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National Wildlife Magazine 9:03pm, 6 February 2009
The editors of National Wildlife look forward to seeing your nature photos. What types of images will you be taking? We love to hear about your photo adventures.
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Cathy Stewart 8 years ago
I live on the West Side of Manhattan and love to take photos of the birds and horses in the neighborhood...
herb1013 8 years ago
I live on a mountain at 1500 feet in Susquehanna County, Pa. I also love to take photos of the birds and animals that roam the woods by our home.
Byrds Eye View Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Byrds Eye View (member) 8 years ago
I love the unique beauty in nature. We live in a rural suburb of a major city and also have a cabin on a sparsely populated mountain, and take my camera on all my travels. Whether it's wildflowers, an interesting spider web, or local flora and fauna, I'm usually snapping away.
I live in San Diego, CA. I love to go backpacking on the amazing California trails, sailing in the San Diego Bay and just enjoying the birds of the Southern California coast. I love capturing the beauty of life along the way.
BEE1950 PRO 8 years ago
I live in Mobile, Alabama and like taking pictures of the flora and fauna in my backyard habitat.
whaledancer99 8 years ago
I live on Orcas Island In Washington State, it is beautiful and magical here with wonderful natural areas. I love Animals above and beyond.. I like taking nature pictures, yet also enjoy artsy photography as well.. believe or not I have not gone digital yet,, still making cd's out of 35mm film... I fell in love with photo shop as well as it allows me to let loose and do fun and crazy things with photos.... I live in a place where nature photography is easily accessible..
goodmom1995 8 years ago
I live in a small town(1300) but I feed wild birds and squirrels.I take nature/wildlife pictures ALL the time in Wisconsin.
loyce1023 8 years ago
I live in St Petersburg, FL and love to make photos of birds and wildlife. I have a unique opportunity since I live on a canal fed with brackish water which feeds a pond just to the left of my backyard.

I see sea birds and yard birds as well as Alligators, River Otters, Raccoons, Opposums and many birds of prey. I also see the normal backyard birds in my yard.

