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Amy's Creative Side 6:38pm, 8 July 2009
I decided to keep all the information and instructions here in flickr. I've been posting a picture a day on my blog, parkcitygirl, to help cut down on computer time. Yet, I jumped at this opportunity to quilt with all of you! Anyway, I'm going to keep that up over there, and you all are welcome to join me - whatever works!

As we have just made some big quilts and the fact that this is an introduction to half-square triangles, I thought we should make smaller quilts. That being said if you really wanted to make a specific size, let me know - there's options!

** To make a 40" square baby quilt - you need 10 fat quarters for the top, 1/2 yard for the binding, and 1 1/2 yards for the back.

** To make a 48x60" throw quilt - you need 15 fat quarters for the top, 1/2 yard for the binding, and 2 1/2 - 3 yards for the back. Depends on how much piecing you add to the back :)

If you want to extend your fabrics, and your dollar, consider replacing half the fat quarters with a solid. Fabric Shack has a great selection of Kona cottons. For the baby size purchase 1 1/4 yards, and throw 1 1/2 yards to replace the fat quarters.

You may also use charm packs! You should purchase 3-6 depending on size, and how many are in the fabric group, then group them by color. I've found really good deals on ebay for charm packs in the past. It's worth a shot!

There's been a few requests for a bit more time to finish the original quilt -- I happen to fall into that category too. So how about we shop and get organized, then the first installment of instruction will be July 20th!

I hope that gives us all enough time to finish and shop!
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Amy's Creative Side Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Amy's Creative Side (member) 9 years ago
I know Dana wants to make a twin so here's the details here -

**To make a 64x88" twin size quilt - you need 11 - 1/2 yard cuts, 1 yard for the binding, and 4-5 yards for the back. Again it depends on how much piecing you add to the back.

The big difference here - different size squares cut when we get there. It is to better use your fabric without too much waste. The quilt will be graphic and modern.

If you still want a bigger quilt - let me know I will do more math :)


ETA - A request was made for a Full size quilt! You all are so ambitious!

**To make a 80x88" Full size quilt - you will need 11 - 1 yard cuts, to make it with 4 colors repeated, 2 1/2 yards of 3 fabrics, and 1 1/2 yards of the fourth fabric. 1 yard for binding and 5-6 yard for the back. Again, it depends on how much piecing you add to the back.

As I mentioned before, I will have you cut bigger block sizes to make the most of your fabric, and not quite so many blocks :)

**To make a 88x96" Queen size quilt - you will need 12 - 1 yard cuts! 1 yard for the binding and 5-6 yards for the back!
oldredbarnco 9 years ago
Ahhh. I love your mathematical mind.

No. If I'm being totally honest here. . . I love that you do the math for me. Thanks Amy!
debbievds 9 years ago
Wow - well done Amy. Cant imagine being such a whiz at the maths! Yay for the extra time as I need to get my fabric all the way down to the southern tip of Africa. Now for some online shopping.....
ochil_lynz 9 years ago
Yahoo!!!! I'm definitely in the teeny-weeny quilt category (less scarey!) so 10 FQ's it is. And the 20th is brilliant for me getting stuff from waaaay over your way to waaaaaaay over here to me in the UK. Top banana!!
kaydeeshaw 9 years ago
Thanks Amy! (I've been loving the photos on your blog by the way!)

Oooh, and thanks for the extra time!
DeeRoo G 9 years ago
WhoooHooooo.....throw size for me and thanks for the extra time so I can finish the ORB quilt!:)
DeeRoo G 9 years ago
I forgot to ask...is that 15 different fabs for the front? What if I just want to use say 4 colors for the front....would then 4 yards of 4 different fabrics be ok?
Amy's Creative Side Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Amy's Creative Side (member) 9 years ago
15 fat quarters - yes they could all be different. or doubles works too.

but - yes 4 - 1 yard cuts would make a nice throw :)
peaknit 9 years ago
I'm very excited - as I have 12 1/2 yards of the Heather Ross Mendocino collection for my daughter's twin quilt - to - be. It will translate perfectly for this new QAL quilt - I never have that kind of luck! Thank you for doing the twin math - yay!
Quilting Barbie [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks Amy! I'm pretty excited...I think I want to make the twin size. Now just have to decide if I should use fabric from my stash or buy some yummy Deer Valley for this project.
Alatariel Leralonde PRO 9 years ago
Sounds super fun!! I have some Katie Jump Rope 1/2 yards that would be perfect for this!!
Handfulofboys 9 years ago
I want to make a quilt that would fit a full size bed and just using 4 different colors. What do I need to get? I am so excited about starting this.
BahayKoobo 9 years ago
Thanks Amy!
SanourraDesigns Posted 9 years ago. Edited by SanourraDesigns (member) 9 years ago
Eeesh. I really want to do this, but I think I'm going to have to sit it out. The first one was great to get me moving. But now I'm moving. Full speed ahead!

