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Hi Friends!
Yesterday I wasn't sure that I would make it today, as I had yet to sew the binding on my quilt and I spent 3 hours in the ER. . . Our Emmalie (5) spun around on her foot real fast in the kitchen and landed on a cup in her hand face first. She has a few minor cuts in her mouth, but the major was 4 stitches needed on her bottom lip and chin - super painful spot!
In the light of a new morning, the swelling has gone down and she is starting to heal up. Neosporin is the new chapstick for Em :) I self inflicted stitches on myself over last winter and I would do it all again if it meant not having to watch her go through it all! We are here to quilt though - right!?

Press and cut strips for your binding 2.5" strips is a standard
Cut your strips - 2.5" by Amy's Creative Side

My formula for finding the number of strips needed
L+L+W+W= xxx divide by 40 and round up to the next whole number, I use 40 to work in a little bit of excess - just in case!

Sew them together
Sew together on bias by Amy's Creative Side
I used to mark the diagonal, but realized that I could overhang the selvages and sew corner to corner. Trim away excess to a 1/4" seam and press open. Then fold down the center wrong sides together, and press.
Prep binding by Amy's Creative Side

Square and trim up your quilt - the bigger the ruler the better for this step :)
Square/trim quilt by Amy's Creative Side

Time to sew it on!
Attach binding by Amy's Creative Side
I use my walking foot, and 3/8" seam allowance (the edge of my foot). If you tend to have more binding on the back of your quilt, or a floppy binding, use a slightly larger seam allowance - like if you have always done 1/4" try the 3/8".

When you get to the corner, pull it out from under the needle to make your fold.
Miter corners by Amy's Creative Side
Turn and get it back under the needle to keep going.

I leave a big gap 12-15" to close up the gap with a "seamless" finish.
Leave a big gap by Amy's Creative Side

I remembered in planning this post, that I learned this binding technique from a fellow blogger and friend Emily, with that said I am going to send you to her tutorial. It works like a charm, but you have to have a good gap - if you don't go back to your standby :)

Perfect Fit Binding
Undetectable beginning/ending :) by Amy's Creative Side
Here is my finished, well almost finished product.

I haven't had a chance to sew down any of the binding and the kids are having a quilt party at the moment on the living room floor and so I link you over to Dana's post if you need specifics on hand sewing.

Dana's Binding Post

Let me know if you have any questions - I love the binding technique because once it's on you can't tell which seam is which, nice and clean!

Peg-A-Pooh 9 years ago
Oh Amy. I am crying. I know how painful it is to see our babies hurting. Sending hugs, good movies, you have your own homemade comfy blankies, and lots of love her way!
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
Thanks Peg - it has been very emotional for me too. But she seems to be doing alright, even played outside for a bit yesterday after returning from the hospital. kids are more resilient than their mama's! I just want to keep her close and never let her get hurt again. :)
ochil_lynz 9 years ago
Oh, Amy! *winces* I don't know who to feel more for - you or wee Emmalie! On her wee face, too, bless her heart.
oldredbarnco 9 years ago
Oh Amy!! I am so sorry to hear about your daughter.

Nothing is worse for a momma than a hurt child.

What a trooper you are to still give us tips and techniques about binding despite all you guys have been through.

Give me an "A"!! Give me a "M"! Gimme a "Y"!!

What's it spell??
ochil_lynz 9 years ago
*shakes pompoms* SUPERWOMAN! If you're a cheerleader that can't spell, obviously.
Taya Chiniquy 9 years ago
So sorry about your daughter. There is nothing worse than to see your kids in pain. Hope she is feeling better and heals quickly.
baileygirl_5 9 years ago
Wow! So sorry about your daughter . . . Seeing your kids in pain is the worst thing in the world. I'm sorry your went through that and, of course, hopes your daughter heals up fast!
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
You all make me smile. Thanks!

She's outside playing in the grass with all the other kids, and I'm a nervous wreck trying to fold laundry and make dr. appointments. She's feeling much better - thankfully.
karensc0sm0s 9 years ago
Glad to hear your little one is recovering ( and that you are too)
FlossieBlossoms 9 years ago
Oh, poor little punkin! I hope she heals up fast so you both can rest easier, Amy. Popsicles all around! Hey, it helps with the mouth swelling! Just don't give her a cherry one, you might faint if you forget and she smiles at you!

I bought my binding fabric today, still have to do my quilting, I MAY have decided on a plan, but who knows. All I know is, both quilts are getting a fairly dark purple binding, the same on both.

I'm just sitting here laughing at our resident cheerleader shaking her pompoms. lol We Yanks use that expression for something else, Miss. Well, let me clarify that- some of the guys do! Let's just say- be careful who you shake 'em at and watch out for their hands!
DeeRoo G 9 years ago
Amy...sending out quick healing vibes to your sweetheart. If she's playing outside then all is definately well!:) If it was a grown-up we would be whining for some attention!;)

Wish I had time to quilt my ZZ but I am getting ready for a party we siblings are giving our parents next Sat....55 years married and mom's 75th bday....have about 60 guest coming...I'm going down there Wed to start baking and cooking and setting up!! Been baking here for several days!

Here's to Em feeling better and that pesky hurricane staying way off shore from Southern VA on Sat!:)
natiel3 PRO 9 years ago
Ouch! Sounds like things are getting better though :-)
Thanks for all the instructions - now all I have to do is catch up!
ochil_lynz 9 years ago
"I'm just sitting here laughing at our resident cheerleader shaking her pompoms. lol We Yanks use that expression for something else, Miss. Well, let me clarify that- some of the guys do! Let's just say- be careful who you shake 'em at and watch out for their hands! "

*shock* Ooops. So what DO cheerleaders do, then? Agitate their balls of fluff? How terribly PC. *grins*

Fingers are crossed here for hurricane stayaway-age, Dee!

Amy, I love the link to your friend's binding method!
sewanyhowBeth 9 years ago
Thanks ladies! You are always there for a good laugh! I can't wait to get to my ZZ quilt! I may make it a tutorial for our homeschool mom's group. But that would be the blind leading the blind! *g* And I think everyone should do a little pompom shaking every once in a while. Keep the boys guessing. That's what I think!
The Desert Quilter (aka..HardyPartyof5) Posted 9 years ago. Edited by The Desert Quilter (aka..HardyPartyof5) (member) 9 years ago
Amy I am so sorry to hear about your daughter too! Poor thing. Here it is Wednesday night and this is the first I've been out of bed since Sunday....I caught the flu! Thanks for these great instructions on binding. And I agree about the neosporin! :)

Sewanyhow.....I homeschool too! :)
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
Sorry about the flu bug! That seems to be next on our list as Sophia hasn't kept her dinner tonight :(

Have fun binding your quilt!!
Oh I'm so sorry Amy. Tis the season though isn't it? ;|
greentechmama Posted 9 years ago. Edited by greentechmama (member) 9 years ago
Same here Amy, sorry to hear about your daughter. It's really hard when the kids get hurt. Glad to hear that she is out playing now.

Hardypartyof5, sorry to hear you have the flu. Get well soon! Yes it is the season for sure...

Thanks for the instructions Amy!
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