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Ghost Removal of the new Beta (V170)

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Pixel Peter says:

Too little too late
Originally posted at 6:14AM, 30 January 2011 PDT (permalink)
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photosignals says:

Thanks Peter, appreciated. I must dig out my sky samples and have a go with the new version.
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A Hurst says:

Here is a post I did in another group comparing the ghosting between versions, and it looks like version 2 ghost removal performed well. I was on a tripod with these shots and there was a breeze.


I have always found that Photomatix semi auto method to be the most accurate even if you have to draw. In situations like the one in my example you have to be very careful to select a minimum of sky around the are you are selecting otherwise you would get some strange results.

Like I say in the link, there is an improvement.
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Oloneo is a group administrator Oloneo says:


Thank you for your detailed tests. As always they are very useful and interesting.

A Hurst:
The "leave issue" is a programmer nightmare! Dark objects moving in front of a bright background are nearly impossible to fix. The problem comes from the fact that the correct exposure for the dark objects is in one photo and for the sky is in another photo.

Detecting movement is difficult but can be done. The issue is to choose the right part of each photos. No matter what you do, there will be under AND over exposed parts in the end result.

The latest version of PhotoEngine includes highly sophisticated algorithms to try handling these issues (hence the improvements). I think that we are now at the limit of what is possible.

My own approach, in windy situations, is simply to take several bracketed series. With a bit of luck and the help of the Ghost Removal Tool (generally method 2), I get nearly perfect results.

Antoine Clappier
103 months ago (permalink)

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A Hurst says:

Antoine thanks for the reply and I can imagine the difficulties as you described. I employ similar methods, like waiting for the lull in the wind and snap away.

The example I use does have fine leaves and is certainly a tough ask, but the improvement means tidying up some [less] artefacts becomes easier and takes less time which is a win.

Any news on when we can save presets? I would dearly love to be able to do this, I go through quite a few notepads.......;-)
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vkbellis says:

Way to go Peter! Thanks for the test and the report.

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