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Group Description

Occupy Detroit began on Friday, October 14th at 4pm with a rally of over 1000 in front of the Spirit of Detroit statue downtown. The group marched at 5pm to its base camp in Grand Circus Park. People poured into the park over the next two hours, swelling the ranks of the gathering.

By the time the General Assembly, the decision-making body of the movement, began at 7pm, over 1,500 people had gathered. Many experienced the thrill of direct democracy for the first time and were ecstatic to make their own decisions about the movement’s direction. They were inspired by their process, modeling the society they wish to create.
During the assembly, participants clarified the role of facilitators, learned consensus decision making, introduced committees and working groups, and scheduled the next General Assembly for noon that Sunday. They used the people’s mic, a call-and-response method of amplifying a single person’s voice that strengthens feelings of solidarity and cooperation.

The Assembly broke into committees to organize different aspects of the movment, including outreach, direct action, media, legal, arts and culture, education, and comfort.
Members of the movement invite all to participate. They have set up locations to meet people’s basic needs and have erected tents on the west side of the park, preparing to stay indefinitely.

LiveStream: www.livestream.com/detroit99

Group Rules

In the interest of maintaining a variety of consistently high quality photography, please submit just a few of your best shots to the group. Ten photos per photographer per day are allowed, please use your good judgement and discretion regarding content.

You retain full ownership of your submitted work; this is simply a showcase - our photo pool will appear at www.occupy-detroit.us/photos. Clicking your photo will take you to your photostream.

Please see the group post on Creative Commons for important information regarding your copyright to submitted works.

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