And I need to make more purses and things to sell so I might have some chance of getting my little craftsy business off the ground. Otherwise, I think my soul might suffocate under piles of paperwork and Excel spreadsheets.

I'll definitely follow along, and I may make one. It just won't be on the same timeline as yours!
boutiqueginabeana 9 years ago
I am so in!!! I want to at least make a twin size. And Thank You Amy for the math! Truth be told It took me 3 tries to pass Intro Algebra in College ;) But sewing math is different right LOL.
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
Handfulofboys - I added the requirements to the top of this post! I wanted it to be easy to find :)

mandalin18 9 years ago
Thanks for the maths Amy. 11 1/2 yards it is, yeah.
tdmcmath1227 9 years ago
Ohhh I am so excited, I bought some fabric a couple weeks ago with nothing in mind and I think it will work out perfectly for this. Wahooo. Its must be fate.
Alatariel Leralonde PRO 9 years ago
If I used my 11 half yards, and used a solid for the other half of the triangle blocks, how big a quilt could I get? I guess I'm asking what the finished block sizes are going to be :)
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
HUGE Jennie :)
Handfulofboys 9 years ago
Amy, Thank you so much. You are awesome. now it is time to go fabric shopping.
Cindy_FL PRO 9 years ago
Since we just got back from vacation and I haven't finished my quilt yet I wasn't going to do this. BUT... you talked me into it. lol

A baby quilt sounds perfect even though I don't have any babies to sew for. Now if only some nice girl would come along and take our son off our hands... um, I mean, I hope that he finds the girl of his dreams and give me some grandbabies!

Seriously, this will be fun and I'm looking forward to joining in again. Thanks for doing it!
swedish fishie 9 years ago
Wish I would have read this last night before I went to the quilt shop and bought 20 fat quarters....Oh well I guess I'll have to go back while they are still having their sale!
FlossieBlossoms 9 years ago
I think I'm going to make a runner that will cover the foot of our bed where the cats like to lie around during the day. It'll be some weird size like 24 or 30 x 84 or something like that so I need to do a little figuring and decide which way I want my zigs to zag. :) This is going to be fun!
oldredbarnco 9 years ago
Oh darn swedish fishie!! I hate that you HAVE TO go fabric shopping. What a bummer!!!! ;)
ladmquilter 9 years ago
I am definitely in! I just have to decide on either a twin or a throw size and what colors to do I have so much fabric at home because I am compulsive I am going to try to make it with that so I can actually move around instead of being surrounded by fabric. I just love it. Compulsive buyer that I am I will probably just start in my stash and then supplement. I can't seam to control myself. But it is wonderful inspiration, and so much fun.
treasuresofjoy 9 years ago
I think I will do a twin size too!
I might just get the top done and finish it when I catch up on some other WIP's
donovans4 PRO 9 years ago
my first quilt was for my daughter, this one will be for my son. I told him he had to go to the fabric store to help pick out the fabrics, and he was ok with that, so I think he really wants his own quilt!
TerriA W [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm in! I am thinking about doing the twin size too. Have to check my stash tonight.
SameDay2009 9 years ago
I'm in. I am going to do a full for my sons room, maybe he will stay in his own bed if I make him a special quilt. Thanks for doing another quilt along.
uberstitch PRO 9 years ago
I can't believe I'm going to start one more project, but this is my first quilt along, so maybe it will force me to finish :)
Sew Happy 9 years ago
I'm in too... I'll be making a throw quilt or a twin. Thank you so much Amy and Dana!
GossamerDreams PRO 9 years ago
I'm so excited... I found 2 BIG charm packs (ebay purchase I forgot about!) in my stash! I think if I use some kona white solid, I could make it work! Yippee! :o)
vintagefern 9 years ago
did you want to do some more math for me Amy? Queen sized?
your a math wiz!
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
HA! I had already done the math, just hadn't gotten it posted :) I added it to the top of the discussion so it is easily found!
LisaLu22B 9 years ago
This is the first quilt along i've done,
what is the time frame to make the whole quilt?
Peg-A-Pooh 9 years ago
parkcitygirl, any chance I could get the cutting directions? I just finished my summer class and i am anxious to get going!!!
vintagefern Posted 9 years ago. Edited by vintagefern (member) 9 years ago
Your awesome Amy!!!!
Now to go "shopping" in my stash!
greentechmama 9 years ago
Perfect, thanks Amy!
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
Peg-A-Poo maybe you should come over and help with my kids so I can quilt!!??
I am excited to get going on this also!
I have a dumb little question though....
I'm a little confused...I am picturing one fabric per zig (or zag) all the way across. (I think I'll be going with the throw size.) So when you say 15 FQ's... is that one fabric per zig, with 15 rows?? So one FQ per color/fabric?
I guess what I'm asking is how much fabric of each color for one row across? It might help me a little more to determine how much of each I need so I dont go ending up short! LOL!!
Thanks soo much for jumping in and leading us in this Amy!! And all your math... phew... glad it's not me!! :)
xo Bren
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
Yes! Each fq represents a row in your throw :)

