captain4550 3:12pm, 22 January 2010
Hello, my name is Don and I live in Gig Harbor, WA. I just came across this group and decided to join. I have several bridge pictures in my archives and will dig them out and repost them on Flickr and in this group. I put up a small foot bridge, that can also be used by emergency vehicles, just for a simple introduction. If it doesn't meet the group standards, feel free to delete it. I hope to gain some knowledge on bridge locations and compositions while a member of this group. Thanks Don
Tevj 7 years ago
Yes Don, we do take bridge pics! As long as they're in the Pacific NW which includes; Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia and yes, Alaska as well. I did ask that people identify at least WHERE the bridge is, but even that is too much sometimes. The name of the bridge is also appreciated.

By the way, I have another bridge group called Bridges at Work. It's also under promoted, but still an interesting group as well. This group's photos must be a picture of a bridge with something, ANYTHING, on it; or pictures of a bridge raising or lowering, or a bridge that is under construction.
roseannadana PRO 4 years ago
Welcome Don and thanks for being a Moderator.
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