It's a great place for someone who loves nature photography to live.
AVaWildflower 8 years ago
Born in the Appalachian Mountains I have been raised to appreciate and respect nature. Waking up in the mountains on a foggy morning does wonders for the soul. Listening to the owls at dusk makes one realize,..there truely is,...no place like home.
butterfly6069 8 years ago
I live in southern AZ and have traveled to and lived in many states. I love to take photographs especially of nature. Where I live I have many animals visit me in my yard, daily. Plus I go hiking in the mtns nearby frequently also and almost always take my camera with me.
I have lived in Hawaii, Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Texas, California, and Tennessee in addition to Arizona...so I have lots of beautiful nature photos that I would love to share here also.
S*t*E*v*E*r [deleted] 8 years ago
I live in Pasco county Florida and love to get out and enjoy nature. Of course I take my Nikon with me when I go. Florida is a diverse and beautiful state.
The Brit_2 8 years ago
I think you need to set a posting limit for this pool...some people are flooding it.
amin_afridi2003 8 years ago
Asalam o alaiqum to all of U in the group of this topic,
i m amin gul (afridi) this is very good topic, becuase I like nature nad the creater of the nature, who is olny one (Allah Azwajal Pak), so I request u to all, please love to nature and his creater, creater is very beautiful thatswhy his nature is also beautiful. this is my opion for this topic. After all the all member of this group keep it
Walks Across PRO 8 years ago
Hi everyone,
I live in beautiful New England. Connecticut , to be exact. I'm lucky enough to have a large pond in my back yard, so I sometimes see beaver or otter. Fox, deer and turkey frequent our six acres of woods also. I'm looking forward to seeing all the great posts in this group.
Bloom Spirit 8 years ago
I live in suburbia in the midwest and have been working on something I call, "Property Exploration" for the past couple of years. It is the call for me to stretch myself to find interesting and creative photo opportunities that exist right here on my property (which is 200' x 50'). No need to travel far and wide. This group is perfect!
stacyshell67 8 years ago
I live in Ocala, Fl. and I am always amazed at all the variations of widlife that we get to see in the City Limits! We ar approx. 15 miles from the Ocala National Forest, we see all kinds of birds, and mostly wintering, but I occasionaly see a fox that trots through our neighborhood and last year there was a bear that cut through! We live in the busiest area of our town and are 4 blocks from a 4 lane road and shopping center! I love to take photos of nature!
Patti Ireland 8 years ago
I live in a state park/wildlife refuge in Iowa- Lake MacBride State Park near Solon Ia. I am blessed to live in an area surrounded by wildlife. The lake is just outside my back door. I specialize in birds of prey- although I take advantage of any photo opportunity! In the winter, I sit in my bedroom window and photograph the birds in the trees and bushes in my yard- In spring,summer and fall I am generally out hiking or kayaking and looking for great shots.
anniekrancher 8 years ago
I live in Northern California where there are plenty of coastal mountains, pacific shorelines, redwood forests, rivers, lakes and vineyards. I like to capture sea and landscapes, wildlife, birds, insects, any thing outdoors.
I live in a beautiful area that is now being challenged by drought. I worry what happens to wildlife as urban areas encroach on sensitive habitat.
maribob7 8 years ago
Hi everyone, I live in Lee County Florida, outside of Ft. Myers....loving it here. I am also owned by 4 budgies and a doggie, and love to take nature walks in our area. We have a lot of beautiful flowers, birds and animals here on our pond where my pics were taken. Mary V
rickm FL 8 years ago
Hello everyone, I'm from Brooksville, FL on the "Nature Coast." I live on 2.5 acres of wooded land and most of my photos are taken there. I go to Bayport and Jenkins Creek fishing pier for the bird photos. Looking forward to seeing all of you photos.
Rick M
pianolady40 8 years ago
I love nature photography and am fortunate to live near two Wetlands Restoration areas and a National Everglades Wildlife Preserve in Southeast Florida. Birds, plants, trees native to this area (as well as exotics that tend to show up) make up the bulk of my photography efforts. And then there are my dogs ... let me tell you about my dogs ...
Barb W
lynncolarusso 8 years ago
My home backs up to a state park. We love feeding birds. We even purchased an automatic feeder for winters when snow makes it impossible to climb our hill. The bear "Teddy" visited us. What a sight!. Also, caught a shot of the Red chested gross beak on his journey from the tropics to Canada.
vickid718 8 years ago
hi, i live in knotts island, nc and love watching and taking pics of the birds in my back yard. have a painted bunting visiting right now and he is beautiful.
bonnie_leer 8 years ago
I live in Manteno, IL. I live about 10 minutes from a state park which supplies plenty of good opportunities. There are other forest preserve locations nearby. I love watching birds in my backyard and other critters that might show up. I also love to visit Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, IL as well as zoos in other cities.
nhenon 8 years ago
I live in Bradford county Pa. I enjoy taking photographs of birds, flowers and landscapes. I am fortunate to live in a rural area with many state parks nearby.
AmeliaWstrlo 8 years ago
We recently moved to this property which borders a Conservancy in NY State. I hope to have the privilege of seing wild animals in this beautiful place.
barrybriscoe 8 years ago
I'm not sure, but it seems as though the Floridians have it. Barry from Atlantic Beach, Fl.
I am Claire DeLand and I live in the northeast corner of the State of Georgia in Franklin County.

I love to take photos of my "backyard" critters (gazillions of gorgeous songbirds) and butterflies (I raise Eastern Black Swallowtails) and photos of the Western North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. I'm a State Park junkie and have recently discovered "winter" in nature outside my own home, so look out!!!

Have camera, will photograph and now - a great place to share some of them. I have over 117,000 photos on Flickr and most of them are "nature" . . . people don't call me "Nature Nut" for nothing.

