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Why not post awards

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Ed Rizer says:

Hello everyone,
Just wondering why we don't post awards to photos that we really like?
7:46PM, 28 August 2015 PST (permalink)

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newfoundlander61 says:

This is just my opinion only but there are so many groups (many thousands) on Flickr that have this option that not having awards on a group is a breath of fresh air. It nice to just look at photos as many groups require you to post awards etc which takes away from the enjoyment of looking at other photographers images. Recently I have stopped adding images to many groups because of the requirement to give awards. This is just me venting so don't take what I have to say the wrong way. By the way great flight shots on your butterflies, you nailed some of those nicely.

51 months ago (permalink)

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labels_30 says:

I agree with newfoundlander61. I have dropped all groups with awards.
51 months ago (permalink)

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