j_q_adams 3:51pm, 19 August 2009
Actually, I'd rather call it fabric "suggestions" rather than "requirements"! It's been difficult trying to figure out how much fabric would be needed for this round, since wonky / improvisational blocks are so free-form and, well, improvisational! There are no set patterns here from which to measure fabric amounts.

I've given it my best shot, but the caveat here is that you might have some fabric left over -- that's not the worst thing in the world, right? I'd rather err on the side of having too much fabric than too little. Plus, you'll have a stash of strips for future wonky log cabin projects!

I'm making a few assumptions here:

- The blocks will be either 12.5" square or 15.5" square (more on that later).

- We'll make 25 blocks ... for a quilt that's laid out in a 5x5 grid. Of course, you can make your quilt bigger or smaller if you'd prefer. Adjust your fabric amounts accordingly!

- I'm not accounting for any borders. If you think you'd like to add any borders to the outside of your quilt, be sure to add that border fabric to your total amount.

So, with all that being said, I am recommending that you have 16-20 fat quarters for this project (depending on how scrappy you want your quilt to be). Of course, if you want your fabric assortment to be more limited, you can convert this to yardage equivalents (i.e. 8-10 half yard cuts, or 4-5 yard cuts).

I just took a look back at Amy's fabric requirements for the zig-zag quilt. For a throw-sized quilt, that project required 15 fq's ... so I feel like we're on the right track. If you want to be conservative, you can start with 15 for this project, too.

I'm also going to stick with Amy's estimates of 3 yards for backing (or equivalent, if you like pieced backs) , and 1/2 yard for binding.

Also, and I cannot stress this enough, I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY recommend that you pick up a 12.5" square cutting ruler (like this) if you don't already have one. It is my must-have, go-to tool for projects like this. It's a great use of a 40% off coupon at Joann's, if you live near one of those. If not, maybe group members can share their favorite sources for buying tools like this.

Finally, if you want your blocks to "float" similarly to the ones in this quilt, please keep reading:
Log Cabin Baby Quilt by [meggie]

If you go this route, we will be making 15.5" blocks. All you have to do is add 1.5 yards of a solid of your choice for the outer borders of your blocks. White is always classic, but I've seen people experiment with other solids, often with stunning results. You might also consider alternative fabrics (e.g. linen) for uses like this. Read this post ... it's great.

OK, I am sure I've forgotten something. Questions? Fire away!
natiel3 PRO 8 years ago
Woo hoo! Ideas time :-) Off to shop the stash and see what I need in addition.
Peg-A-Pooh Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Peg-A-Pooh (member) 8 years ago
Awesome QD, thanks.Can't wait to start!
enola05 8 years ago
Thanks for this quilt dad.

Just 'cause I'm being dense please can you tell me how this translates to jelly rolls? 1, 11/2, 2?

Thanks again
j_q_adams 8 years ago
Oh yeah, I knew I forgot something. Jelly rolls ... hmmmm ... let me think about it for a bit and I'll post again.
SVetne 8 years ago
Oh I am sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's time to shop!!! And my kids go back to school on Monday! Yeah!!!! :D
karensc0sm0s 8 years ago
Thanks John

This helps build the anticipation...can hardly wait.
littletykesmomma 8 years ago
Oh the possibilities and I'm sure I NEED to buy more fabric cuz why use what is is my stash:)
natiel3 PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by natiel3 (member) 8 years ago
Pegap, most likely 12.5" cos they allow a 1/4" seam allowance all round! (At least mine does :-)
DeeRoo G PRO 8 years ago
I'm so excited....and I just can't hide it.....I know, I know, I know, I know...I want to, I want to.........go wonky!:) I have the Pointer Sisters as an earworm today!:)
Thanks for the info...can't wait to start going through my stash. I think I will splurge for some of that linen/cotton blend for sashing and of course buy myself that square ruler!:) It's a must have right!;)
ochil_lynz 8 years ago
Aye, Dee, that ruler's on my must-have list , too. Therefore we MUST have them. Lists don't lie, y'know. *g*

