Amy's Creative Side 6:01am, 20 July 2009
Hi Friends! I am excited to begin this zig-zag journey with you! My original Quilt-along is finished and at home on my bed. Many thanks to Dana, for everything she has done, and collecting this fun group here!!

Are you ready to begin? Great!

What size did you decide to make? Depending on the size you may need to cut differently - so pay close attention!

Before cutting - PRESS YOUR FABRICS - I like to use lots of spray starch, especially when working with diagonals/bias. Do be careful not to distort the grain of the fabric as you press.
Press! by Amy's Creative Side

Next, if you have yardage fold 2x, and cut a straight edge - square your fabric. If you have fat quarters fold them if you need to, in order to accommodate your ruler.
Square by Amy's Creative Side

**If you are making a baby or throw quilt - cut 5" strips then squares
**If you are making a bed size quilt - cut 9" strips then squares

Cut rows -
Cut Rows by Amy's Creative Side

Then squares -
Cut Squares by Amy's Creative Side

"How many?" you ask!
Cut 1 square for every block your quilt is wide.
I created a pdf that you may find helpful at this point - go ahead and check it out - I'll wait. :)

Once all your gorgeous fabrics are cut - it's time to design your quilt! Here's how I approached it: put colors together that you like and offer contrast! Unless you want to move through your colors, then start at one end of the spectrum and end at the other.

I laid mine out like this:
Design by Amy's Creative Side

1/2 as many across but 2x as long, play with it until it's right - to you - and click a pic for reference, and to post here. Notice that there is 1 of each fabric at the top and bottom, but 2 of each fabric in the middle rows. (The reason it is half as wide?? Each square will be paired up and become a set of blocks - next week!)

Since you have them laid out gather them by rows of 2, start at the bottom and collect the first 2 squares from the 1st and 2nd rows.
Stack by Amy's Creative Side

Collect the group of pairs and stick a pin in them - all the way up! Or you can do it however works best for you! If you have a design wall - just leave them there :)
Pretty Piles by Amy's Creative Side

If you have help like I often do - make sure they don't confuse you! :)
The Help :) by Amy's Creative Side

Next week we will mark, sew, cut, and press our blocks!

Any questions?? Feel free to fmail me or email me at If you feel it is a question everyone will benefit from start a new thread! That is what is so great about this group!

All of the pictures are in my photostream if you need a closer look.

I'm excited to get started with this project with all of you! I hope you enjoy it ~ Amy
heidielliott PRO 7 years ago
Good Lord, Girl! The pdf is awesome as are your pictures. Thanks for taking the time to lead this round for us :)
Cindy_FL PRO 7 years ago
Great photos and instructions! I will get started later today since I guess I'd better do some housework first. Don't want to but I must.

I had so much fun with the last one. Thanks for doing this for us!
ladmquilter Posted 7 years ago. Edited by ladmquilter (member) 7 years ago
Great Instructions, I started yesterday and cut my fabric in five Inch squares because you had mention charm packs and I have been marking as I go. I have 2 rows pieced so far and I am still deciding whether to make it wider or not. I made several extra squares but they may be part of a pinwheel quilt if I do not use them.
goddessinprogress 7 years ago
You're the best! Great directions!
FlossieBlossoms 7 years ago
I have a question, Amy. What size is yours? I keep counting your pretty swanky squares and coming up with 120. Are your kids clamoring for this quilt already? It's going to be so pretty.

I LOVE your layout, I was trying to figure out how to do something like that with a repeat in the middle, thanks for showing an example!
Silly lil' Doe! 7 years ago
Yay! Thank you very much! I'm itching to start.
peaknit 7 years ago
I'm so excited - the pdf rocks - I figure I need 8 -9" squares of each fabric for my twin. I am going to finish my day job then go home and cook up some spray starch! I like Diane Guadynski's recipe - found here:
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
Susan - I had some Swanky given to me so I am using what I have! It will be 10x12, or 40x48"

