Oaklandmeetup #1

gwen 4:43am, 17 January 2006
Zoe, Alexis, Roberta, by Cleve

Zoe, Alexis, Roberta, by Cleve

The first oaklandphotomeetup
Saturday, January 21, 2006
Lake Merritt

Alexis [mesolimbo, set]
Bob [sole.prop, set]
Cleve [right, 1600_Squirrels, set]
Gwen [gwen, flickr set, full set]
Lisa [lisa-k, set]
Roberta [bertabetti, set]
Zoe [zokah_921, set]

Links of interest
Lake Merritt bird census
Interview with The Lakekeeper

Please leave a comment at the original meetup thread if you're interested in coming to future meetups, have day or time of day preferences or suggestions for other good meetup spots in Oakland.
marymactavish 9 years ago
Oooh! Oooh!
purplezebra 9 years ago
I'm going to try and make it. Here's another map of the location.
allaboutgeorge 9 years ago
[this interests me strangely]
gwen 9 years ago
George: you have to do *something* now that you have real weekends :)
purplezebra 9 years ago
Gwen - Thanks for organizing this outing. I really want to come, but FYI, don't trouble yourself to wait for me. If I make it, I'll likely be late. :(
gwen 9 years ago
I'm looking forward to meeting a bunch of you tomorrow -- current forecast is about the same as today, but a bit warmer & hopefully the clouds will burn off early again.
zokah_921 9 years ago
So cool that you've planned this. I look forward to seeing (some, many, all) of you there!
sole.prop 9 years ago
I'll be there.
Al Bar [deleted] 9 years ago
purplezebra 9 years ago
Wish I could have been there, but we had a family emergency. :(
1600 Squirrels 9 years ago
bertabetti 9 years ago
Hi, it was nice meeting you all!
Here's mine:
moucri 9 years ago
I wish I had gone! The photos posted so far are great!
zokah_921 9 years ago
so great seeing you all; let's make sure to get together again!
gwen 9 years ago
Thanks everyone for coming out, I hope you had a great time, too :)

Some of mine are here
with more here
lisa-k Posted 9 years ago. Edited by lisa-k (moderator) 9 years ago
Ah, here is mine. Next time I'll shoot more photos of you peeps!
sole.prop 9 years ago
A good Saturday afternoon. My thanks to everyone.
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