But if you get regular 1/4 yard cuts it won't work, 1/3 would though if you can get someone to cut it for you!
rsislandcrafts 9 years ago
I'm in. Since I have no idea how big a quilt I want or how many I will make, I guess I just need to buy lots of fabric...just in case :)
FeyaPL 9 years ago
So math is definitely not my strongsuit...

I keep coming up with 8 charm packs(of 30 squares each) for a throw size quilt?
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
FeyaPL the throw needs 180 squares - so 6 would be plenty! But 8 would give you more color options if you like some fabrics more than others :)
Peg-A-Pooh 9 years ago
on my way pcgirl! I'll bring the pizza
FeyaPL 9 years ago
Thank you so much, Amy! I was making the math WAY more complicated than I needed to apparently!
Thank you for clarifying that Amy!! You rock!! :) Now i can shop with confidence :D
pennylayne 9 years ago
yipes! I think i'll stick to a throw size quilt with this one. thank you for doing the headwork for us.
maripenquilts 9 years ago
I'll do a twin, not sure what fabrics I'll be using.
quiltlover 9 years ago
Wow I'm gonna try but I'll probably fail...this is my first quilt-a-long and I'm a pretty new quilter so... we'll see! But I'll try my best!!! Thanks for posting everything you post I'm a HUGE fan!!!
~Dorrie 9 years ago
Let's do it! How fun! I have HUGE amounts of FQ's and this is perfect! I'm so excited! Is there a new little banner for our blogs. . .
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
twokidsandquiltingaremylife - You can do it!! Don't worry if you can't keep up, working in little blocks of time, and small goals is the only way I get anything done :)

Dorrie019 - I believe there is one in the works! It will be here when it is available.
jenniferworthen PRO 9 years ago
I'm in! I bought some Heather Bailey Freshcut yesterday. I've been eying it for a while, and since it isn't being made anymore, I figured this was my chance to get a piece of it. :)
~Dorrie 9 years ago
Went stash hunting last night, found 10 fq's of Monaco by Dena Designs. Hopefully, there's 5 more in there to go with. . .a polka dot perhaps. . . maybe a bright solid. . .
Rose of Sharon Studio Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Rose of Sharon Studio (member) 9 years ago
Hi Amy!
Count me in! This is going to work out well for me :) A stash buster summer, and keeping my New Years resolution too. How sweet it is!
burnabrenna 9 years ago
I think I'd like to make a quilt of this nature (beesquarefabrics.blogspot.com/2009/03/how-to-make-zig-zag...), but I'm having a hard time figuring out how much fabric I'll need.

