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  • om1 focus problems

    I have a om1n i bought from a flea market, very cheap price and is in perfect vi...

    NemaReprisu7 days ago7 replies

  • 100mm f2.8 or 85mm f2

    I cant decide between an 85mm f2 or a 100mm f2.8. They both have similar focal r...

    Sam.R.Baker8 days ago9 replies

  • Focusing screen problem!

    From my search I found out that the screen that I have is 1-13 if I'm not mistak...

    Mohammed Basamh3 weeks ago15 replies

  • Jane Bown RIP

    The great Jane Bown, photographer for the Observer newspaper in the UK, has died...

    laurencet5 weeks ago5 replies

  • Servicing a 50mm f/1.4

    Hi, I'm hoping for some advice to prevent me from making a series of terrible...

    euanpreston2 months ago6 replies

  • Batteries do not like the cold!

    I was out in the snow, today, and the batteries in my OM-3 lasted until about ex...

    Squiddy19632 months ago10 replies

  • OM-4 LCD - Black square at the bottom right.

    I have just received a BGN OM-4 from KEH that appears to be in overall very good...

    iaparkin3 months ago4 replies

  • Replacement battery cover OM2 spot/program

    Hi there :) I just inherited my grandfathers OM-2 spot/program in fantastic c...

    Amy Rachel Bolland3 months ago5 replies

  • OM battery covers all the same?

    I recently acquired an OM40 which I really like, but the battery cover is really...

    danjamesphotography3 months ago7 replies

  • Zuiko 50mm 1.8 wide open mushy??

    Hey guys, Is the Zuiko mushy and not sharp enough for people pictures wide open...

    Vinnonet3 months ago16 replies

  • Off camera flash with om 1 or om 2

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this group and I've been shooting with an om1 and om2 mo...

    Marcosari4 months ago18 replies

  • LR44 batteries, OM-2N

    Does anyone know any particular reason not to use LR44 batteries? I think they'r...

    naugastyle4 months ago11 replies

  • Kiron 28mm f2 for sale

    PM if interested. OM mount (obviously), mint, with caps and case.

    fun_cooker4 months ago1 replies

  • Mirror Lock Up OM2n

    Hi all, I acquired a couple of OM2n's recently, one working one not. Initi...

    Josh_Wolf5 months ago11 replies

  • Olympus recording data back 3

    I've got a Olympus OM2n, and wonder if the recording data back 3 writes the data...

    Tom Findahl6 months ago4 replies

  • My shutter speed got crazy. I use OM D EM 10

    Hey there. I'm irwan. I wanna ask about error in my camera. I use OM D EM 10 as ...

    rzirwansyah6 months ago1 replies

  • Stupid questions - Lens Filter

    Hi guys, I use an Olympus OM 1 using Sunny 16 rule (light meter is broken), ...

    Eugene***6 months ago9 replies

  • batteries

    Hi people, Sorry, this is a common question and has probably been covered but...

    Jason Lupi6 months ago15 replies

  • OM-2n curtain shutter not drawn tensely

    Hi everyone, I recently bought an OM-2n from ebay and there seems to have a pr...

    khangbc6 months ago1 replies

  • olympus OM repairs

    Ken from K&S camera Repair , Fresno , Ca has been repairing OM1 cameras for over...

    straussken2206 months ago1 replies

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