and the Olympus Trip 35 still lives! Please post your be...

    Austin Beeman - (Formerly Beemantv)2 months ago15 replies

  • Swapping front elements between Trips

    Hi I have a silver button Trip which is in good condition except that the ext...

    stemtrak2 months ago2 replies

  • Push Processing past ASA400

    Hi there, Say i'm shooting on 400 speed B&W film, and I want to push it to 800....

    yehbeinke2 months ago1 replies

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