My kids *always* want what I am working on :)
oldredbarnco 7 years ago
Eeeekk!! I am soo excited to get started! Thanks Amy!
badlandsquilts PRO 7 years ago
Thanks for doing this Amy. I did not do the quilt around the first time and am very excited for this!
BahayKoobo 7 years ago
Thanks Amy!
Thanks Amy! I am soo excited to start this quilt!
natiel3 PRO 7 years ago
Oooh, goodie! I have my two sets of fat quarters ready to be ironed and cut out :-)
Six on Seventh 7 years ago
Thanks for the starch recipe! I know I will be too busy after work to get to the store for some but can cook up a batch and do my ironing late tonight. Still waiting on one fabric anyway.
Yah, can't wait to get started!
catherine's attic 7 years ago
Thanks for the instructions Amy and the great pdf. I sent my husband down to the shops for spray starch this morning so I can get started this afternoon. I've never used starch before when making a quilt so a great tip thnk you.
FlossieBlossoms 7 years ago
Yup, I'm new to starch, too. I'll be doing tomorrow when I finally decide on a layout. Fortunately I have a bottle of that clear, scented stuff. I hope it's enough!
DeeRoo G PRO 7 years ago
Is it imperative that we use spray starch? I have never used starch before!:)
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
I don't think it's imperative - but I really like it! It helps to shrink the fibers a bit and keep them nice and stiff while cutting and sewing. I use the cheap stuff you find at the grocery store or wal-mart.

Just one of those things I picked up along the way - that works for me :) Whatever you decide - treat all your fabrics the same way.

Leigh Lodge 7 years ago
I'm still waiting on my fabric but soon as it gets here I'll be on it! Hopefully in a day or two it will be here so I can get my cutting done before the weekend. On Friday I am driving to Atlanta to meet my husband for our 39th anniversary. May be playing a bit of catch up right off the bat.
2miracles 7 years ago
Well I'm tired tonight. I'm already confused again. I have to read this when I'm not exhausted. But I'm excited to learn ohour these stripes work.
I was too excited to do the starch......oops. I have all my squares cut and I have it designed too. I did it all in 1 day and now I have to wait! ugh. I'll post pictures up to show my progress! I can't wait to see all the beautiful quilts!
Rose of Sharon Studio 7 years ago
I am very anxious about getting started, but will have to wait until friday! :) Thank you Amy!
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
hardypartyof5 - I figured some would be done in a day and others would need all week! You are a fast one :) Can't wait to see your progress!
FlossieBlossoms 7 years ago
I am a starch convert! Gosh, I love this stuff! I have the Mary Ellen's Carribean Beach "flavor" and it's sooooo nice! I even starched a top I pieced yesterday to make a cat blankie out of, boy does it look NICE all crispy. And my sewing room smells GREAT!

Thanks for making me starch something, Amy. I needed a push.
Sheristitch 7 years ago
Thanks for the instuctions! This is a lot of funny. I love to see how everyone's quilt look along the way.
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
Great Susan! It makes a big difference!
Wild Indian Cowgirl 7 years ago
Flossie.... I am a lover of Mary Ellen's Lavender Starch. I love that stuff ... I buy it by the gallon.. Can't wait to get started on this one. Just can't figure out which fabric to use... Thank god I have some time...

Parkcitygirl.... You ROCK! Thanks so much for the detailed instructions and PDF...
karmmj6 7 years ago
I'm done with this week's instructions. Can't wait 'til next week!! : )
Peg-A-Pooh 7 years ago
Awesome pdf parkcitygirl!
Is it next Monday yet? *giggle*
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
I need to get busy! Glad you like the pdf :)

I decided to make the throw. I am so excited! It will become a Christmas gift for my sister and be perfect in her family room. I picked Lantern Bloom. The colors and the design style of the fabric 'fit'. Ordered my fabric at the end of last week, and looks like they will get here today.