I'm getting really excited now!!
Peg-A-Pooh 8 years ago
Yeah! i already own the 12.5sq ruler!! *sticking my tongue out at Lynz*
stephanielallgood Posted 8 years ago. Edited by stephanielallgood (member) 8 years ago
I'm going totally leftover scrappy with this!...But I'll have to invest in the ruler!!! Looking forward to this!!
rebeccaweber 8 years ago
my husband is going to kill me...off to fabric shop!
baileygirl_5 8 years ago
I'm planning on making this for my son who wants a purple and orange quilt. Eep! I can't find any cool purple prints so I was thinking of making the "floating" quilt you showed above and using purple solid as the outer border. I can find a bunch of great prints with orange and I could use a solid too. I'm going to mix it up with more colors in blocks too. (I saw a cool guitar print I need to find!) Anyways . . . .how many different prints do you think I could use for the blocks? How many do you use? Any design ideas would be GREATLY appreciate!
Thank you John! I am terrible with calculating in my head....does your measurements account for a twin size? I will be making the floating blocks as well.....I just need help. :)
j_q_adams 8 years ago
A 5x5 block layout should yield approximately a 60" by 60" quilt. Twin size is typically around 65" by 88".

If you add another 2 rows of 5 (35 total blocks), it will take you to about 60" by 84". You could add side borders (which would hang on the sides of the mattress anyway) to bring it to size.

Or, you could opt for the quilt with 15.5" blocks, which should yield about a 75" by 75" quilt. Add another row and you're at 75" by 90" ... a slightly large twin.
ollie.kate 8 years ago
Thanks John. I am super excited to be starting this quilt with all of you! I had such a blast with the first quilt along, it really taught me a lot!
Karen624 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Karen624 (member) 8 years ago
I am new to the group and am excited about trying this. I love the effect of the green/brown quilt that was posted on a different thread. I have a gazillion projectsin the queue, but this one will have to jump to the front!
j_q_adams 8 years ago
baileygirl ... there are some cool purple prints in the "Woodland Wonderland" line
DeeRoo G PRO 8 years ago
Oh John...this is going to be so hard to pick out fabric....I'm torn between wanting it to be totally scrappy to wanting like maybe just 5 fabrics and using them each for the center block.....ugh....does this mean I HAVE to do two!;) Guess so!!

I'm at my parent house right now.....they have high speed internet and I don't so I'm having a fantastic time surfing the internet at lightening speed.....ugh, but I need to get off and start baking and cleaning for their party!!;)
karensc0sm0s 8 years ago
LOL I am torn like DeeRoo and I want to get my zig zig well in hand first but have just started to put the blocks together. So why am on on the computer!!!!

A question re white fabric. I used white heritage quilting cotton for the zig zag quilt but found it to be a bit thin and it frayed a bit much and so was hard to work with but it looks okay.

What alternatives are there for white cotton - what is the Kona cotton some of you have been talking about? Can I use a cotton sheet?
I have some nice ones that have been through the wash and are soft but not see through like the fabric I bought. Other alternatives?

Thanks for your help.
oldredbarnco 8 years ago
Kona cotton is great stuff. It comes in a complete rainbow of colors and I always try to get a wide variety of it on hand. My LQS carries it but the best place to find it at a great price is fabricshack.com.

I have also use the Moda solids (oh heck! I think there is a special name for them but I can't think of it right now) and liked them.
Millions of Thoughts 8 years ago
Oh my gosh. I need a new RULER???? Now I know why I joined this thing! I need another quilt doohickey! LOL

I love working with Kona Cottons!

I'm thinking of doing a wonky Christmas themed quilt. Not sure. Floating on red or white or...

Then again, I have a huge Denyse Schmidt bundle that hasn't been touched yet.

Or there's that new line of Halloween.

Or the shot cottons that I love to work with.

Or... oh my gosh. This is the worst part for me EVER is choosing fabric.
modernjax 8 years ago
baileygirl, I have some great Michael Miller fabrics, one that features guitars, and the other guitar picks and both would look great with a funky purple, orange and green quilt. I picked them up on the clearance rack at a quilt shop. If you like them and can't find them I'd be willing to part with fat quarters for a fabric trade!


Guitar Picks
skovy Posted 8 years ago. Edited by skovy (member) 8 years ago
I have a bunch of Kona solids that I'm really excited about for this quilt. The other nice thing about Kona Cotton is that you can get a Color Card which is a big pamphlet with a little scrap of EVERY color. It's great for color matching or picking color combos

I just pulled together some Christmas fabrics to send out for a quilting bee and there are so many great lines out right now! :)
modernjax 8 years ago
I love the idea of doing this with solids....hmmmm....there went the idea of stash busting!
j_q_adams 8 years ago

Enola, regarding jelly rolls ... I think you might be OK with just one (if you are making a small-ish throw quilt), but if it were me, I'd probably get 2. You know, just to be safe.