Thanks, NWF! I was so surprised when I clicked on my email invitation to join the group and found out it is a Flickr group!!!
patriciadowney18 8 years ago
I live in what I consider to be the Garden of Eden. Southwest Florida has an abundance of wildlife and I am so thrilled to walk out my door and see everything from Cardinals to Great Blue Herons.
Matt Rogers 8 years ago
I live in Missoula, MT with mountains and rivers all around me I take any oppurtunity to get in it. And with Glacier Nat'l Park only three hours away I consider myself very lucky.
islandguy52451 8 years ago
I live in midcoast Maine. I grew up on and spend a large amount of time on the offshore islands. My shots are largely birds and small mammals. Of course the sea and unbelieveable sunsets and rises are just as you would expect from here. I also travel to Florida on occasion and spend a good deal of time out in the wild areas of Big Cypress .I look forward to viewing all the amazing photos here!
birdyard 8 years ago
I live in a rural area southeast of Kansas City, MO. There are so many subjects to photograph! I try to keep my camera with me at all times, but have also missed many opportunities. I have a yard I have fenced to try to keep our dogs out, so the birds, etc. will have a space they can eat in reasonabe safety! Also have a pond which gets many ducks and geese. They are hard to photograph tho, since they all fly off when they hear you approach! I am still trying tho.
jabell0509 8 years ago
I live in the woods in Oklahoma and take pictures of all of the wildlife we have here. Deer, bobcat, mountain lion, birds, butterflies, opossum, racoon, turkeys, etc. Haven't been able to photograph bobcats and mountain lions, but will keep trying.
Treetop Mom PRO 8 years ago
I live in Brooklyn, NY and love to walk, hike, & go camping. I take pictures of urban scenery, wildlife, children, nature, gardens, and anything that catches my eye.
gretchensteele1 8 years ago
I am an outdoor and wildlife photographer who primarily works in Southern, IL , SE MO, aas well as bits of Kentucky and Indiana. I am fortunate to receive great cooperation from IL DNR . Much of my work centers around game birds, large mammals and my beloved waterfowl..
Nachiketa Bajaj 8 years ago
I am a Wild life photographer from Chandigarh, India...i usually work around the national parks here in India in an effort to save the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. Have a look at my photostream for my work.
mswecoyote 8 years ago
I live in Millington, Tennessee and enjoy nature and photography and all they have to offer. I am fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to do extensive traveling so I get the opportunities to take photos from all over the US and some foreign countries as well. As you can see from some of the photos I am still working on the photo taking process. Some photos are better than others...but all are worth sharing I think.
onionhand 8 years ago
I live in southern Ohio, about 45 minutes north of Cincinnati. I have always loved being in the outdoors and witnessing nature in action. About 3 years ago I got into photography as a way of sharing these wonders with others, and have not regretted one minute. I work a real job, but hope to gradually, and eventually make my living doing what I love to do...photograph!

Just joined the group so I'm looking foward to seeing others images.
Carl Kirby [deleted] 8 years ago
I live in the beautiful Sangre De Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico. I'm retired and have just recently taken up wildlife photography as a hobby.
I live in Indiana, Duh.......I am a Birder but love all wildlife, I live just about 5 minutes from the newly restored Wetland, Goosepond. Located just South of Linton.
dotanndee1 8 years ago
I recently built a home on a small lake in East Texas and am enjoying all the wonderful wildlife...I am constantly taking pictures of about anything that moves...wonderful new hobby!
Robert Strickland PRO 8 years ago
I am from Beverly Hills florida. 15 minutes from the nature coast. I am a bird Photographer just having won the NWF first price for Backyard habitate of a bathing cardinal. I just won the first photo challenge of a Barred Owl with spanish moss hanging around him. Since moving to florida i have had so many photo opportunities, both in my backyard and throughout Citrus county. I have put together a Photographers forum which you are welcome to join. it is located at citruscountynature.proboards.com/index.cgi
jimmyedmonds PRO 8 years ago
I am a Wildlife Photgrapher, from Wexford in Ireland, live about
fifteen minutes from a Wild Fowl reserve, I spend best part of my time over there, love every minute of it, can't think of a better way
to spend one's life, that and fly fishing, now thats Paradise!!
Hello All

I'm from the high country of central Oregon, Redmond to be specific and love the area. I started as a bird photographer to verify my life list, and now consider myself a nature photograher, as I've been known to photograph any scene which impresses me. I'll also image anything which walks on more than two legs, crawls on none or flies (which also includes aircraft).