I want it to be larger than the dimensions listed on the page and if anyone could figure out the yardage I'd need, that'd be wonderful! I want to make it a twin sized quilt. Thanks!
mindboggld 9 years ago
I'm going to do a baby quilt for my neice that's due in October... Just not quite sure what to order - fat quarters or charm packs... or just yardage... agh!
~Dorrie Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ~Dorrie (member) 9 years ago
burnabrenna~I'm working on a larger version right now. I choose:
13 fabrics at 1/3 yd. each (instead of nine, 1/4 yd. cuts)
This is EXACTLY what you need~if you want wiggle room purchase a little more).
4 1/2 yards of the solid
CUT 4 strips of each of the 13 fabrics and 52 strips of the solid.
Once you've sewn your strips and subcut into 5.5 in. segments you should have 28 from each of the 13 fabrics. I used 26.
The finished product should measure 86 by 89.
I've not sewn my diagonals together, and this is as accurate as I can predict at this point. . .hope this helps.
burnabrenna 9 years ago
Dorrie019, that all seems very helpful and informative, but it's waaaay to late for me to attempt to even process it right now! Hopefully when I wake up and have coffee in my hands I can come back and work something out. Thanks though : ]
~Dorrie Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ~Dorrie (member) 9 years ago
burnabrenna~No worries! I revised the requirements to hopefully make more sense. I should never do math after 10p.
burnabrenna 9 years ago
Dorrie019, Ahh! that makes much more sense. Thank you so much!
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
So that no one gets confused . . .

It looks like the above conversation is for making zig-zags without half-square triangles. I love that method too - but hope to introduce the triangles so you all can make just about any quilt pattern you like!

Stay tuned for instructions starting July 20th :)

Sheristitch 9 years ago
I just can't resist a new project. Looks like I'm not the only one. Now the hard part, to decide on which fabric.
Always Sewing 9 years ago
I am happy to hear about the Triangles. I have wanted to try them. I know for many us we are just so excited and can not wait to start!

I am going to the American Quilt Society's Quilt show in Knoxville on July 23rd I hope to get some great fabric there.
rafael's mum 9 years ago
Hi Amy! I've just been to a talk by Katherine Guerrier. She had some quilts with her and had one enormous triangle one up that took my breath away!!! it was a-ma-zing ! i was going to take a photo for here, but at the end it ran so late I had to run as my dog was on his own and it was getting WAY late, so not to get stuck in the carpark (hundreds of people there) I had to run.... Such a shame... But if anyone knows which one I mean and knows where a picture is... !

It's not a zigzag, it as dark square within a light square thingemie, like you do with logcabin, but then with dark/medium and light.
~Dorrie 9 years ago
The half-square triangle method will be fun. It will allow for a different fabric in each row.
Rose of Sharon Studio 9 years ago
Okay, picked my fabrics from my stash.....
Now what? I am anxious to get cutting- my favorite part :)
lilcurlygirly 9 years ago
Just a question - Will the instructions be posted here in the flickr discussions? If so, is there any way to close comments on the instruction thread? This would keep the instructions easier to find, and would be less confusing. All the ideas flying around are great, but it can be over-whelming to discern what is actual requirements/instructions for the zig-zag quilt along and what is converation regarding quilts and instructions others have used, made or are making.

I don't always have time to read through each comment to find what I need to know vs. what is just conversation. Keeping the instructions in their own closed thread would simplify this. Just an idea - don't know if it is possible to do, though. Anyone know?
I'm going to get my fabrics today! I'm going to do the throw size.
burnabrenna 9 years ago
Can we see a picture of the type of quilt the fabric requirements listed are for? I want to know what I'll be making before I decide which fabrics to buy.
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
Here's a few examples!

zig zag quilt by calamityla

Check Out My Zig-Zag Quilt! by TerriA W

Zig Zag Quilt by littlewarrior

cjnm - it is possible to close the discussion but I'm not sure it would be easier to find :) I will be posting links in the front page - that grey box. Hopefully that helps. All of the actual instructions I've posted so far have been at the very top of the post - so that it is easy to find.

amylouwhosews 9 years ago
amy - you rock! I'm wanting to do a quilt for a wedding gift - I think this will be perfect! Thanks for putting this together! I guess this will just be one more month that my house will be a mess! ha!
2miracles 9 years ago
Ok Amy thanks for the link, I am still lost, are we making a specific quilt or what ? I work well knowing what I"m doing. When it"s not coming from my head. Sorry I'm behind on the up take. i like the idea of a smaller project.
stephanielallgood Posted 9 years ago. Edited by stephanielallgood (member) 9 years ago
2miracles, maybe this will help: Once we get going with Amy after the 20th, I'm planning to draw mine out on paper. That way, I'll know exactly how many squares/triangles of every fabric I'll need. Graph paper is a good way to do this, but I usually draw on scrap paper with not so straight lines!! But it helps me stay a little bit organized. (And some of the fun of the half square triangles is how many different ways you can arrange them!)
paperdoll76 9 years ago
Amy, can I be a real pain in the butt and ask for some different measurements? :P I'd like to do a baby size quilt, but I'd rather do a rectangle instead of a square.
boutiqueginabeana 9 years ago
Here is a link for free printable graph paper.
I have never used it, but it is saved in my faves in case I need it :)
stephanielallgood 9 years ago
Thanks boutiquegina- a GREAT find!!!
rafael's mum 9 years ago
Fantastic boutiquegina! You can change how big the squares are too! superbrill! thanks for sharing that!
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
So I've been locked out of flickr, or I would have responded sooner. . .