Hope this helps!
Thank you John for those measurements! You rock!
susanpiluk 8 years ago
OHH! I'm getting excited!~ Now I need to check out my stash to see if there's anything in there I want to use or do I need a visit to the fabric store for more goodies:) Am definitely going to pick up the ruler. Thanks for the details, John.
kristin rauch 8 years ago
Oh I so want to join in, but I am soooo swamped with work, I haven't even got my zig zag quilt sewn together yet. I will definitely follow along and use the info for a quilt like this at a later date. Thanks so much.
rsislandcrafts 8 years ago
JoAnn's has the Kona cottons on sale this weekend for $1.99 a yard. If you spend $50.00 online there is free shipping too.

Yes, I did order $50.00 lol. I found a little of this and a little of that to buy.
LOL AND the 12.5 ruler is on sale too. :D Lucky us!!
burnabrenna 8 years ago
When I go the the JoAnn's site it's telling me that the Kona solids are $5.99, what a downer.
Peg-A-Pooh 8 years ago
Me too burnabrenna, when I look I see Country Classic Cotton Solids on sale for $1.99, not the Kona :(
Millions of Thoughts 8 years ago
OMG I just scored big time at 85% off Christmas fabric (last year's stock) I've stockpiled a bunch and going back for more. LOL
rsislandcrafts 8 years ago
When I go to my local JoAnn's, they have the Kona on sale for $1.99. Don't know why it is different on line versus in store...
I'm really looking forward to this one! I had to miss the zigzag due to back surgery, but I'm standing sewing in short bursts so by the time this is rolling along I should be almost there! Off to sort fabrics :o) Thanks John, I've been meaning to try this for a while!
Six on Seventh 8 years ago
You can use the JoAnn coupon on-line which I what I did to get Kona in white for the zigzag. But I had to call and talk to a person to get the 40% for the total yardage. Otherwise the system only gives you off one yard. So if you need a lot of yardage of one color this is a good way to go. Actually, online there was a 50% coupon.
mindboggld 8 years ago
*sticks fingers in ears* I do not need to hear about fabric purchases and sales.. I really need to destash first. I think this will be a great project to try! :) Maybe make a lap quilt for my mom for Christmas :D
enola05 8 years ago
Thanks John. Had a great day at the Festival of Quilts yesterday and decided to buy a 2nd Freedom Fabric Noodle to match the one I got as a freebie from a mag sub whilst I was there. Would have been rude not to with all those fabric shops there lol.

Fortunately I already have the 12.5" ruler so saved a bit o cash there :D
lcmquilt ~ Tiffany [deleted] 8 years ago
Well I've got the ruler already, now to decide on the fabric!
susanpiluk 8 years ago
I picked up the ruler yesterday. They had a special multi pack with at Joann's 4 different size rulers for $32.99 and I used my 40% off coupon, so it was like getting the other 3 rulers for free:) Love a bargain and since I'm new to quilting I didn't have any of these rulers. While there I also picked up some fabric to do the rail fence quilt. I've been checking out all the lovely quilts and need one of these too. I decided to use some of Amy Whelan's Ava Rose fabric for my wonkly log cabin. Can't wait to start.
littletykesmomma 8 years ago
Oh I have some Arcadia fabric on hand and think this may me a good use for it besides the coin quilt I am making! I will be doing the one with sashing as well to tone down some of the brighter fabrics as this is going to be for my brother for Christmas! I have the rulers and I can't live without them...using them right now for the scrappy christmas block swap!
LittleWhimsies Sews 8 years ago
This looks like fun! I'd like to try this one. Got plenty of fabric - need to use up some stash!!
crazymomquilts 8 years ago
may i ask when this one starts officially? it's probably answered somewhere, but i'm not seeing it. :)
retirednana2008 8 years ago
Sept 1st.....I believe.... but let someone else verify that....
windowshopmom 8 years ago
I think I recall a 9/1 start! :)
j_q_adams 8 years ago
I'm shooting for 9/1 ... give or take a day or two!
Karen624 8 years ago
I am so torn with whether to do a quilt with just a few solids or something else. I have some Bleeker Street from Marcus that I have not done anything with, I could ebay it though. Tula Pink's Neptune is calling me, especially since I just realized there are itty bitty submarines, my husband is a submariner. Decisions, decisions.
crazyfun01 8 years ago
I'm having a hard time picking my fabric too! I think I want blues and greens and maybe some brown in a modern looking fabric! Does any one have any ideas?
crazymomquilts 8 years ago
thanks so much! i think i can join in this round. yay!
Rose of Sharon Studio 8 years ago
I am in. I am going scrappy! wooohooo!
n@nci 8 years ago
I think I am going to try and do this one in fall colors and have about 10 fabrics picked out and ready to go. Can't wait for the 1st to get here!
oldredbarnco 8 years ago
I am debating about whether to do it totally scrappy or all Flea Market Fancy. Anyone care to weigh in?
hernanamer [deleted] 8 years ago
You should totally do all Flea Market Fancy! I was just thinking an all FMF wonky log cabin woul be cool! I'd do one but I only have about 7 FQ of FMF.
n@nci 8 years ago
I'd love to see it in Flea Market Fancy!
oldredbarnco 8 years ago
I'd love to see it too but that would mean I would have to cut into it. And not be able to admire the nice stack on my sewing table. And I'd have to actually use it.