I love the starch suggestion. Never heard it before, but I am gonna use it! I need all the stabilizing I can get. ;)
I love starch. LOL But i have only been aware of the basic kind at the grocery store. Where does one find the good smelling stuff????? LOL I am intrigued! :D
littletykesmomma 7 years ago
I love the Mary Ellens starch as well and have learned to buy it by the gallon! I use it all on my projects especially any small pieces or paper piecing! It makes all the difference! Thanks for all the great instructions Amy, I need to get a cutting!
Peg-A-Pooh 7 years ago
Starch is awesome! Thanks for the hint Parkcitygirl! I second the question, where do you find the good smelling stuff?
~Dorrie 7 years ago
Local quilt shops usually have the yummy stuff! I've also seen it (sporadically) at Michael's and JoAnn's. Best Press is the one I use.
FeyaPL 7 years ago
Amy, quick question! When we're pinning the squares together, are they right-sides together (a la sewing on the bias on both sides of the diagonal) or is it just to keep them together for now?
justintimecreations Posted 7 years ago. Edited by justintimecreations (member) 7 years ago
OK - two rows down and three more to go. I uploaded some of the pics on my photostream under - ZigZag Quilt-A-Long. I'm thinking stripes are gonna be an issue for me. It was working for me when I was seeing the pics in my head...hehehe
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
Feya - Just to keep them together for now. I didn't pin the pairs just the row :) but you are welcome to go for it now!
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
I found the entire line of Mary Ellen's Best Press at Create for Less.

Please bear in mind - I've never used this just doing a little googling :)
FeyaPL 7 years ago
Thank you for the info!
lcmquilt ~ Tiffany [deleted] 7 years ago
I have some vintage sheets cut up into 5" squares all ready to use for this project. How cool is that? I'm off to deisgn my rows now.
Peg-A-Pooh Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Peg-A-Pooh (member) 7 years ago
will the longest side be horizontal /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
or vertical

That is a question for parkcitygirl and here pic
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
You could go either way! I'm planning horizontal, depending on your fabric you could make the vertical work. What's your plan??
Peg-A-Pooh 7 years ago
Plan? I need a plan? I knew i was doing something wrong! :)

I haven't decided yet, still looking at my fabric waiting for it to tell me
peaknit 7 years ago
Whwe, I got my squares cut out. It's a close call getting two 9" strips from a half yard - no room for mistake - I think my hands were shaking;) But they are done and I can't wait for step #2!!
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
You'll be fine Peg! If you make it a square - you could decide each time it is used! he he

peaknit - glad you got it, I didn't think about that being a problem - sorry! I am hoping I can get step 2 taken care of today, if my kiddos cooperate :)
bakbilleder 7 years ago
I am leaving for a week of vacation Saturday, so could you maybe just whisper to me what kind of tools and fabric will be involved next week?
Then I will see if it fits in the suitcase...
DeeRoo G PRO 7 years ago
Bakbilleder....have a great vacation....I forgot to ask my friends daughter where her fiance goes to school there in Arhus.....they are getting married on the first day of your vacation...hopefully I'll remember to ask them then.
Have fun!:)
betherfro 7 years ago
Can't wait to get started... just found out about this quilt along from the old red barn blog - yeah! I've been wanting to try my hand at a zig zag quilt and this will give me a push to try it. Thanks so much for the instructions and the layout pdf!
SewVintage 7 years ago
Fun, fun, fun! I've got fabric, I've got thread, I've got time, who could ask for anything more? What movie is that song from? It keeps going through my head now. Anyway, I can't wait to get started on this one!
SewVintage 7 years ago
Oh, those aren't the real words to the song, by the way..... I can't remember the real words other than, "who could ask for anything more"... I think I need to go to sleep now.
bakbilleder 7 years ago
@ DeeRoo G:
Ohh, I wish them a happy day :)
And hopefully the weather will behave - wich it hasn't the last week or two :(
Peg-A-Pooh 7 years ago
Gene Kelly sang it in An American In Paris. I've got rhythm is the name of the song.
Rose of Sharon Studio 7 years ago
I've got rhythm, I've got music, I've got my girl, who could ask for anything more?
Six on Seventh 7 years ago
Got my colored squares cut last night. Still waiting on the Kona white. JoAnns had only a little bit so I had to order it. I am running the zigzags in both horizontal and vertical sections with a pinwheel in the middle to connect it all. At least that is how I have drawn it up. We will see what happens when I start sewing...never done triangles before...
Peg-A-Pooh 7 years ago
Sing it Rose, sing it!
One of my favorite movies!
ochil_lynz 7 years ago
Woo-hoo! I've been away on holiday all week and have just got home and my fabric has arrived and now I have destructions!! Woop!!

