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PhotoEngine perfect as RAW Developer Engine

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Pixel Peter says:

Too little too late
Originally posted at 3:01AM, 6 April 2011 PDT (permalink)
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Oloneo is a group administrator Oloneo says:


Great work! I am happy to see that your tests show that PhotoEngine can outperform ACR in many situations.

This is precisely our goal with Oloneo PhotoEngine. We want it to be not only the best HDR software on the market but also a very capable Raw photo processor.

I believe that Tone Mapping is progressively becoming an integral part of single Raw processing. Most Raw photos can benefit from soft Tone Mapping.

As a result, we see more and more beta testers using PhotoEngine to process Raw photos with great success.


Antoine Clappier
Originally posted 104 months ago. (permalink)
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danny heijl says:

I didn't test extensively but I have to agree with Peter. I was pleasantly surprised by Oloneo's RAW conversion quality, and couldn't see much difference with Canon's DPP when using standard settings, with Oloneo giving better colors. But presence of high iso noise ruins Oloneo's RAW processing result. So support for a Photoshop compatible plugin system might be needed here, so that we can use Noise Ninja or another noise reduction plugin.

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holistic sleep [deleted] says:

I'm a newby to RAW, but not to Oloneo PE ... since last year, used on older jpgs initially ... I just wanted to say, I am an HDR "fanatic" ... and I have achieved amazing and most pleasing results with O-PE from my 1st usage right through to the current/latest, and I am en more enthusiastic to having the "presets" available to get a kick-start... as well as the manual control ... I just wanted to somehow get my opinion to the Developer/s and say, that as an experienced user of several other "hdr programs", it is O-PE that continues to be one of my preferred,as I like being able to put RAF/RAW, strait from my Fuji, and get a result in user-friendly time ... thanks, and all the best with this project/enterprise, and I look forward to my continual user/support ... this program is definitely heading in the right-direction IMhO .... cheers ...
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vkbellis says:


Is PE expected to provide the mitigation of chromatic aberrations in the next beta release?

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toddgleason says:

As Danny said, a Photoshop-compatible plugin system would be terrific. I don't know whether this is feasible to do (and I'm guessing Oloneo PE has some pretty complicated data structures in memory) but in some way or other it would really great if we could run a noise reduction tool (I use Noise Ninja) as part of the processing.

Right now my "pipeline" looks like this:

1. Nikon ViewNX to convert to uncompressed 16-bit TIFFs. (I often read that Nikon does the best conversion from NEF, though I don't see any issues with Oloneo.)
2. Noise Ninja to process into new 16-bit TIFFs.
3. Oloneo to process into 8-bit TIFFs. (or JPGs if no further editing is needed)
4. GIMP for any final editing.

So, being able to plug in the NN processing would possibly remove 2 steps. The nice thing though is that all 3 of these tools have batch processing now.

I think tools like NN can also be run from the command-line, so having a way to write a TIFF, run NN or some other tool, and load its output back into Oloneo prior to HDR processing would provide the same functionality (though probably more slowly).

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