And did I mention I'd have to cut into it?
SVetne 8 years ago
LOL Dana! It's like I say about scrapbooking papers, "If I use it, I have to cut it and, if I cut it, I can't fondle it anymore." :D

Just do it!!!
denawayne 8 years ago
You can still fondle the fabric. it will just be a quilt.
n@nci 8 years ago
I never had the pleasure of actually buying any and being able to fondle or covet it so I have to settle for pictures of all your lovely quilts made with the precious fabric. I did sign the petition however by Penny to have Free Spirit open the fabric line again in hopes that I too could touch the fabric :)

amylouwhosews 8 years ago
You guys are killing me! I haven't even gotten to my zig-zag quilt yet! Wonky log cabins seem a little less intimidating for me.... I'll have to see what I can do.

Thanks for all your work - in advance!
I picked up my rulers today too! I did what you did susanpiluk! And I utilized my 40% off coupon! Wahoo! I'm waiting for the last of my fabric to arrive for the wonky log cabin quilt! Wait until you see all the different fabrics my 9 year old picked! :) It's going to be different! LOL. But, hey.....he picked em....should be interesting!
catherine's attic 8 years ago
Okay I'm in with the wonky log cabins. I've still got to quilt my zig-zag quilt but what the heck why not start another one. It will be using fabric from my stash so I will probably go with a scrappy one. Should be fun.
kaylynne 8 years ago
I'm in...when do we start??? I want to make some wonky block:-)
rebeccasrags 8 years ago
I was debating if I wanted to do this or not, when I walked into a quilt shop yesterday, and found 16 fq's of Wonderland. I took it as a sign from God, so I'm in.
j_q_adams 8 years ago
ooooh, wonderland ... one of my absolute faves! can't wait to see it!
Lucy & Norman 8 years ago
Hey Dana - I am going to do an all FMF for this one too! It will be so fun to see how ours turn out differently!
Yukon Viv 7 years ago
This is perfect! I just got a package of Olivia (the pig)fabric and was thinking of how I could use it. I wanted to make a quilt for my daughter for Christmas and this looks like it'd be fun to use the Olivia fabrics with.
TagEButt Posted 7 years ago. Edited by TagEButt (member) 7 years ago
I'm going to use the Just Dreamy collection by Riley Blake. I bought it for the zigzag quiltalong, but never got started, so just purchased more of it and I am all set! YAY...cannot wait! Not sure what I'll do with the quilt when done, but it should be fun to make! Thank you so much for doing this, John! I'm a big fan of yours.
Millions of Thoughts 7 years ago
I just flipped through the new(er) Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in the Sun book at my local bookstore yesterday, and in there was a gorgeous photo and instructions of a wonky log cabin. He sashed some of the blocks, as well, put wonky borders on the big border of the finished quilt. It looked stunning.
Cannot WAIT to make this now!

