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Riverstone Images says:

Regarding this statement:
"You give NWF permission to display your photo(s) via PictoBrowser and/or Flickr's API on the NWF website, www.nwf.org, and NWF's blog, blog.nwf.org."
Can the owner of this group verify if the photos are credited to the photographer if used in their publications?
Thank you
10:53PM, 30 December 2016 PST (permalink)

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AVaWildflower says:

Yes I do!
10 months ago (permalink)

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PacificNorthWestIsBest says:

This just pertains to NWF and not partners or associated companies. If a company picks up the image from your website. Can I still go after them for copywrite infringement?
8 months ago (permalink)

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