I got my start in photography as a military photo-journalist during my career in the U.S. Air Force. After retiring, my photo skills gathered dust until I purchased a Canon Digital Rebel four years ago and have been shooting with it ever since. When the weather cooperates, you'll find me wandering the high desert with camera in hand.
Originals by Linda PRO 8 years ago
I live in far northeast Texas in the woods very close to a large lake. I take pictures of our wonderful and abundant wildlife every day. By late August we will have about 100 hummingbirds at our back porch feeders.
Hello everyone,
I am Don from South Florida. We spend summer time in South Dakota, so most of my photos are from those two ares.
GraphicMusic 8 years ago
Hi, I am from Long Island, N.Y and I enjoy photographing the local wild life which includes a large number of seasonal migrators, such as the Osprey, Cormorant, Great Horned Owl, Egrets and Terns.
doc&dogs 8 years ago
so hi all i live in nj and take photos of dogs in nature my dogs usually anyone else like this combination??
DianaG100 8 years ago
Hello Everyone
My name is Diana and I live in Kentucky: I love nature photography, usually birds becaues that is what I am good at.
anslatadams PRO 8 years ago
My name is Marlene and I live in Northwestern Massachusetts, near
the Vermont and NY state borders. I live in a rural area and I love taking photos of all nature. I feed the birds and I try to capture photos
of them, but so far, they haven't turned out that great! lol But I keep trying and also macro photography of all kinds of flowers and bugs!
My photos vary from landscapes to close up macros of nature. I'm so glad I found this group!
Precious Faith 8 years ago
I joined this group because I love photographing natures beauty!!! From the smallest to the biggest of all things.
Im new here and have not posted any photos but wish to do so soon. Im glad I found this group to join. =)
Megh.England 8 years ago
I live in south jersey, just outside of Philly. I will mostly post pictures that I've taken of wildlife while I'm out geocaching
cj berry PRO 8 years ago
Hi. I live outside of Calgary, Canada, and love taking pictures of almost anything in nature that I can trap in my camera. Everything from birds and insects to horses and cattle, scenery from the prairies, the badlands, and the Canadian Rockies, seasons from grasslands, fields, and flowers to snow-swept scenes; which are all within a two hour drive from my home. I would love to know if there are any other Canadians in this group!
Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourselves to the group. We really enjoying reading about your interests and how you got into photography.
blackrose916... Posted 8 years ago. Edited by blackrose916... (member) 8 years ago
Hi! I live in Sea Cliff, Long Island, NY and love, love, love to photograph birds and nature. Big, small, it doesn't matter...
fleur de lyn 8 years ago
I live in Chesapeake, Va. and love gardening ,bird-watching,etc. I love to photograph these as much and as often as I can!

Fleur de Lyn
Tani09 [deleted] 8 years ago
Hello ! I am Tani from Bangladesh. I love Photography in every respect and love to capture birds n wildlife with the cam.
airman-TJ 8 years ago
Hello, I live in Forest Grove, Or. I love to photograph birds, nature.
4allen 8 years ago
Hello, I live in Palmetto Bay, Florida and enjoy capturing images of nature, wildlife, landscapes, people and places at home and abroad.
Destroyerman762 8 years ago
I'm retired, living on a hill in the middle of The Great Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Looking to improve my photography in general, and wildlife in particular.
kathwilk 8 years ago
I live in Manchester CT. My older brother got me involved in birdwatching years ago. Since then, I have become interested in photographing birds and any other kind of wildlife. I find it relaxing to be out in nature, and shooting pictures makes it even better!
beth_millerherholtz PRO 8 years ago
I live in Warrenton, Virginia. Inspiration for photos is everywhere -- my own backyard where many song birds frequent our feeder to the beautiful mountains of the Blue Ridge to the state parks. Photography gives me perspective on the beauty of world.
Thanks for taking the time to share your stories, everyone. As of this writing, we're nine members shy of 3,000. So exciting to watch the group grow and see so many amazing nature photos. Happy day!
I live in Miami, Florida. I have recently taken photography classes and I just love it!
hutchinson429 8 years ago
I live on an island in Florida. I love to watch the sunset and photograph nature around me.
I live in Morro Bay, CA, home of Morro Bay State and National Estuary. I feel very fortunate to live in this area, which is a bird refuge and honors all wildlife. The experiences of living here have deepened my connection to all life and my passion for nature photography. I enjoy watching and photographing bird behavior.
**Mary** PRO 8 years ago
Well I discovered this wonderful group from a member of your team - Nicolas Echaniz - NWF Web team. A nice surprise - I have been asked for the use of two of my Cardinal photos. I enjoy the challenge of photographing birds and only started about two years ago. It's a great hobby!
Anyways I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and am glad to be a member here. Thanks
Katarys1 8 years ago
I live in Tyler, Texas and the wildlife here is breathtaking. I love seeing everyones photo collections, which inspires me to do to even more in my field of college studies in Environmental Sciences. I am an active supporter and advocate of many nature societies,and proud to have been with NWF for nearly 6 yrs. now. I just recently discovered this group ....I really like it. Also, I love sharing my appreciation of nature and educating people on the immense need to preserve all ecosystems on our planet. It's wonderful to see that there are so many folks who truly do care and want to do their part. Thank you.
Joélisa PRO 8 years ago
I'm French and I live in the east of France, in an isolated farm because above all I love Nature!
I have 2 horses, 2 donkeys, 1 dog, 1 cat and 2 turtles!
I especially enjoy photographing nature and horses!! My camera is my "third eye "!!!!!
I hope you enjoy my pictures. Thank you for the invitation ...