Still deciding - Christmas prints...or cut into my DS fabrics....
peaknit 7 years ago
I have a jelly cake of Wonderland ready to be cut into - thank you, John, for leading the group's next adventure!!:)
j_q_adams 7 years ago
ooooh ... wonderland ... one of my absolute faves ... ... ...
chmihen 7 years ago
seriously so excited to start this, my first quilt along and I can't wait to do the wonky cabins!
rafael's mum 7 years ago
Love wonderland too ! and have some.... but cutting into it..... ai.... no .... that would be.... well.... cutting into it! after all that finding and collecting and having the lovely piles in on my table....

you see.. once you do, you cannot make anything else with it... and what if you mess it up? mmmmm......

I think I will use something I am less attached to till I am more sure of myself! (and a bit more experienced) (same with my arcadia really...)

Can't wait to start this! What a fab group, you guys are a lifesavers! not posted much lately as been on hols. and what do I find? lynz and floss talking gibberish :-) keep it up ladies!
ochil_lynz 7 years ago
*salutes* Okey-dokey, Cap'n!

Is this D-Day!! It's the first! Woop!!!!!
OK, I can't decide which fabrics to use, so I might have to do 2 quilts at the same time! I have some great Oakshott woven plains, a big, did I say big? I mean huge selection of Amy Butler abrics that would be awesome floating, but also some WildWood on its way from the States too! Yep, it's gonna have to be 2 for 1! I'll post a pic of the plains soonest and Wildwood when it's here!
SVetne 7 years ago
Trudi - I did 2 quilts for Dana's 1st quilt along and I think I'm doing 2 for this one, too! One of my daughters picked out some Amy Butler FQs that matched her room and then the other daughter picked out other FQs that matched her room and before I knew it, I was committed to 2 more quilts. LOL!
Woohoo!! It's finally Sept 1st!! Let's get WONKY BABY!! :D
SVetne, I'm glad i'm not alone, my daughter is coveting thr round 1 quilt I did in Amy Butler fabrics, and I just love the fresh bright look. I'm sure she will love these too! All the quilts take it in turns on the beds, depending on the season or change of mood!

I'm just posting a pick of my plains :-)
LHBC Nicole 7 years ago
Ooh, this is going to be so fun!! I didn't have time to do the zig zaq QAL, but I think I can make this happen! Now to decide on the fabric......I might pair a jelly roll (I have several laying around here) with some FQs. We'll see if I can make this a stash quilt. :)
greeneyedsilversmith 7 years ago
holy cow... you guys have some great ideas floating around. i was starting to think about jelly rolls too - i have some awesome batik rolls just sitting in my stash closet (they're hiding in my sewing machine cover...since it's never covered). then i've got a HUGE stash of christmas fabrics that i have been saying i'll use one day (started that stash 5 years ago). so many WIPs...so little time...
j_q_adams Posted 7 years ago. Edited by j_q_adams (member) 7 years ago
well, it's time to decide, ladies (& gents?)

the first step is now posted!!
ckevinb2001 7 years ago
I actually dreamed about this quilt last night. Pale blues and toast colors with a white background. Now to find those fabrics! I had planned on using the 1-yard cuts of Jason Yenter fabrics I bought at a local shop (Sew Mini Things), but like you FMF gals, I'm afraid to cut into it.

This will be my first quilt-along, but have been admiring the Flickr stream on Red Barn's other quilt-alongs.
Karen624 7 years ago
Gah! I have to decide now. I REALLY like that brown/green one that was posted, and it one wall in my family room is that color, so it would look fantastic in there. I am thinking about making this as a suprise Christmas Gift for my husband, and he would love the simplicity of a 3 color geometric looking quilt.
athenamat 7 years ago
I bought my fabric! I am choosing grey, gold, and oranges inspired by my bff's super fashion sense! I can't wait until it arrives in the mail!
littletykesmomma 7 years ago
They do make a 15.5" square ruler....obviously I need more stuff sinc EI do not have it! www.olipfa.com/quilting/
j_q_adams 7 years ago
athenamat, so glad you're playing along!!

littletykesmomma ... or should i say, "enabler" ... thanks for the link! : )
suejoy70 7 years ago
I'm a bit behind on the cutting front, in fact I have to chose my fabrics yet. The weekend looks like a great time to get up to date
Julie Antinucci 7 years ago
Oh, good, I'm not the only one who's behind. I stil have to choose my fabric and catch up. I'm pretty speedy though, and just finished my eighth rag quilt of the last 2 weeks, so I'm SOOOO ready to do something else.
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