I will give you all the specifics soon enough!! One more week and all will be told :) I'm trying to finish my other quilt still :)

SummerSadie 9 years ago
I was actually thinking about doing a zig-zag quilt with some Michael miller Christmas fabric before I heard about this. But I was thinking about doing it without HST, and maybe doing it with more of a flying geese idea, if that's possible. The HST triangle just scares me, they always end up wonky when I try them. Are there advantages of doing it this way vs the other?
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
SummerSadie - The main reason we are using hst method is to demystify the hst for those that may be nervous! They aren't that bad, and once you have a solid method you can make them in any pattern :) We will be cutting on the bias after sewing so the wonkiness tends to be less. Really I think it just comes down to personal preference :)

SummerSadie 9 years ago
Well I need to be demystified, so it sounds like this is the thing for me. :) Thanks!
ochil_lynz 9 years ago
ROFLOL, great phrase - I need some demistification, too! The whole triangle thing scares the bejesus out of me (to quote Chandler Bing *g*)
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
Love the Chandler quote! Glad you are with us Lynz :) Any sign of your fabric??
Peg-A-Pooh 9 years ago
Chandler, demystification? Nah!!!!
ochil_lynz 9 years ago
I love Chandler, he's my favourite friend. *grins* I ordered my fabric last Saturday, Amy, post is usually about 8/9/10 days getting over here so next week probably. When I'm away on holiday! Not good planning on my part.
Peg-A-Pooh 9 years ago
Mine too! His facial expressions, his quick wit!
msrandomduck 9 years ago
Just found this, glad I haven't missed it. I have a couple of babies coming up in the family so it would be nice to make them something like this. At least make it for my cousin's little girl. :)

Jaybird Quilts PRO 9 years ago
i feel myself being pulled into this... hmmm
badlandsquilts PRO 9 years ago
I just ordered a FQ set of Picnic Parade by J Morrison for this... I loved the example that was shown with a color gradiation (sp?), paint box pallet type use of colors. This is my first quilt along, I am very excited!
madmecyr 9 years ago
Is there a picture of the zigzag quilt anywhere? I like to see it to get an idea for what I want for fabrics? I've looked around here and on your blog but haven't seen anything. I did complete the top for the last quiltalong, but I am thinking of adding borders to make it larger, so it hasn't gotten any further.
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
msrandomduck - glad you found it now! Baby quilts are nice quick finishes :)

Julie - you know you want to - lol join the fun - it doesn't have to be big, and then you have a reason to buy more fabric :)

badlandsquilts - Picnic Parade will be fab!! I love the color gradation example too - I'm excited to see yours!

madmecyr - there are a few examples earlier in this post, on Monday I will have instructions for cutting and designing our quilts. Borders would be a nice addition to your beautiful batiks - hope you are enjoying the process!

Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
I found a few other great examples searching on flickr - Enjoy!!
Lemon Zinger by ~Dorrie

kaffe quilt- zig zag by yummygoods

Feedsack Zig-Zag Quilt by quilts by elena

zig zag quilt by theknicksofknacks
Six on Seventh 9 years ago
So glad I checked here today! Gives me the weekend to get some fabric and the group thing will help motivate me to get it done.
jbsmama 9 years ago
Yay, another way to use up some of my stash! This sounds like fun!!
Quiltin'Kyra [deleted] 9 years ago
WooHoo! Just what I need! :) Count me in, thanks!
zzbstl 9 years ago
I have posted my fabric choices, I will start will lap size, If I have time(!) I will make a twin size.
Wild Indian Cowgirl 9 years ago
I'm in... Yipeeee.. Can't wait to start this one... TWIN
Amy's Creative Side 9 years ago
The first set of instructions have been posted!

Zig-Zag Quilt-Along
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