Sniuk 4:44pm, 21 October 2011
Hi all ^^
I recently bought the E-p3, with the 14-42 lens kit, so I am new to 4/3 systems. Used to shot with a Yashika years ago...and till recently was doing so with a Canon G9, so is like starting again, in some way ;)

Anyway, i realized that the battery takes ages to fully this normal? is my charger slow? mine, at least takes 2hours...and I would say even 3... Didn't check it exactly, but takes really long time.

Nice to meet you all ^^
Kinematic Digit PRO 6 years ago
hmmmm that seems odd to me although I've never timed it I thought it was much faster than that.
Sniuk 6 years ago
thanks Kinematic Digit for your reply.
yeah thats why I was looks weird to me.
thebattery that came with the camera is a BLS1 , and the charger is BCS-1 I don-t know if that has something to do with it..? but is kind of annoying that takes so ling >_<
Kinematic Digit PRO 6 years ago
I'll keep my eye on that, this is the same combination I have. I also have two batteries, so I might have not noticed how long it takes.
Sniuk 6 years ago
thanks, i will check again next time how long exactly it takes.
Sniuk 6 years ago
just got a reply from olympus, and they say that the usual charging time with an bls1 battery + bcs 1 charger is between 3 and 4 my charging time is normal -_-.... that's quite a bit though.
is perhaps different charger or different battery faster?
anyone else can tell about this please?
timfernando 6 years ago
Yes, my batteries take about 4hrs to charge too. Quite a contrast from the 1hr-1hr30 I was used to from my old Canon system.

I'd also be interested in faster chargers if anyone knows any.
Aardvark For Freedom 6 years ago
Mine takes about 3 hours from completely dead to charge fully.
gita_md_91 1 year ago
Is it possible to charge this via usb while connected to a laptop/desktop?
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