Friendship from France to all members ...

ty.brat [deleted] 8 years ago
i'm canadian and live in a national park! i see much wildlife and will be thrilled to share with you all!!!!!!!
I'm from New Hampshire and love to take pictures of our backyard birds and any animal that happens to appear in our backyard. I also visit Zoo New England and take pictures of the animals there. We live a couple of hours away from the NH White Mountains so I try to take pictures when we visit. Just having fun with photography and learning to use my camera for different shots. I am amazed at the beautiful pictures that so many people take - great job. Thanks!!
MyPointOfView7 8 years ago
Hi, I live in Georgia and a 100 miles in any direction, I can be in the mountains, on a beach or any where in between! Nature is in abundance in the South. I am in awe of some the photo's I have seen here already. I Look forward to sharing my photo's with all of you.

KNmoore PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by KNmoore (member) 8 years ago
in Richmond, it's the racoons and opposums rooting around in my garbage.
dirty fraggle 8 years ago
My name is Tim and i live in Jacksonville Florida. I take photos of everything that interests my eye. I love doing sunrise shoots, zoo trips, flowers, dragonflies around my pond, architecture, and have recently tried my hand at some portraits of my wife. one of my favorite things to photograph has to be water lilies there is a gorgeous water lily pond at the Jacksonville zoo. i hope you like what i have to share.
rdng tchr PRO 8 years ago
Hi all! My name is Dot and I live in northeastern Connecticut - the 'quiet corner' of the state. I just had my first gallery opening last weekend, so this 'photo thing' is really beginning to take off! I shoot many subjects, but my passion is extreme macro shots of flowers, insects and spiders. But...I'm beginning to branch out into landscapes after a recent long weekend in mid-coast Maine. I'm enjoying taking peeks at the work of others in this group, and hope to spend more time here soon!
Maxis Gamez 8 years ago
My name is Maxis Gamez, I'm a nature photographer specializing in bird photography. I live in Sarasota, FL and conduct photography seminars, photography workshops and photography private lessons.

Please visit my website to learn more about me.


Melonie Romano 8 years ago
Hi, I love traveling and taking photos, sunsets, trees and animals in that order lol Love pink flamingos, one photo I had taken while in Vegas...at a hotel, another of some fish in a pond... my favorite animal is a tiger, colors are awesome, will have to get to the zoo to get a photo soon ;)
erieumpire 8 years ago
I'm Steve Friel, I live in Erie, PA. My love for nature photography has grown into a passion, mostly avian. I have two galleries and a blog on the net. You can follow the links from my blog.

Thanks for viewing!

Photos by Steve
Photos by Steve Friel
l_dewitt PRO 8 years ago
I live in Groton Ct.. I grew up in a little town in Northern Wisconsin. I love taking photos of all types of Nature. Birds, Sunrises, and the Ocean and Winter are my Loves. But I take pictures of just about anything that I find outdoors. We have a lot of Town (Open Space) and State Land here for me to get photos from.
palitha Antony Posted 8 years ago. Edited by palitha Antony (member) 8 years ago
I live in Sri Lanka... a tropical country rich in flora and fauna great photo oppertunities all the time perfect climate... I enjoy every moment here........The best country to live in Planet Earth********
klsnature 8 years ago
I'm a nature-loving mom with passion for wildlife gardening, photography and outdoor play. I'm also a senior associate editor at National Wildlife magazine. I consider myself a novice photographer—one who finds inspiration in the work of others (it's nice being part of this Flickr community). Most of my images are of the wildlife that visit my northern Virginia backyard.
Madilily 8 years ago
I live in Lawrence, Kansas and travel the backroads extensively for my job as an aquatic biologist for the state. Many people think Kansas is flat but there are a lot of places that are very rough, remote, and beautiful. Not only am I blessed to be able to take photos on the road but my husband and I have a Nwf certified backyard habitat and we have lots of winged visitors to our water gardens and flower gardens that we have concentrated plantings for birds and butterflies.
Hello, all! If you blog or tweet about your photography, please share URL(s) when you introduce yourself. Thanks!
maryro55 8 years ago
Hello, (I posted this message as a new post. Sorry about that).