You are brilliant, Amy!
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
Welcome back! Your antics have been missed around here :)
maripenquilts Posted 7 years ago. Edited by maripenquilts (member) 7 years ago
Help, I'm scared to cut into my fabric. I have read all the threads and for some reason I just can't wrap my head around the layout part.

On the PDF is one block a HST block or a unit of several HST's? Because if I'm doing a twin that 8 blocks across does this mean I'm going to have 8 zigs or 4, which just doesn't seem enough to go across a twin bed.

Also, I want to do every other row in white. So does this mean I only need 6 - 1/2 yards of colored/textured fabric and then 5 - 1/2 yards of white fabric? I want each colored row to be a different fabric. How many zig zag rows are there actually going to be on a twin size quilt white rows =? colored rows =?

Amy, I'm sorry for being dense here but I guess I'm having a mental block, the more I read these threads the more confused I am getting.

In the end I want my quilt to look like this:
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
Let's go back to the amount of fabric needed first :) -

I am using standard measurements for a twin at 64" wide, you could go wider, but would need more fabric - there's not room for extra blocks in the half-yard cuts. And the zig-zags are going to be larger, more graphic than the quilt pictured. If you would prefer you may cut 5" squares instead - tempted!? you will need 16 to get to 64 wide, but you will have extra bits if you would like to make it wider. Yes, 6 1/2 yd cuts for the colors, and 2.5 yds for the white.

Each zig-zag, uses 2 rows, which is why I have you laying it out as 4, but twice as long. And each of your squares will be joined to another to make 2 identical hst blocks.

There's an element of faith in these quilt-alongs - hard to see what you are going to end up with until we get a little closer :) I hope I haven't confused the issue further for you.

Let me know if you have more questions -
seafern cottage 7 years ago
Not sure if this will help, but I am a visual person and have alot of trouble with written instructions. Thanks to Amy for the great pics at the beginning of this discussion.

I just posted a picture of a grid I did in excel, but had to convert to a .jpg to get it in the photostream. But I drew this out then colored it in for my fabric layout If you look at it the two blocks outlined in orange would be what you get from each pair of 5" blocks ( or whatever size blocks you are using. This grid uses 12 rows of 12 blocks.
maripenquilts 7 years ago
OK, I'm starting to break through the fog now. Thanks for the clarification Amy and thanks too to seafern cottage.

I'm going to think a little bit more on if I want to do a twin size in 5 inch blocks or the larger graphic version of 9 inch blocks before I cut, and once I decide I'll go for it. The prints I am using are fairly small so might be better to go with the smaller block size.

I think I've been overthinking this. I'm going to go print out Amy's PDF and do some coloring.
DeeRoo G PRO 7 years ago
Maripenquiltmom, if you look at my picture in the pool, it is two over from seafern cottage's grid picture, you can see that I outlined in black every two squares, that helped me see that to make two squares with two colors I needed one of each color. This helped me then count how many squares I needed of each color for that pairs of two means seven of one color and seven of the other which will make 14 my layout had seven columns.
I noticed on Amy's pdf that she drew it with rectangles of 2 squares/4 triangles...that really helped the light bulb go on for me!:)
So hope I haven't confused you more...if so...pretend you didn't read this post!:)
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
Glad you are getting it :) Have fun coloring!
karensc0sm0s 7 years ago
I am using 7" cut squares to make 6" (or so) finished blocks because I wanted a few more zigs on my twin size quilt. It is looking good.

Its great to use Amy's pdf - you may want to enalrge it a bit and colour the squares to represent your fabric choices.