My name is Mary, and came across the National wildlife magazine photo group. I am an amateur photographer, who likes to take nature pictures, flowers, trees, landscapes. I had one of my flower pictures published at a gardening magazine.

Can I submit any nature pictures on this group? Or does it have to be only wildlife?


Hi, Mary--

I responded to your previous post. Welcome!
John Blackwood PRO 8 years ago
I will be going to Northern Wisconsin tomorrow for a vacation. Last year (when I didn't have my camera with me) I saw owls, otters and some beautiful migratory birds. I also came across the tracks of timber wolves. This year I hope to get out and take some pictures.
dappledesigns 8 years ago
I live in Vermont, and the majority of my photos that are nature/wildlife related are taken in VT, NY and MA.

My favorite method to capture wildlife photos are when I'm in my Kayak on the water looking onto the shore. I have realized that I need to purchase a larger lens, but I'm very excited to be a part of this group!
Denise Saldaña 8 years ago
I live in Hamden, CT. I have a huge flower garden and love to snoop around with my macro lens. I also like to spend many hours in ponds and fields. This summer I took many pictures of dragonflies. I hope so submit some of my photos soon.
mimbrava PRO 8 years ago
I live in metro Atlanta, Georgia, having moved here from New York City in 1995. I specialize in flower and insect macro photography, though some birds creep in now and then. I work at home, so I can take "shoot breaks" instead of coffee breaks, and also get good photo ops at the local nature center.
Guy Schmickle 8 years ago
Hi - I now live near Durango, Colorado after living most of my life in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota. While I'm primarily a landscape photographer, I also enjoy getting out and photographing the local wildlife when possible. I also occasionally take photographic trips to Bosque del Apache, NM and Florida (over the winter) to really satisfy my craving for bird photography. You can read more about my travels in my blog.
firelitefoto PRO 8 years ago
Hello, My most recent adventure was AFRICA!! Went to South Africa (Kruger National Park) for a photo safari there. It was AMAZING!! I just uploaded some of my favourite pictures from that trip. I would LOVE if some of you would give me some constructive criticism or what not. Thanks all!
Bear Creek News [deleted] 5 years ago
Hello, my name is Chris Okano and I live in Bear Creek, North Carolina.
I have been enjoying digital photography since 2002. I enjoy nature and all of its beauty. I am a freelance photojournalist and member of the National Press Photographers Association. I basically cover the news going on in my small community here in Bear Creek. In addition to this I make bird feeders and wild bird seed mixes.
Thank you for the opportunity to post my photos on your site and I hope everyone will enjoy them.
Welcome, Chris! Looking forward to seeing your work!
Fajrul Islam 5 years ago
hello greeting from Indonesia, i love wildlife and nature photo, even though i'm new in photography
Glad to have you in the group, Fajrul! It will be very cool to see wildlife and nature photos from Indonesia.
Siva301in Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Siva301in (member) 5 years ago

I am from India, i have submitted photos taken in India (few near my house i.e., New Delhi and few pic in Ooty in South India (Queen of Hills)).

I enjoy each and everything that the nature has gifted and love to take more and more photos which helps me to improve my photography skills and i am happy to share it through this platform.
flipkeat PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by flipkeat (member) 5 years ago
I live in Port Credit, Ontario Canada and see lots of wildlife everyday on my walks. Sometimes I don't even have to leave my house to see hawks or red foxes;). I enjoy shooting anything that doesn't talk back;)
Thank you also for choosing my Coyote photo as the photo of the day recently,
Shravan R. Sundaram PRO 4 years ago

I live in the SFO Bay Area, California and enjoy photographing raptors, shorebirds/waterfowl and summer songbirds.

Regards, Shravan
Sandy Pictures 2 years ago
22 months ago is the latest comment? Not too encouraging. Hope this is a fluke?

Just joined and am looking forward to participating! From California, but am living in Florida. :-) Looking forward to seeing everyone's images!
grimeshome PRO 2 years ago
I live in Yuba City in Northern California. I enjoy taking photos of nature, landscape, wildlife, and an occasional pic or two from the Sacramento Zoo. I enjoy visiting our National Parks, but also have made several photo trips to Gray Lodge Wildlife Refuge, less than 30 minutes from my home. It is the winter home for thousands of migratory birds including snow and Canada geese, several varieties of ducks, and so forth.
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