When I started colouring the squares it all made sense because my mind works better seeing something.
maripenquilts 7 years ago
Thanks everyone. I think your comments have really helped clear things up for me. I did some coloring and I think I know what to do now.
baileygirl_5 7 years ago
I have faith! I know once I see how the squares are made I'll be able to lay out my squares like everyone else. What I can't wrap my mind around is the top row. I have six chocolate brown prints and then white for some plain rows and I want the top and bottom that is half a zig zig to be white. I'm not sure how these get pinned to the other squares. What are we doing with the end pieces that are the half a zig zag? I'm sure it will be clear monday but I'm just not able to lay mine out yet and pin squares together.

I am so excited about this quilt! I went to the quilt shop yesterday and bought some of the best press starch and just drooled over the fabric. I'm already looking forward to doing another one!
rosebudquilting 7 years ago
Amy-Thank you for managing this quilt along. I missed the first one and would like to participate in the zig zag. I'm new to flicker and to how these groups I need to do something other than post here to sign up? What exactly do we do just post here and our blog with photos of our progress each week, or anything more? thanks.
rosebudquiling blogspot
rosebudquilter flicker
burnabrenna 7 years ago
I'm so indecisive that I ordered 15 half yards so I can decide when they get here whether I want to make a twin size or 2 throw sizes. Ahhh! It took me forever to even decide which fabrics to order.
kristin rauch 7 years ago
okay so I wasn't going to join in, but I just can't help myself. So I looked through stash and decided that sure what the heck I will do it. I think I will make a throw size. That way it's not as overwhelming adding another project to the list. I just can't stay away from all you wonderful ladies. Thanks so much Amy for taking the lead on this one.
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
Michelle - Glad you are joining us! Just join in the discussion and post pictures to the group with your progress.

Burnabrenna - sounds like a good problem to have :)

Kristin rauch - yay! Glad you are in - this group is so much fun!!
Sharonleigh 7 years ago
Hi I am just joining in and going to cut my fabric today...Hopefully I get the drift of what to do...I will post a pic when I am done
ochil_lynz 7 years ago
Okay, I'm obviously having a blonde moment. I'm doing a baby sized quilt - according to the PDF that means I'll have 10x10 blocks. So, when I'm laying out my design, do I REALLY only do it half as wide? So only lay out 5 of my 5in cuts? I get the twice as long thing but can't wrap my head round the half as wide bit at all.

I don't need any big long explanations here (I'm good with trust and am happy to wait and have my lightbulb moment next week!) but just need someone to say, "Lynz, you want 5 squares along and 20 deep" or whatever. My excuse is I'm still on holiday time. *grins*
ochil_lynz Posted 7 years ago. Edited by ochil_lynz (member) 7 years ago
Right, I look like I've got something similar to Amy's - I'm just going with it and pinning. Pleased with my fabric choices and starch rules!!!!
Anita in Florida 7 years ago
Not sure why...but I'm just not getting it! I finally started cutting my 5" squares...only cut 1 strip from each batik...just to play with it. I folded one square and placed on the other all across, then made several other short rows...but it's just not looking right...I figure once I get some HST actually sewn I may see the light, for now I'll just put it aside.
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
Lynz - you had it! It will all make more sense tomorrow :)

Anita - hopefully tomorrow will clear the air for you!

I'm almost ready~
fireflylanedesigns 7 years ago
ok so I finally got it and cut all my squares and organized my rows and this afternoon after church I started drawing my lines.
thanks Amy for organizing this and getting me motivated to do this. I think I will be giving this as a Christmas gift. I will take pics later and post.
craftytammie 7 years ago
how did I miss the start of this quilt along?! I'm going to get started right away.
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
Great Tammie! Let me know if you have any questions :)
~Dorrie 7 years ago
Thanks Amy! You did a great job zig-zaging us all along! My top isn't quite together yet, but I really love it up on the design wall (I'll post pics later this week of the completed top)! My friend has a long arm so I think I'll throw it on there and do swirly-loops. . .I love swirly loops!
Shiners view 7 years ago
Am I too late to jump in and join?
Amy's Creative Side 7 years ago
Never! Let me know if you have any questions :)

seafern cottage 7 years ago
You are never too late, we're all at different stages!! Please join in!!
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